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About Lyon

Lyon, the capital of Metropolis of Lyon in France, is a home to some remarkable and historically important landmarks. Due to the same reason, a part of Lyon is a registered world heritage site with UNESCO. However, that is just one reason for being in this beautiful city which is also famous for its unmatched cuisine, distinct in various aspects and comprising its unique identity. The city is also famous for its gastronomy, which relates food with the culture. Being the second largest urban area in France, car hire at Lyon airport will allow you to explore its historical beauty preserved in such a developed and urbanized area. It has all facilities in the modern world and those too in combination with the most cherished as well as well-preserved historic places.

The city of Lyon has tons of traveling options available, ranging from the beautifully designed masterpiece of architecture Basilique Notre Dame de Fourviere to the preserved history of books and print media at Musee de I’Impremerie de Lyon, 2000 years old Roman amphitheaters Romains de Fourviere, the traditional life at Quartier Renaissance Saint Jean in the old town, and a countless number of exciting games, eating places, and sightseeing. With car hire in Lyon, your travel becomes smooth and happens on your terms, allowing you to choose the places you wish to explore.

Basic info and car hire in Lyon

Location: Lyon, Metropolis of Lyon, Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes, France

Population: 2,265,375

Official language: French

Currency: Euro (EUR).


Public holidays in Lyon: If you’d like to plan your journey according to office holidays in Lyon, check them at

Internet coverage: Almost every restaurant, café, and bar has its Wi-Fi allowed for open use. There are some public Wi-Fi hotspots as well, particularly in the city center you’d always be able to any of the open Wi-Fi access points.

Road conditions: Mostly, roads in France are much comparable to those in the United States. It means that they are well planned and are wide enough, which makes it easier for the drivers. However, road markings might be missing in many cases which pose challenges to a driver from a different area as he/she has to be able to make last minute decisions. While there are very few challenge for the drivers, car hire in Lyon still remains the best traveling option for tourists as well as businessmen.

Driving in Lyon

As mentioned earlier, driving in Lyon may not be as challenging as some other countries because of the open roads and the absence of congested ones. Nevertheless, sometimes it is wiser to drive in a defensive manner because of rush drivers, which are significantly greater in number than in the United States or another developed country. Local drivers may also ignore the signs and at rare occasions, they might not respect traffic rules, but that doesn’t affect your decision of car hire in Lyon, since careful driving will definitely remove all possibilities of any unfortunate situation. Moreover, the benefits of a hired car can never be overruled by the problems with it. While driving in Lyon is extremely smooth, you may not like the heavy traffic that is normal during holidays. Therefore it is better to check traffic forecasts at Bison-Fute website

  • Age limits: It is necessary that the driver is at least 21 years old and has been in possession of driving license for more than a year. If you’re under the age of 25, young driver fee may be charged.
  • International Driving Permit: While most of the car rentals don’t require international driving permit, it is recommended to take along the international driving permit valid in over 150 countries.
  • Additional papers: A valid drivers’ license and passport must be taken along if you are driving in Lyon.
  • Additional requirements:
  • Children in the car: In order for children to sit in the front seat, they must be at least 10 years old. Child restraint system is mandatory till the age of 4 while infant seats for those less than 9 months of age and booster seats for children between 4 and 10 years of age.
  • Driving side of the road: Right
  • Lights: A flashing red light means that you’re not allowed to enter. Rest of the traffic light rules are same as observed internationally.
  • General speed limits: A speed limit of 31mph or 50kph is to be followed in the city, unless indicated otherwise. On open roads and highways the limits are 68mph or 110kph and 81mph or 130kph respectively.
  • Parking suggestions: After hiring your car, it is better to park your car in the hotel parking if you are staying there. Also, available parking options (both free and paid) can be checked at Parkopedia

What to see in Lyon

Lyon is a place that is far away from being confined to one class of people or to travellers having one sort of choice. With car hire in Lyon, you’d see myriads of options for travelling around this city.

Our favourite spots

Presqu'ile at night

The Presqu’ile

The soul of Lyon, Presqu’ile is a hub of entertainment and relaxation altogether. There is a unique vibe in this place which will definitely give your mind a break from the tedious work of daily life. There are various cafes, restaurants, cultural buildings, and above all an exciting atmosphere that sets you free of your worries.

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Guided tour at the Montluc Prison

Montluc Prison National Memorial

The history that the city of Lyon possesses is both precious and saddening as you get to know that the Montluc Prison was where Jew prisoners were kept during the World War II. The guided tour gives not only the information about the prisoners but the history before WWII as well.

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If you’ve ever wished to fly in the air, take the pilot seat, or you are attracted to aviation, AviaSim is where you’d find your heart. You will have the fun of flying a Boeing 737 on a flight simulator which is a wonderful and an unmatched experience, exclusive to this place.

Spectacular facade of Museum of Fine Arts of Lyon

The Lyon Museum of Fine Arts

A vast collection of paintings and masterpieces of art at Lyon Museum of Fine Arts is in close access of the visitors, allowing them to spend hours in the Museum. There is an amazing collection of coins, which catches the attention of many art lovers in addition to the paintings. Moreover, the sculptures, artifacts from Egypt, and lots of other items are all confined in this single building.

Hotels in Lyon

Hotel Le Roosevelt

Situated close to the historic centre strategically, Hotel Roosevelt provides spacious rooms which overlook a remarkable view of the district while providing easy access to the most cherished historic places in Lyon.

Elysee Hotel

This wonderfully designed hotel is filled with elegance, rhythm, and lightness. While rooms are not very spacious, the hotel utilizes the space in the best way possible, ensuring your comfort and making the interiors aesthetically pleasing.

Villa Florentine

Boasting a panoramic view, the hotel warrants luxurious rooms with modern amenities including swimming pool and Jacuzzi, sauna, cardio-training room, and steam room in addition to terraces serving as lookout points for rising and setting sun.

Hotel des Congres

Do you wish to save some money on the hotel while ensuring that the quality of your stay is left unspoiled? Hotel des Congres does the exact thing with its comfortable rooms, beautiful atmosphere, and all of that being easy on your pocket.

Drive your rental car around Lyon

Although its history and archaeological treasury outweighs all others, car hire in Lyon will allow you to explore the outskirts of the city that present sightseeing, distinct eating places, and opportunities for exciting games and cultural experiences, which are some other things worthy of your attention. The structure of roads and their quality makes it even convenient for you to drive in a new city and visit your favourite places.

Where to eat, drink and party in Lyon

One of the many things that Lyon is famous for is its cuisine. If you have come to this place and you haven’t enjoyed its food, you need to rethink about extending your journey.

Gastronomic Restaurant

If you wish to spend your time in Lyon eating at Villa Florentine, you are going to experience luxury in its unaltered form. The award-winning gastronomy restaurant offers the best version of French cuisine and a large variety of eating options.


Paul Bocuse

Paul Bocuse is an expert of the local French cuisine, winner of medals and awards, and chef of the century with his statue in the Grevin Museum. The restaurant has high standards of both ambience and taste as well as the environment and a fresh vibe.


Wallace Bar

Wallace Bar possesses a traditional pub environment with a range of drinks from your favourite ones including bottled craft beers and regular guest bears.


Major events and festivals in Lyon

The city of Lyon offers a variety of excursions as you’ve already witnessed. But that is not all, because the annual festivals in Lyon ought not to be missed. While gastronomy is the major focus of the city, you’d see that love for music and liveliness is another charm distinct to this place.

Jazz Festival

Late June or early July every year

A two-week international festival attracts famous and praiseworthy musicians from around the world while the concerts happen in their full energy in the remarkable surroundings of Roman Theatre.

Biennale Internationale Design

During March and April

Designing fair is organized in odd-numbered years during the months of March and April and is organized by St-Etienne.

Nuits de Fourviere

Early June to Late July

France offers a program comprising open-air theatre, dance concerts, and music that gives a musical vibe to the city of Lyon. People from different cities of France gather for the festival to cherish the charm of it.

Fete des Lumieres

8th of December

Lyon features colourful buildings and a musical atmosphere for about 4 days every year, known by the name Fete des Lumieres. Major buildings are clad in various colours. On the other hand, the local people light candles and illuminate window sills. All in all, this festival is a must-see if you are planning your trip to Lyon.

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