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Basic info and car hire in Cologne

  • Location: Cologne, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
  • Population: 1,075,935 (city), 3,573,500 (metro)
  • Official language: German
  • Currency: Euro (EUR).
  • Weather: The weather in Germany is either moderate, moderately cold, or cold ranging between -1 degree Celsius and 24 degree Celsius. The hottest month is August with an upper average temperature of 24 degree Celsius while January is the coldest month with -1 degree Celsius as the lower average temperature. The wettest month in Cologne is June with an average of 90.2 mm of rain.
  • Public holidays in Cologne: Those travellers who wish to travel to Cologne with respect to public holidays can see the office holidays here.
  • Internet coverage: Traveling around different places using car hire in Cologne needs better be complimented with an internet connection that allows you to see real time traffic or consult maps. There are many hotspots available in Cologne. Almost all restaurants, hotels, coffee shops have their free Wi-Fi hotspots for visitors. Still, if you wish to have internet with you, you can purchase Vodaphone’s starting package that costs around 10 EUR for 1 GB of internet data valid for 1 month.
  • Road conditions: While the major roads in Cologne are well-built and most are also maintained well, but there is a minor yet common problem of traffic jam in Cologne. You may find few problems in local roads inside the city with some potholes, so it is advised to drive defensively. Although there are some minor problems in roads, the quality of roads and network is comparable to the US.

About Cologne

The fourth most populous German city Cologne is a famous tourist spot for people interested in large architectural buildings and historic places. When using car hire at Cologne airport, there’s a small distance you need to travel to the center of the old town where you’ll find almost all of the historic places and museums, architectural masterpieces, and masterpieces of art that you wish to see. Car hire in Cologne is the most common means of travel in Cologne among the tourists.




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Driving in Cologne

Cologne is a city that has preserved the history and the same goes for the roads and bridges. The roads are re-built and maintained, but you may find the bridges to have few cracks in the fences and similar problems. However, drivers in Cologne mostly do careful driving and you’d rarely see someone doing rush driving; the only thing possible is that you may not like the slow traffic. If you are using car hire in Cologne and are driving carefully, there’s no way that you’ll get harmed in any way.

  • Age limits: The minimum age for you to be eligible to drive in Cologne is 18 years. Age limit for eligibility to hire a car needs to be checked by contacting agency offering car hire in Cologne.
  • International Driving Permit: For European residents an international driving permit is not required, but for people from overseas, it is recommended to have an international driving permit.
  • Additional papers: Whenever you are traveling, it must be ensured that you have a proof of identification, a valid driver’s license, and a car ownership certificate or a certificate you’re your rental agency if using car hire in Cologne.
  • Additional requirements: None.
  • Children in the car: A suitable child restraint system is mandatory for children under the age of 12 or 1.5m traveling with you.
  • Driving side of the road: Right Hand Side.
  • Lights: The traffic lights are followed well in Germany, and you should observe the rules to stay safe from fine.
  • General speed limits: Like the traffic light rules, those exceeding the speed limits are also dealt with strictly by charging an on-the-spot fine. The limit in towns and cities (built-up areas) is 50km/h which is advised to be followed eve if there is no speed limit sign. On the open roads, the speed limit is 100km/h. There is generally no speed limit on the motorway; however, a speed of 130 is advisable.
  • Parking suggestions: Use Parkopedia to find the nearest parking spot and/or book one.

Drive your rental car around Cologne

The history of Germany is long and it dates back to several centuries ago. Only a fraction of the architectural beauty and the history of Germany can be enjoyed in days. It would require weeks to fully explore Germany. While Cologne has the oldest hostoric buildings, use car hire in Cologne to extend your visit to other cities in Germany.

What to see in Cologne

While most of the places are somehow referring to the history of Germany, there are several architectural landmarks and gardens in addition to these historic places that become a motivation for tourists use car hire in Cologne in order to explore the places completely.

While most of the places are somehow referring to the history of Germany, there are several architectural landmarks and gardens in addition to these historic places that become a motivation for tourists use car hire in Cologne in order to explore the places completely.

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Major events and festivals

Cologne can be referred to as one of the historic centres of Germany, and it has a lot of historic as well as modern festivals going on as a result. If you are in Germany, you would love to be a part of these inclusive festivals with people from different races mixing together.