Are you planning to hire a car? If you’re a UK driver you may need a DVLA Code.


What is a DVLA driving licence check code?

Driving licence check code is a possible requirement you'll need to present if you have a UK driver’s license and would like to hire a car. With this document, the car rental agency will check your driving record, such as penalty points, what vehicles you are licensed to drive as well as when your license expires., etc.

Car hire and licence check code – do I need one?

Many car rental companies will only ask for your photocard/paper driver’s license; however, some may want to check your driving record and will ask for your DVLA licence check code. If you are hiring a car in the UK with your UK driver’s license you will most likely be asked to present your DVLA code, when in contrast, it is not very common to be asked for one when hiring a car abroad. But exceptions remain, therefore, if you are a UK driver we advise you to get one.

How to get your DVLA licence check code?

Visit gov.uk - government services and information to find all the contacts for your DVLA licence. For obtaining your DVLA licence check code, you’ll need:

·        Your driving licence number

·        Your national insurance number

·        Postcode

Follow the process on the page, where at the end you’ll get a code you can print out or simply write down. If you cannot obtain the number through the online procedure, call the DVLA office. A DVLA agent will provide you with your licence check code, but first, you will need to validate your identity by answering some security questions. Once at the car rental desk, you’ll simply hand the code to the staff, together with your other documents.

I forgot to get my licence check code – what now?

If you forgot to get your driver licence check code before your trip and you are asked at the counter for your check code, use your smartphone or call the DVLA in the working hours. They will provide you your code and you will avoid additional charges, or worse, not getting the car. The process is fast and straightforward, so you could also ask the car hire agent to help you get yours.  

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How long does a licence check code last?

The licence check code expires after 21 days. You’ll need to get a new one after that period of time.

How to use your DVLA licence check code?

Once at the car rental desk, you’ll simply hand it to the staff, together with your other documents. There, the car hire agent will use it to access your license data, as mentioned above.  

What documents do I need at the car hire pick-up?


·     International driver’s license - You can check our post on international drivers license to have a clear picture where you will need it.

·     Passport/ID

·     Credit Card in the name of the main driver with an available deposit amount

·     Car hire voucher


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