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Best Car Hire Deals in Vienna

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About Vienna

The federal capital of Austria and its largest city Vienna is a political, cultural, and economic center of Austria. If you plan to travel to Vienna, use car hire at Vienna airport for conveniently reaching to your hotel to continue your travel to the tourist spots or your business meeting. The history of Vienna attracts several thousand tourists every year, using car hire in Vienna as a convenient means of travel.




Best Car Hire Deals in Vienna

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Basic info and car hire in Vienna

  • Location: Vienna (or Wien), Austria
  • Population: 1,889,083
  • Official language: German
  • Currency: Euro (EUR).
  • Weather: The weather in Vienna varies mostly between cold and moderately cold with the lowest temperature of -1 degree Celsius in January while August is the hottest month of the year with an average temperature of 18 degree Celsius. June happens to be the wettest month in Vienna with an average rainfall amounting to 74mm. With the temperature mostly falling into moderate and moderately cold range, Vienna gives the tourists a lot of flexibility in traveling, where it is even convenient to use car hire in Vienna.
  • Public holidays in Vienna: Check the office holidays in Austria before setting on your journey to Vienna if you wish to travel using car hire in Vienna considering the office holidays, which can be seen here.
  • Internet coverage: In the digital age of 21st century, it is always wiser to travel with an internet connection at disposal. While there is an internet connection in almost every restaurant, coffee shop, hotel, and even malls, but if you need an internet connection on the go, there are a couple of options to choose from. BOB Breitband Startpaket (Starting Package) costs nearly 10 EUR and it already has 1 GB of data without the need of any subscription or activation. If you wish to go beyond 1 GB, you may have it activated.
  • Road conditions: Roads in Austria are well-constructed, well-kept, and convenient to drive. If you are coming from the neighbouring countries or are coming by motorway using car hire in Vienna, do not forget to display your toll sticker (known as Motorway Vignette) on the inside of the windshield to save yourself from on-the-spot, heavy fine. Such stickers can be obtained from petrol stations, newsagents, or post offices. If you arrive in Austria from one of the neighbouring countries in a rented car, the motorway vignette must be obtained from the car rental agency (since you may or may not find it elsewhere in other countries).

Driving in Vienna


Whether you are using car hire in Vienna or your private vehicle, you would start to quit worrying about the driving experience when you enter the place. The roads are well-built and the traffic rules are regulated well. You may get an on-the-spot fine if you break any rules (mostly the obvious ones), making Vienna a safe city to drive in.

  • Age limits: The cut-off age for being eligible to drive in Austria is 18 years. However, the minimum age to be eligible to use car hire in Austria may vary depending on the car rental agency. A small young driver surcharge may incur in case you are under the age on 25 years.
  • International Driving Permit: For those who belong to Europe, it is sufficient to have a photo version driving license or a paper copy accompanied by a photo ID. For those coming to Austria from overseas may be required to have an international driving permit.
  • Additional papers: Proof of ownership, in case of your personal vehicle, is necessary. A proof of ID, insurance, and a valid driving license are documents that are necessary.
  • Additional requirements: None.
  • Children in the car: It is mandatory that the children under the age of 12 do not sit in the front seat unless protected by a safety seat that conforms to the standards of European regulations.
  • Driving side of the road: Right Hand Side
  • Lights: The standard EU standard operation is followed with traffic lights. The green light flashing four times means that it’ll soon change to amber color and then the red.
  • General speed limits: The speed limit to be followed on motorways is 130 Km/h, 100 Km/h on open roads, and 50 Km/h in built-up areas.
  • Parking suggestions: Whenever you plan to go somewhere in your rented car, use Parkopedia to find and/or book the available parking spots.

What to see in Vienna

While Vienna is a treat for those who love to learn about the history and architecture, there are plenty of activities and picnic spots in addition to these, including guided tours. The Austrian food is another great thing to experience, in addition to the culture of Austria. In wintertime there are Christmas markets that attract crowds of people every year.

Our favourite spots

Historic Center of Vienna

The center of Vienna boasts wonderful views of historic buildings and landmarks. One of the main highlights of the place is the remarkably large architectural pieces. The historic center gives close access to the most famous historic places, and is equipped with plenty ofshopping and eating places.

You can park your car here.

Schonbrunn Palace

The huge Schonbrunn Palace has over one thousand rooms and the tour is accompanied with an audio guide. The palace has beautiful gardens outside, allowing for a great mix of history tour and a peaceful, natural environment. 

There are many parking options available near the palace, which can be checked here

Belvedere Palace Museum

The Belvedere Palace museum has a large landscape outside of it and is very spacious. There is a traditional dance going on the outside of the entrance. Inside the museum, there is a large collection of paintings, and a wonderful audio guide adds to the experience.

Find a parking spot that is suitable for you.

Vienna State Opera House

The Vienna State Opera House allows you to delve into musical heritage of Austria in a performance by the Vienna Mozart Orchestra in period costumes. 

Pre-booking of a parking spot is always a better choice. Choose yours here.

Hotels in Vienna

Fourside Hotels & Suites

A fully equipped hotel with non-hyped prices, Fourside Hotel features air-conditioned rooms, a sauna, free internet (high-speed), a gym, and a kitchenette for you to spark your creativity. The hotel is well-quipped, modern, and beautiful.

NIU Franz

Furnished with antique furniture combined with stylish, baroque setting, NIU Franz is equipped with latest technology and it offers a wonderful, casual atmosphere. Inside the hotel, you’d see beautiful abstract paintings conveying different emotions.

Motel One

‘Motel One’ is a convenient place to be at with fast check-in/out, cooperative staff, and spacious rooms filled with comfort and complimented with a healthy breakfast, IPad rental, free internet, pet-friendliness, and more, all in a reasonable price.

Palais Hansen Kempinski

Located at the famous Ring Boulevard at Schottenring, the Palais Hansen Kempinski hotel has a modern architecture, a contemporary design, and ultimate luxury. The 5 star hotel has seven conference rooms, a cigar lounge, two bars, restaurants, spa and more

Drive your rental car around Vienna

Austria has a rich history to explore, a lot of which can be found in Vienna, but if you truly wish to equip yourself with the knowledge about the history, use car hire in Vienna and travel to the most cherished places all across Austria whenever and wehrever you like.

Where to eat, drink and party in Vienna

Mozart’s Restaurant

The Mozart Restaurant follows the traditional Austrian cuisine with tasty burgers and local wines that are served all night. With a fine heritage as its past, the restaurant has handcrafted wooden decorations that complement the theme.


Tanti Saluti

Tanti Saluti serves delicious fast food and the recent addition of Italian flair takes you to charms of the famous Italian pizza. The restaurant is friendly for children.


Arbailo Restaurant

The restaurant is a treat for meat lovers and those who like to sit in a lively atmosphere. There are parties going on with loud music while you are sitting in the restaurant. 


Rice Time Restaurant

Specializing in Asian food, the Rice Time Restaurant serves to its customers a vast variety of food items in a traditional themed interior. There are various seafood items as well. As the name suggests, most items are served with rice.


Major events and festivals in Vienna

There’s barely a time in the year when there are no parties or events, festivals going on in Vienna. Out of the tens of events and sometimes exceeding hundreds, we have mentioned some of the famous festivals below.

Vienna Opera Ball

The festival takes place in State Opera House on the last Thursday of the carnival season.

Overthrowing of the Napoleon was celebrated many years ago and the Opera Ball festival dates back to the same. The festival marks the history of the Viennese politics, culture, and economy.

Vienna Festival

The event starts in mid-May and ends in mid-June.

The first Vienna Festival was organized in 1920s and from the 1950s onward, the festival is organized every year. Over 200,000 visitors are welcomed in front of the City Hall to see the various musical performances, after a free concert which marks the beginning of the festival.

Imperial Ball

Imperial ball is organized on New Year’s Eve.

Imperial ball is a different festival with a specific dress code where the guests are welcomed by the Emperor and the Empress. 


The ImpulsTanz takes place in the summer, during the months of July and August.

Near 250 workshops and 100 performances happen during this summer dance festival. In addition to these, various night programs and festive parties with DJs happen during the festival.

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