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Canary Islands are all you need for an amazing vacation!

There are some tourist destinations that are extremely attractive, and then there are the Canaries. These islands welcome more than 12 million tourists per year, but what makes them stand out is that anytime of the year is perfect to travel to the Canary Islands. What's even better, you can simply reserve your perfect car hire by renting with one of our partners and have an amazing vacation.

The islands have been an extremely popular venue and there are many reasons for that. aLow prices, perfect weather conditions, lovely people, beaches perfect for surfers and so many natural sights to see and with a hired car you will be able to reach it all. Vehicle Rent works with Orlando, Cicar, Atesa and other companies which all have high quality car rental fleet. If you're landing to Fuerteventura airport you can easily pick up your car at the airport and you can begin your amazing holidays. Visit the beautiful park Parque Natural de Corralejo, surf at the amazing waves of Corralejo Dunes, or have a romantic picnic at Playa de Cofete. You have to drive to the village of El Cotillo, or go snorkeling to one of the northern beaches. If you're planning to stay on the Lanzarote island, then the hired car will again be the best option to drive around the island and so you will be able to move around the island freely. See the breath-taking Timanfaya Volcanoes park, the incredibly beautiful and immaculate Punta Papagayo beach. Then, see the Jameos del Agua, a fascinating volcanic formation with a uniquely built in restaurant – a perfect place for a dinner! Furthermore, you can visit the House Museum of Cesar Manrique, the lovely Wine route and many more unique sites. Finally, if you are planning to spend your vacation at Tenerife, be sure you check out the following amazing sites: relax in the laid back city center, enjoy the vibrant atmosphere and take a stroll in Parque Garcia Sanabria. Seeing the Museo de la Naturaleza y el Hombre is one of the top rated museums in the Canary Islands so be sure to visit it! It does not matter which island you visit – Canary Islands have a vast choice of things to do, from sports to culture. The weather is perfect and the prices for a car rental are amazing at the moment. These are just minor suggestions for your vacation in Canary Islands, but if you do chose to rent with Vehicle-Rent we have prepared for you a Personalized Travel Guide which you can download from our website. It will provide you with a great deal of suggestion and perfect spots for your vacation in Canary Islands. So go to Vehicle Rent and find yourself a perfect car hire option.

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