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About Greece

The most southern of the Balkan countries has been a tourist destination since the Roman times. Between the periods, when hundreds of Roman scholars were visiting Greece for educational purposes, to the almost 30 million visitors yearly nowadays, lies a turbulent but also controversial history, everyone wants to discover. For a vacation on the mainland or on the islands we recommend a car hire in Greece – it will give you the possibility to explore the most of the country’s treasures. You can choose your destination from the extremely popular Central Macedonia region in northern Greece to the scattered islands like Corfu or Paros that are considerably less crowded; in any case, it’s up to your preferences.




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Basic info and car hire in Greece

  • Location: Balkan Peninsula, Southern Europe
  • Population: 11 mio
  • Official language: Greek
  • Currency: Euro (€).
  • Weather: The Mediterranean climate is prevailing in Greece, from April to November temperatures going from 15 to above 30 degrees, to the winter stagnation of around 10-15 degrees. In the mountainous parts, Alpine climate with considerable snowfalls occurs and temperatures tend to fall to 0 degrees, respectively.
  • Public holidays in Greece: For public holidays in Greece click here »
  • Internet coverage: Greece has a sufficient free wi-fi service in most of cafes and other public areas in cities like Athens (Constitution Square) or Thessaloniki (the Aristotelous square).
  • Road conditions: Greece has splendid road connections with clear signalization. Special attention is needed only in case of rain or snow, as the roads and the local drivers are not best prepared for these conditions. We advise a GPS or a good map when travelling with a car hire in Greece, as the roads can get crowded in the summer, so it’s best to have the optimal guide.
  • Car hire in Greece: Greece offers a mass of car hire companies, vehicles and of course prices. Whether picking up at the airports, city locations or ports you will get serviced well. If there’s no actual office at the location, the agencies will deliver you the car wherever it pleases you.

Driving in Greece

  • Age limits: The minimum age for young drivers (where an extra fee applies) is from 19 – 25 depending from car types and car hire agencies. The maximum age is 70 years, for drivers above 70 years of age, the senior driver fee might apply.
  • International driving permit: In case your national driving licence is not in Latin alphabet you must provide the International permit.
  • Additional papers: Passport and/or ID.
  • Children in the car: It's obligatory to have your children in the appropriate seats in the rear seats of the hired vehicle if they are less than 12 years old. Make sure to reserve the size and type you need whilst makind making the booking.
  • Driving side of the road: Right.
  • Lights: Keep them turned on during nighttime
  • General speed limits: urban driving is limited to 31 mph (50 Km/h), outside cities to 56 mph (90 Km/h) or 69 mph (110 Km/h) and on motorways 75 mph (120 Km/h )
  • Parking suggestions: There are plenty of free parking opportunities, just be prepared for a crowds in peak season. Each and every major city will also have parking houses that are payable. In Athens you can park for up to three hours on the blue parking spaces, just make sure you buy a ticket (at a newsagent, small shops etc.).

What to see in Greece

Greece is a splendid location to visit, yet the eternal dilemma of what to visit occurs. With so many beautiful spots, no wonder one can feel a bit overwhelmed when planning their trip. Here you can find our solutions for a discovery with a car hire in Greece. However, if not absolutely necessary, try avoiding driving the hired car in huge cities, you do not want the extra nuisance. Below are few breathtaking must-sees.

Our favourite spots

Samos island

Perhaps not the obvious destination but don't be fooled, this Agean island has all the attributes an ideal destination requires. You can get around the island with a car hire easily, go to the superb beaches with the clear green blue sea, visit any of the peculiar villages you could possiblye want, eat at the best restaurants and enjoy this green island. Stop in the Pythagorio village and try a drink from the special glass invented by Pythagora himself! We suggest to pay a visit to Pottami, a city with an ancient orthodox monastery, beautiful canyon and waterfalls near by.

Kefalonia island

It's where you have the idolised exotic beaches of Greece. From Myrtos to Antisamos, Makrigialos, Lourdas and so many more, it will be very difficult to stop your amazement. The clear blue water, sandy beaches, and amazing surrounding landscapes areis what attracts an enourmous amount of tourists yearly. With a car hire you will not be able to visit many ancient villages, as a very destructive earthquake in 1953 destroyed all but Fiskardo, but you can still use it to drive to the Melissani Lake/Cave, town of Assos or Ainos Oros mountains.


Hardly a trip to Greece counts if you do not stop in its capital, a capital with a thousands of years of history everybody knows about. It is a metropolis where the modern architecture will never surpass the ancient remains of the once powerful polis. Visit the Psyri street where you can enjoy the local food or go out to party in the night (better to leave your car hire at home, ouzo is a super strong liquer!). We cannot leave out the famous Plaka District, just below the Acropolis, clearly a very busy spot. The charming little streets, where Greece filmography flourished in the 50's and 60's, the Kanellopoulos museum, the numerous cafes -– well, you pick your favourite!

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