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About Bergerac

Located in the southern France, Bergerac is a place known for its wine and tobacco. A car hire at Bergerac Airport makes your traveling to the famous historic places and beautiful landmarks convenient. Bergerac is a place where you can expect to experience a traditional touch, difficult to find in today’s world.

A car hire in Bergerac provides an easy access to the best cuisines distinct to France and the famous events and festivals unique to this part of France.

Basic info and car hire in Bergerac

  • Location: Bergerac, Dordogne, France
  • Population: 27,555
  • Official language: French
  • Currency: Euro (EUR), CFP franc
  • Weather: The average precipitation of rain is 79mm with the wettest month being April. The hottest month is August with a temperature of 22 degree Celsius. The coldest month is January while the minimum temperature is 7 degree Celsius. April and May are most desired months when it comes to traveling to Bergerac.
  • Public holidays in Bergerac: The public holidays in France can be seen at this French Guide
  • Internet coverage: There are several places with free Wi-Fi hotspots, allowing the use of internet with just a single tap. The map can be seen here. Besides, most cafes, bars restaurants, and hotels provide free Wi-Fi access to their customers.
  • Road conditions: Roads are well laid out in Bergerac with very few damaged or cracked roads or potholes. Driving in Bergerac is therefore relatively easier when seen with this perspective.

Driving in Bergerac

The roads are in pretty good condition but when you get out of the airport, it is kind of a rural area where drivers are moving pretty fast. Besides, there is a network of 5000 miles of motorways in Bergerac, which makes driving easier. However, precaution must be taken and driving should be done defensively. When you utilize the best possible option for traveling around Bergerac, car hire in Bergerac, it is highly recommended to have GPS as it makes the whole process a lot simpler.

  • Age limits: Minimum age for driving a car is 21 years while an additional young driver’s fee may be charged by your car rental service when your age is less than 25 years.
  • International Driving Permit: It is highly recommended that you keep with yourself the international driving permit in French language.
  • Additional papers: Proof of insurance, proof of identification, and a valid driving license are additional papers that you must keep with yourself.
  • Additional requirements: V5C Certificate (registration document) must be carried when applicable.
  • Children in the car: Children above the age of 10 can sit in the front seat with a proper seat belt. A child restraint system should be used for children of small ages.
  • Driving side of the road: Right hand side
  • Lights: The traffic light colors in France are red, green, and amber. Amber colored light indicates stop, and you must stop if this light appears before you reach the stop line.
  • General speed limits: The speed should be 90 km/h in roads with 2 or 3 lanes, 110 km/h in 4-lane expressways, and 130 km/h on motorways.
  • Parking suggestions: Park your rented car in your hotel’s parking space.

What to see in Bergerac

While there are unrivalled traveling, options in Bergerac and it is far more convenient to find the best historic or archaeological landmarks easily, following are some shortlisted places that fall among the most sought out and highly recommended places.

Our favourite spots

Blue skies above the Chateau de Monbazillac

Chateau de Monbazillac

It is a beautiful historic place which traces its history back to 1500s. The place is open throughout the year for guided as well as unguided tours. It is highly recommended to schedule a guided tour, if you are fascinated by the history. It depicts history, winery tools, and preservation of architecture, making it a loveable place.

Park your car in the wooden parking lot outside the Chateau de Monbazillac.

A view over the river channel in Ecluses de Tuilières

Ecluses de Tuilieres

It is a place beautifully equipped with natural beauty having lush green gardens, providing a perfect place for a walk along the river. Whether you are on your own, with family, or with your partner, Ecluses de Tuilieres offers a perfect place for a wonderful walk, picnic, or a romantic chat.

When visiting Ecluses de Tuilieres, park your car at Pyramides Car Park or Samaritaine Car Park nearby.

Hotels in Bergerac

La Flambee

La Flambee is a place that delivers comfort and all the basic amenities in a clean and cozy atmosphere at competitive rates. The hotel comprises of its restaurant as well.

Hotel Chateau Les Merles

This boutique hotel dates back to 17 century. The hotel mimics a rural scene, but combines it with the modern facilities. Use the Les Merles Hotel and take an unforgettable experience with you.

Europ’ Hotel Bergerac

Europ' Hotel features very comfortable rooms and pool surrounded by the tall trees and beautiful greenery. It must be noted that the hotel is budget friendly. The hotel doesn't have facilities to accommodate the disabled.

Hotel La Metairie

If you have come to Bergerac to turn the pages of history, its the best chance to live it yourself. Les Merles is a 19 Century House that delivers a peaceful stay in a luxurious atmosphere. The hotel has a minibar in each room.

Drive your rental car around Bergerac

While there are unrivalled traveling, options in Bergerac and it is far more convenient to find the best historic or archaeological landmarks easily, following are some shortlisted places that fall among the most sought out and highly recommended places.

Where to eat, drink and party in Bergerac


The best presentation, unforgettable taste, and perfectly modern setting when amalgamated, create an experience that is worthwhile. Choose your favourite theme between two indoor spaces and get the best taste in town from a wide range of food items in the menu.


La Villa Laetita

La Villa Laetita is the perfect place for a delicious lunch or a dinner from Tuesday till Saturday. You can also book your lunch on Sunday by setting an appointment. The restaurant serves fresh local food that is distinct to France and whose memories you will take along with you.


La Grappe d’Or

The restaurant features a typical framework that is richly decorated. It is decorated with different themes and there’s intimate corner in with a low ceiling that is of prime interest for romantic couples. The dining room has got a traditional touch but it does not lack any facilities. Finally, the food is one of the most cherished ones in Bergerac.


French Coffee Shop

The best and unparalleled collection of delicious smoothies, iced drinks, tea, coffee, or chocolate is offered in a beautifully decorated space with staff that is concerned with the satisfaction of customers. Visit the French Coffee Shop during your visit of Bergerac for a memorable eating experience in France.


Major events and festivals in Bergerac

Rendez-vous aux Jardins Garden Festival


The festival is organized by the Ministry of Culture in France, and it involves events that showcase the importance of green spaces. More than 2000 gardens are opened to the public for Jardins Garden Festival. It also includes guided tours, workshops, and readings, hundreds of exhibitions, conferences, and demonstration of skills.3

The event takes place in the month of June.

European Museum Night


European Museums open for a night to the general public free of charge. It started back in 2005 as a result of Council of Europe’s Cultural Convention. Between 6pm and midnight, near 100% of European Museums are available for visit, while on the other hand, most museums offer special activities.

The event is organized during the month of May on the Saturday closest to 18th.

The Mountain Festival


The activities of interest in the mountain festival are hiking, Nordic walking, canyoning, and mountain biking. All of these activities aim at discovering traditions. The festival provides opportunities by organizing more than 250 festivals.

The Mountain Festival takes place during the last weekend of June all around France.

The Tour de France


One of the most famous events throughout the world, The Tour de France is a race that lasts for 3 weeks. It has the best cyclists participating in it from various countries. This sports event is a mega event that is witnessed by 10 million spectators every year.

It happens during the month of July

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