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About Carcassonne

Immerse yourself in the fortified medieval citadel, with picture-perfect watchtowers in the southern France Carcassonne. With a car hire at Carcassonne Airport, you’ll have the ability to cruise around the vast France and explore the small romantic villages, in the near vicinity of Carcassonne.

Located on the Aude plain between the Atlantic Ocean, the Mediterranen Sea and the Pyrenees, the citadel Carcassonne was always of a great strategic value. The city of Carcassonne, as many others, developed precisly becouse of that – thanks to its location along an important road, known since Neolithic. A car hire in Carcassonne is the perfect way to travel at your own pace and visit this stunning UNESCO World Heritage site.

Basic info and car hire in Carcassonne

Location: Southern France, 80 km to the east of Toulouse.

Population: 496.000 inhabitants

Official language: French

Currency: Euro (EUR).

Weather: Carcassonne has Mediterranean climate with typical hot summers and wet mild winters. If travelling to the south of France during summer, expect very hot summers, with temperatures easily exceeding 30°C.

Public holidays in Carcassonne: To better plan your trip and not get surprised by closed stores, check for publick holidays in Carcassonne and the rest of France.

Internet coverage: Carcassone has plenty of free WiFi network and free hotspots, to get their location, check this Carcassonne map. 

Road conditions: Roads are good and well maintained in Carcassonne and the surrounding areas.

Driving in Carcassonne

  • Age limits: 18 years, but a car hire in Carcassone will most likely be possible only for drivers with a 2-year tenancy of a driver’s license. However, a young driver fee may still apply, so it’s best to check with the agency of your car hire in Carcassonne. You should find this information in the supplier’s Terms and Conditions.
  • International Driving Permit: Usually a driving permit with a Latin alphabet should suffice, but again, check the supplier’s Terms & Conditions.
  • Additional papers: A Credit Card is a must for any car hire in Carcassonne, as well as a valid passport, travel and health insurance.
  • Additional requirements: Always pay attention not to drink and drive. Although some alcohol is tolerated in France (0,5 mg/ml), it is always better to stay 100% alert on the road.
  • Children in the car: Children under the age of 10, are not allowed in the front seats of the car. A booster seat is required for children between 135 cm to 150 cm tall. Children taller than 150 cm can be seated and fastened regularly. For children below 135 cm, a toddler or a baby seat, securly fastened is required by law.
  • Driving side of the road:
  • General speed limits: 80 mph (130 km/h) on motorways and 70 mph (110 km/h) in wet weather and on urban motorways. For other regional roads, the limit is 55 mph (90 km/h) and 30 mph (50 km/h) in build-up areas.

What to see in Carcassonne

A car hire in Carcassonne is a great way of exploring the countryside in this part of France, as its always more reliable than public transport. Travelling with a car will also give you the possibility to enjoy in the beautiful scenery of the vineyards and the country cottages on your way. 

Our favourite spots

Cite de Carcassonne

The Jacobin Gate

Or also known as the Portal of the Jacobins, it is the only gate still preserved from the originally 4 gates to the Bastide St. Louis. There’s a fountain on the outside of the gate with several bars to stop by and have a drink.

Park your car at the right spot.

A view of the Basilica St. Nazaire

Basilique St. Nazaire

Constructed in the 6th century this cathedral with gothic/Romanesque architecture and beautiful stained-glass windows.

Find where to park your hired car

Watch Towers in Chateau Comtal, Carcassonne

Chateu Comtal

This castle is one of the most preserved castles in Europe. Built in the 12th century it is an amazing medieval construction with splendid views from the walls and with a great museum worth a visit. Located on top of a hill, the castle impresses with its restoration.

Search for the most convenient parking spot before entering the Chateau Comtal

Carcassonne in the South of France

St. Vincent’s Church

The church with appealing stained-glass windows and amazing view from the bell tower! Although there’s quite a few steps to climb, the bell tower is an added bonus and it makes the visit to the church so much valuable.

Find where you can park you hired car before visiting the church

Hotels in Carcassonne

Hotel de Chateau

A hotel with an excellent service and a great location, a panoramic bar and an indoor pool. A perfect choice for your swimming exercise!

Hotel de la Cité Carcassonne

With outdoor pool and beautiful gardens, the hotel has an excellent location inside the city walls. The food served is delicious and you can be at peace if luxury is your standard.

Domaine d'Auriac

Wine tasting, Micheline star restaurant, an outdoor pool, floral gardens and a car parking for your hired car. …do we need to say anything more? This place is amazing!


A great location just outside the Carcassonne city walls. If in search for the comfort of having a kitchen on your vacation, this is your perfect choice!

Drive your rental car around Carcassonne

Many see Carcassonne when passing by, on a trip to other destinations. It nevertheless has a great stategic location and you could make it your base point to visit other cities as Toulouse, which is an hour drive from Carcassonne. You could be also visiting the surrounding points of interest as Lac de la Cavayere, an ideal place to go to on a hot summer day, with lots of sports activities and nice trails to walk round the lake. If you're into history and would like to see a bit of the Carcassonne's  surroundings, Le Musee de la Torture de Carcassone will be a great entertainment for you.  

Where to eat, drink and party in Carcassonne

Eating outside in France is a delight for all your senses – the french chefs will pamper you with equisite dishes and vines served beside your plate. Wheter you're in search of a Michelline starred restaurant or a cheap eat, you won't be disappointed, France is the country to go on a gourmet vacation.

Restaurant La Marquiere

Famous for its deliciously prepared sea food, in La Marquiere you should try the lobster salad or the grilled sea bass. Don't forget to try the chocolate deserts...they're equisite!


Les Jardins de l'Estagnol

Although located in the industrial Area, Les Jardins de Les Jardins de l'Estagnol will surprise you with a nice family ambient and reasonable prices. With a great offer of the daily menus, choose your best wine to combine it with menu du jour.


Creperie Le Ble Noir

If you'd like to give your sweet tooth a treat, visit this place, famous for its caramelised apple recipe and the sweet crepes. Yummy!



A busy tapas bar, with tasty cocktails served at the table and loud music. A friendly ambient and a great place to go for an early night out.


Major events and festivals in Carcassonne

Feria de Carcassonne

end of August, beginning of September

Salsa, Flamenco, Tango and Accordion are just some of the musics played at this street music and dance festival. A treat for your ears and eyes!

Carcassonne Festival


If you're visiting Carcassonne in July, you proablby came for the biggest music, theater and performance festival of Southern France. If not, go get your ticket!



In this magical time of the year, Carcassonne awaits you with christmas markets, all the city lights switched on, music and other street entertainment.

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