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About Copenhagen

Copenhagen, a lovely capital city of Denmark, will charm you with its cobbled streets and colourful waterfront 17th century houses. But the charm does not stop there- go further and explore its countryside and city surroundings - a car hire at Copenhagen Airport will let you do just that. Denmark has also some truly nice beaches close to the Copenhagen coastline, so if travelling in summer, that will add for a nice Danish experience.

Copenhagen also prides with the title of being the happiest city in the world, and you can really spend a relaxed vacation, while still being busy exploring all that the city has on offer: dive deep into the Danish street culture in the Nyhavn, entertain yourself and your family with the amusement parks called the Tivoli Gardens, spend an afternoon in the art museum and climb the church towers to see the magnificent view over the city. You will not get bored in Copenhagen - its just the right combination of relaxed bar areas, picturesque architecture, art museums, and lively street life. 

Basic info and car hire in Copenhagen

  • Location: Capital of Denmark (East coast)
  • Population: 1.3 million (January 2017)
  • Official language: Danish
  • Currency: Danish Kroner (DKK)
  • Weather: The highest temperatures are around 17°C (from June to October), and the lows are around 2°C. January is the coldest month.
  • Holidays in Copenhagen: For public holidays in Denmark click here »
  • Internet coverage: You don’t need to worry about the free internet. You can access free Wi-Fi in most cafés, hotels, rental apartments, bars and restaurants.
  • Road conditions: Great.
  • Car hire in Copenhagen: Car hire prices in Copenhagen are very reasonable. 7-day car rental will cost you from €15-20 per day on average. The price depends mostly on the size/category of the vehicle. Be sure to book four to eight weeks in advance to get the best price possible.


Driving in Copenhagen

Although it's often said that Denmark is a country of cyclists, a car is still the most common form of transportation in Copenhagen. The main reason for this is that Copenhagen is so big that exploring it only on two wheels is just not possible. We’re sure you’ll use public transportation or bicycles to drive around the city centre (because of limited parking options), but otherwise, a car hire in Copenhagen is a very good idea.

When planning a trip to Copenhagen and exploring the car hire possibilities, keep in mind that in Denmark, you’ll drive on the right side of the road. If you prefer an automatic, be sure to check that option in the filters since cars with manual gear shifts are much more common.

Car parking possibilities in Copenhagen: There are enough parking options for your hired car in Copenhagen, however, the closer you’ll get to the city centre, the higher the prices. You can choose between parking lots and numerous garages. The parking zones are marked with four colours; The red one is the most expensive (in particular between 8AM-6PM). Cheaper options are (in price-decreasing order): Green, Blue, and Yellow.

Free parking options: On Sundays and during the holidays the parking is free—on all parking zones. On Saturdays, the parking is free after 5 PM. In Frederiksberg, the parking spots are purple. There you have 2 hours of parking for free. On Sundays and holidays, they’re free all the time. 

What to see in Copenhagen

Young and young at heart will just love the Vesterbro area. There’s many bars, restaurants, shops and cute cobbled streets you can stroll. Nature lovers and families often turn to Tivoli Gardens, photographers and artistic souls adore the Galleri Bo Bjerggaard and Centre of Photography. If art is something you cherish the most, visit the Danish Architecture Centre, and Christianshavn and Holmen as well. The second super popular are—especially among families—is Østerbro. It’s full of parks, cafés and wonderful sandy beach. Fashionistas and foodies, you’ll love this place as well. Hire a car at Copenhagen Airport or downtown and explore this city even further.


Be sure to check these:

Our favourite spots

Kronborg Castle in Denmark

Kronborg Castle

For sure this will be one of the first sites you're going to see, which is great because it will set the bar nicely for the rest of your trip. It’s a castle from 1420s—strategically build on the shore. This UNESCO World Heritage site offers you a great view to the Sweden across the sea. Have you ever wondered how the castle where Shakespeare's Hamlet lived looked like? Well, this is it. No, really. It’s the castle. And often there are Hamlet plays performed in front.

Parking tip: Nearest and cheapest option is the Europark on Kronborg Slot. Read more about it »

THe magnificent entrance to the Christiansborg Palace

Christiansborg Palace

The second renowned building is Christiansborg—the seat of Danish Parlament, and a remarkable architectural sight. It's located on a canal-surrounded island, and you can book a tour there. Visitors are the most excited about the royal part of the palace—especially the royal stables, reception and kitchen. The tower offers a magnificent 180º view of the city. Reach history of the building just calls for an excellent guide that can tell you all about it.

Because Christiansborg palace is set on an island, there are limited ways to reach it. At the main entry road, you'll find a small garage. For the same price, you can park just outside the canals. Click for directions »

A view of the beautiful Nyhavn


It’s the Venice of Copenhagen—a magical area, intertwined with numerous canals and decorated with colourful buildings. Tourist and locals often use this area for a lovely walk, and canal tours, or sit in one of the countless restaurants and bars on the water. Photographers often use this place as their muse because it's marvellously picturesque. Blue glow of the North Sea and colourful houses create a charming contrast, and a crowd creates nice relaxed atmosphere. 

Majority of garages you’ll find near the Toldbodgade street. More info »

FIreworks lighting the sky above TIvoli GArdens in COpenhagen

Tivoli Gardens

If you visit Copenhagen with your family, this is a must for you, but adults will enjoy it as well. It's truly a magical place that looks like a Disneyworld. And that's not a coincidence. Mr Disney actually visited Tivoli Gardens many times and—as you'll see—draw inspiration from it. For the best experience, visit it in May, June or July. You can create a beautiful day in the amusement park, buy yourself a roller coaster ride or even wait until the light show starts.

The nearest garage near Tivoli Gardens is on H.C. Andersens Boulevard 18. However, you might rather wait with your car hire in Copenhagen until you finish exploring the city centre.

Church of Our Saviour in Copenhagen

Church of Our Saviour

This church is super popular sight in Copenhagen—and a 2017 Travellers' choice on TripAdvisor. Its tower is a fantastic architectural work of art. The spiral staircase will take you to the top and reward you with the excellent view over the city. However, if you’re afraid of heights, this site probably is not for you. Many tourists said that they couldn’t climb the stairs because they were afraid.

There are a few parking options nearby »

A Hall in the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art

Louisiana Museum of Modern Art

Louisiana Museum of Modern Art is one of the best contemporary museums in Europe and most visited art museum in Denmark. It holds more than 3500 artworks. We suggest you hire a car in Copenhagen and make a daily road-trip out of it and visit this museum someday. It's located 35 km / 22mi outside the city of Copenhagen. An additional reason to visit it is also a Wessel-Bagge collection that showcases more than 400 objects of Pre-Columbian art.

Hotels in Copenhagen

Scandic Sydhavnen

Good hotel with free parking and Wi-Fi, continental breakfast, which offers vegetarian and gluten-free options as well. It's close to a city centre and has many public transportation options nearby.


These hotel apartments were voted as a 2016 Travellers’ Choice on TripAdvisor. Fully-furnished and nicely arranged apartments come in different sizes—with large windows and charming balconies.

Cabinn Metro

This is a popular accommodation option—with a great price and positive customer reviews. The rooms are simple, yet clean; location is great and staff friendly.

Comfort Hotel Vesterbro

Very good hotel in a popular district of Copenhagen. It has free Wi-Fi, free parking, pleasant staff and excellent food.

Drive your rental car around Copenhagen

Since Denmark has almost 7.400 km of coastline, (almost the same as Italy), you can expect a nice array of beaches. With a car hire at Copenhagen Airport or downtown you’ll feel free to explore all of them. No matter if you visit Copenhagen in the Winter or Summer, for sure, you’ll take your car beyond the capital and drive to see a few of them. The nearest to Copenhagen is Amager Beach. Another Blue Flag beach is Henne Strand Beach in the south-west of Jutland. Blue Flagged beach that is only an hour and a half away from Copenhagen is Bildsø Beach. You have to experience a romantic sunset there.


If you chose to see Kronborg Castle and experience a Hamlet play, drive to Helsingoer—which is a 50-minute drive away from Copenhagen city centre. When you'll there, proceed to the Hillerød. There, Frederiksborg Castle—a masterpiece from the 17th century—, and the Museum of National History are the most famous sites there.

Where to eat, drink and party in Copenhagen

Nordic cuisine—especially the new wave—is known as one of the best. It's known for its fresh, vibrant and exotic components, minimalistic approach to the ingredients selection, and delicious taste. Even though the prices can be pretty steep, the experience is worth it. No matter if you chose Michelin Star-rated restaurants or a simple brasserie.

Foodies, if you’ll visit only one place, be sure to check Copenhagen Meatpacking District Food & Market.

Studio – The Standard

Fine dining


Visit this restaurant, if you want to taste some great Scandinavian cuisine. They are masters of hiding big flavours, packed in small portions.





If you have a sweet tooth, you most definitely have to visit this retro-styled cute place. The ice cream is just amazing there.


Restaurant Krebsegaarden

Fine dining


Take your loved-one for a bottle of exquisite wine and some European/Scandinavian cuisine magic on a plate.


Banana Joe

Burgers and fries


This is a great small burger joint where they’re big on the flavours! If you like fish, try their salmon burger.



Bars and snacks


When you’ll stroll the streets at night and have enough of the night clubs, visit this place and order some tacos and margaritas. Amazing!





Visit this vegan- and vegetarian-friendly café which is known for the fresh and healthy dishes with a junk food spin on it. Veggie pizzas and plates, vegan burgers and sweet-potato fries are the bomb there.


Grams Laekkerier

Cheap eats


Really low-priced and one of the most popular fast-food joints in Copenhagen. They have a big array of sandwiches and hearty soups. Always served with a smile.


Zahida at Westmarket

Top-rated lunch

It's a great Indian, Asian and Middle East restaurant, perfect for lunch. Go for the lamb chops, their magnificent curry or house burger.


Major events and festivals in Copenhagen

New Year's Flea Market


If you’re in Copenhagen in Winter—around Christmas, be sure to visit this charming traditional happening.

Green Mermaid Festival


This is an important environmental event that celebrates the Copenhagen’s obligation to the environment.

International Boat Show


Located in the city's Bella Centre, this huge boat show joins all the biggest and modern yachts. If you're there in February, visit it.

Golden Days in Copenhagen


Golden Days is a traditional festival which celebrates the founding of the Copenhagen in 1167. Many cultural events take place during this time.

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