Fuel policy

What is a car hire fuel policy?

Everybody knows that when it comes to renting a car, there is much more to it than just picking the perfect car type, the best price or your favorite car hire agency. The fact is that besides the price of the actual rental there is, or can be, a list of additional services or charges that may well not be included in the initial price. It does not matter whether you chose your car hire directly at the agency or you booked it online through a broker company, such as Vehicle Rent.

If you're not careful and you don't read the Terms and Conditions of your rent a car company, you could be stung by some extra charges. One of the policies that you surely must understand is the Fuel Policy. To better understand why fuel policy is so important, we sat down with our Data Analytics Manager Anze Gasperlin who gave us a lot of useful information on the issue. 



What's the first thing you'd advise your customers to do when they decide to hire a car?

One thing is for sure, renting a car is not an everyday trip to the shop around the corner. Reading carefully the Terms and Conditions will provide you with a clear insight into what your price includes or does not. Beware, even if you rented a car many times this is not a guarantee that you will always receive the same service you expect. Each company works under their proper terms and they have every right to do so. Options like fuel, additional insurances, taxes, baby seats - their price and availability can differ in different car hire agencies. At Vehicle Rent, we always show the full price of car rental with no hidden fees. 




fuel policy

You mentioned fuel.

Fuel policy is one very important subject when renting a car. There are many different types of fuel service possibilities and the prices can vary from each company, country, and type of vehicle. To provide yourself with the best possible solution you have to take in consideration several things. Firstly, you want to know whether your car is diesel or gas. Of course, usually, it is not possible to guarantee a certain type of engine, whereas if the diesel model is guaranteed the price jumps up considerably. So if you absolutely demand a diesel you must accept that you will pay even double than a non-guaranteed type of fuel. Next, it's the type of service you receive. With some car rental, you have the usual full-to-full service where you return the car with a full tank of fuel as you were given. This is the most optimal solution for it does not add any further charges to your rental. But there's a catch! In case you do not manage to return the tank full as agreed you will pay an additional fee and this is certainly unwanted. So if you are certain you can return the vehicle with a full tank you're on the safe side, but for those who lack organization skills perhaps prepaid fuel is a better option. This means that you pay at the pick-up for the full tank and you get to return the car as you please and have no worries what so ever at your drop off. We can imagine finding a gas station just before taking off can sometimes be an unnecessary delay. And even if this service appears more expensive, you should take in consideration that for rental companies this too evokes additional work, charges, and logistic work.

What are other options?

Another option is getting the car full and returning it empty. The car rental company will charge you for the full tank and you should return it empty. The issue here is that the price, of course, differs from the normal price you would have to pay at the gas station. Lastly, quite seldom you get a full tank of fuel already included in the price and you can return it as you like – empty if you like. This option is, of course, the most affordable but the majority of car rental agencies do not offer this kind of friendly service. The rental companies have the right to impose their own fuel policy which sometimes does not seem most fair or cheapest option, but nevertheless, it is their own choice and if you don't like it you can always rent elsewhere. 


fuel policy

Which fuel policy is best in your opinion?

Full-to-full policy seems the most reasonable because it can be convenient to get the prepaid tank. Plus, with certain companies, you even get reimbursed if there is any gas left. Basically, whichever option you chose, make sure you read the terms of the agency thoroughly to get all the right information. This way you'll avoid any further charges. Vehicle Rent only offers Full-to-full or Same-to-Same Fuel Policy, because we strive to provide excellent service and experience for our customers with transparent information.  This way our costumers avoid any unpleasant situations. 

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