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Basic info and car hire in Pula

  • Location: Western Croatia, Istria region
  • Population: 60.000 inhabitants (2011)
  • Official language: Croatian
  • Currency: Croatian Kuna (HRK).
  • Weather: Pula has a pleasant humid subtropical climate, characterised by very hot summers and mild but windy winters.
  • Public holidays in Pula: For public holidays in Pula click here 
  • Internet coverage: Most of the cafes and restaurants in Pula offer it free of charge, you also have wireless zones at Forum, Portarata, Giardini and other main touristic sites.
  • Road conditions: The roads in Pula will amaze you as they are comfortably wide and regularly punctuated with roundabouts, guaranteeing your transfer around the city to be a piece of cake, especially with the direct and fast access to the Istrian highway and Pula airport.
  • Car hire in Pula: The majority of rentals occur at the Pula Airport that embraces half of million people yearly. It might be practical for you to hire the car in the city centre as well, or at ‘Zlatne Stijene’ area closer to the coast in Pula.

About Pula

Pula, or as called in the ancient roman times Pola, is situated on the southern edge of the Istrian peninsula. It’s position on and amidst seven nearby hills gives it a dynamic feel, its openness, however, is guaranteed by the very strategic position by Pula Aiport in the gulf between Adriatic see and Fažana channel. It is a charming and vivid city throughout the year, with a rich history and a promising contemporary culture. What makes Pula even a more convenient location for your vacation and a perfect car hire, is that the majority of people will speak Italian along with English, that the tourism tradition is strong and services are of quality and that all mentioned does not in any way compromise its general easy pace of living, which is what everyone appreciates.

Driving in Pula

Pula has a great infrastructure for vehicle transportation and even in the very city centre you will not have a bigger problem getting around. Car hire in Pula will not cause you any difficulties - there is a small part of the city closed for cars, yet it does not in any way interrupt your explorations with the hired car. It is advisable to check for best parking spots in advance, as parking spaces are a bit scarce - especially during the peak of the summer season.

  • Age limits: 21 (Minimum age may vary from one car hire company to the other. In order to hire a car, some will require that the driver is in possession of the driving licence for a minimum of one year.)
  • International Driving Permit: An IDP is needed only if your permit is not in Latin alphabet, so please make the necessary arrangements in advance.
  • Additional papers: ID (or passport) and proof of insurance (it is advisable to purchase an additional insurance with your car hire provider as your personal car insurance is not sufficient in case of damages)
  • Additional requirements: A warning triangle and a reflective vest.
  • Children in the car: Children under the age of 12 are not permitted to travel in the front seat of a vehicle. Children between the ages of 2 and 5 must wear an appropriate child restraint and, if necessary, be seated in a booster seat. When making a reservation for your car hire in Pula, be clear on your requirements for the child seat(s) you need.
  • Driving side of the road: Right.
  • Lights: Dipped headlights are recommended both day and night, and required during reduced visibility.
  • General speed limits: 130 kph/ 80 mi on motorways (110 kph/70 mi in wet weather and on urban motorways), 90 kph/55 mi on other roads outside residential areas, 50 kph/30 mi in residential areas.
  • Parking suggestions: Parking garages and metered parking are the main options. Note: parking in Pula can be a demanding task, especially in the summertime so be sure to have enough time before a scheduled event to find a perfect parking.If finding a safe parking space for your hired car means a scenic walk around the city, it can all be a pleasant experience.

Drive your rental car around Pula

There is no place better to hire and drive a car than Pula. Its perfect position will enable you to explore the Istrian peninsula either on more prestige western side or on the opposite, more pristine side, touching the Kvarner Gulf.

If you choose the West, drive up to the beautiful town of Rovinj, its old city town will mesmerise you and provide perfect spots for taking photos. There, you can also have a culinary experience in one of the restaurants by the seaside, it is impossible to choose a wrong one. If you prefer to discover the East, drive up to Sveta Marina, there you will find more pristine little bays with beaches and amazing local restaurants for a very attractive price. You will also have plenty of space to park your hired car, so this one hour drive from Pula will be completely stress-free.

 For adventurers, drive your car to Pazin, a city in the centre of Istria, where you can try out an amazing zip line right by the old castle. Zip line Pazinska jama offers you up to 50 min of adrenalin just above the mysterious and impressive sinkhole.

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