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About Croatia

Purest Adriatic Sea with more than 2000 islands, impressive Velebit mountain range, vast Pannonian plain, greenest hillsides of Zagorje, architectural cities Zagreb, Split or Dubrovnik – all of this is only the generic outline of the gist that attracts more than 10 million tourists to Croatia yearly.

The closer you get, the more you see, and it is just what stands for Croatia. With a turbulent history going back all the way to the 7th century, the story it can tell is not a boring one. So, pack your bags lightly, reserve yourself a quality car hire and make room for all the secrets, souvenirs, memories and excitements a trip in Croatia will bring.

Reserve a car hire in Croatia and get to know this picturesque landscape from close-up, it will return with benefits and simplify your trip in Croatia. We provide all the important information about the beautiful country Croatia.




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Basic info and car hire in Croatia

These are the most important information on Croatia:

  • Location of Croatia: Croatia is a central European country positioned on the Balkan peninsula and touching the Adriatic Sea with its 6000km coast. The country borders Slovenia, Serbia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Hungary and Montenegro on land, and Italy on the sea. The road infrastructure is well spread and in excellent condition; perfectly made for all and everyone who would love to travel by car throughout this country.

  • Population of Croatia: There are 4,3 million people living in Croatia, with almost one-quarter of the population living in the capital Zagreb.

  • Official language in Croatia: The official language is Croatian

  • Currency in Croatia: Croatian kuna or HRK

  • Weather in Croatia: Typical Mediterranean climate by the sea disperses to continental in the central parts of Croatia. The temperatures can fall substantially below zero in winter months, with a maximum in July over 30 degrees.

  • Holidays in Croatia: all public holidays are listed here

  • Road conditions in Croatia: The road system in Croatia is progressive and well maintained with a solid highway system connection Dubrovnik to Rijeka, Pula, Zagreb, and Osijek. Be prepared for traffic jams in the summertime, but during winter days have your winter equipment ready as snowfalls can interrupt your smooth driving.

Driving in Croatia

This country confirms itself as a perfect car hire destination by having good driving culture and a well-structured road system. But you need to follow a couple of car rental rules. In about 4 hours you can travel through a quarter of the country, enjoying the scenery the highway offers. 

The popularly unpopular ‘Magistrala’ commencing in Rijeka and finishing in Dubrovnik gives you an alternative on how to reach your seaside destination. Small towns, beautiful surroundings and a chance to discover something unplanned is but an added value on otherwise monotone driving through the highway oblivion. Reserve the time and see the other side of Croatia by driving on the Magistrala road.

Car hire information in Croatia

All major destinations are well covered with quality car hire services, be it at the Croatian airports or city centre locations. Naturally, airport in Split and its car hire offices get the biggest chunk of car hire demands in Croatia, due to accepting the largest number of tourists in the summertime. Closely followed by Dubrovnik and Zagreb airports, the number of car hire agencies is on the rise, excelling in pricing and quality.

The rental car insurance in Croatia works in the same way as in any other countries, pay special attention to your insurance if you plan to drive a rental car from Croatia to Bosnia and Herzegovina.

What to see in Croatia

No need to get over your head, Croatia’s splendid spots are just a drive away. A car hire on the coast will get you quick access to unlimited attractions, cities, and other locations as per your taste, so you will not have to miss not one among most attractive:

Our favourite spots

The panorama at Split

Split, Croatia

The wonderful city of Split, overriding the limits of seasons by welcoming tourists throughout the year is also the second biggest in Croatia. It will provide you with the access to Roman remains like Diocletian’s Palace, extraordinary beaches, sightseeing attractions, sunset panoramas and culinary indulgences, hire a car and explore it bit by bit.

You can also rent a car in Split and discover the coastline from Split as your starting point!


The coast in ZAdar

Zadar, Croatia

The central Adriatic position gives this city an indispensable value, where tradition commutes with progress. Venetian and medieval remains, Sea organ of Zadar, the city illustrious architecture and excellent touristic offer considers even the most demanding visitor.


The Dubrovnik Castle

City of Dubrovnik in Croatia

The unparalleled Dubrovnik is a city you must visit when in Croatia. Its grand past of independence and self-procurement has kept the city’s spirit relentless and is what transpires through and inspires thousands of tourists. The fortified city with its castles, ports, towers and impressive City Walls fortress will absolutely humble you.


Zagreb from the bird's perspective

Zagreb, the capital of Croatia

There is always something to do in Zagreb! The capital will not let you down if you aspire for a cultural revelation, want to do some sports or just discover the nightlife it offers or have a cup of tea on the most famous street named Ilica. Stay close to city centre, or hire a car and drive up to one of the excellent spa’s and nature just a few kilometres away.

We encourage you to rent a car at the Zagreb airport, because it is the best starting point to see Croatia.

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