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Xoriguer—famous Menorca Gin

Before we dive into Xoriguer (no pun intended), which is a very famous Menorca Gin—let’s examine gin as a family of spirits that’s well-known all around the world.
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The basics about gin

Gin is a type of alcoholic drink, containing about 35-50% alcohol in volume. The first country to start producing gin was Netherland in the 17th century. Nowadays gin is one of the most popular spirits, right after whiskey. Yes, it is so popular that it even has its own World Gin Day, when all the lovers and connoisseurs of this noble drink get together. So, if you’re a fan, on World Gin Day, you have an opportunity to drink more gin than usual without any judgement. ;)

“Gin for the Queen”

The English are famous for their “teatime”, but they have a gin o’clock as well. Of course, it’s not as traditional or elegant as sipping tea in the evening, but the phrase itself became quite popular among British people. It has a similar meaning as a “it’s beer thirty” phrase, which means it’s time to relax, leave work behind and get yourself a drink or two.

Popular gin drinks

Gin-Tonic is by far the most popular drink containing gin. We also know Gin-Fizz, which is made with mineral water, Golden Gin is made with syrup, and Gimlet is mixed gin with lime juice.

Gin de Menorca or Xoriguer

Ok, enough about gin in general. Here we are to talk about some really special Gin—the Menorca Gin. If you’re heading to Menorca anytime soon be sure to look for this esteemed treat. If you want to find the best sellers of it, you can car hire in Menorca Airport, drive to your hotel or apartment an when you’re ready—drive to collect something for your friends that value gastronomic specialties.


Gin de Menorca or Xoriguer is a Spanish variety of Gin, made on the island of Menorca. Even if you’re really not into gin flavours, Xoriguer is something to value since it’s one of a few gins that has a home—an origin city or island. Not having a glass of Menorca Gin when in Menorca is like rejecting a glass of Champagne when in that region of France.


Menorca Gin—the perfect balance of power and excuisite taste

Menorca Gin has a powerful smell of alcohol and it is indeed strong, containing around 38 or even 43% of alcohol. Based on that, you could expect a very strong and dry taste, but that’s not the story. Xoriguer will surprise you with its unique flavour and taste. Unlike conventional gins, Menorca Gin is made from grapes not grains. Because of that, Menorca Gin is surprisingly very balanced and refined drink, that will melt your senses not only with the power of alcohol but with its juniper berries aroma. If you’re a fan of Scottish, British or Dutch gin, you will notice the difference. This Spanish gin is more like Italian gin and its elegant taste.

History of Gin de Menorca

The origin of Menorca Gin is dated back to the 18th century. Yes, thanks to the British soldiers, who colonised the island, Menorca got familiar with this drink. As mentioned above, Gin was not a British invention, it was Dutch; however, the British fell in love with the drink, so they decided to become one of the biggest consumers of Gin around the Globe. Being “trapped” on the island, craving things from home, they shipped some products to Menorca. And so, gin came to the island. However, Menorcans decided they can do better than the Brits, so they started making their own gin—Gin de Menorca.


Gin de Menorca—climate saved the day

In 1802, the Brits finally left the island. And Menorcans found themselves making their own version of gin. The process was slightly different, Menorcans distilled fermented cereals and aromatised them with juniper berries. As time went by they started using other agricultural products instead of grains.


Mediterranean climate is much different that humid and colder climate of Northern Europe. And spirits are usually made from products that are plentiful. Since Spains have an abundance of vineyards and grapes, they gave it a go. Italians have been doing their own spirits from juniper berries since 11th century, so this just might work. And it did. It’s not a secret anymore that grapes are a “secret ingredient” of Menorca Gin, but well . . . it is. It’s the thing that makes Menorca Gin special. Spanish grapes offer an extraordinary and unique flavour to Xoriguer.


Xoriguer has the appearance of a crystal-clear liquid, differentiated by the essential oils of juniper berries. Its aroma contains juniper, green wood and Mediterranean herbs. And the after taste, well the aftertaste is long and light although black pepper may come to your mind.


We cannot deny that Xoriguer is a strong drink, but it’s elegant, well-balanced and aromatic way to capture your memories of summer vacation, Spanish sunsets and warm breeze of the night. However, Menorca Gin didn’t always have such a poetic value. Back in the days, gin was considered to be the cure for malaria. Figure that! 

Where to find Xoriguer

Our customer usually decide for car hire in Menorca and take a few days to explore the island by car. Beautiful beaches are good enough reason to explore every inch of it. Although, don’t forget to go Xoriguer shopping when you’ll be reaching all the hidden parts of the island. Menorca gin is easy to find when visiting Menorca. You can buy Gin de Menorca in almost every shop containing liquor and it will be cheaper than in bars and restaurants.

Its prices range from 20 – 25 EUR a bottle. But for the very best experience, you have to do some bar hopping. Bar Gorgeous will offer you the best gin-tonic experience. It’s a nice cosy bar to enjoy your Xoriguer and rest after the hard day of sightseeing. Cova d’en Xoroi will charge you 10 EUR for the entry, but with a grand view of the sea, definitely worth a visit. Tom’s Bar is another cool place for your gin o’clock, with reasonable prices and live music in the evening.

If you decide to buy a bottle, you can mix a cocktail or two and drink it in your summer house. When looking for inspiration for the cocktail, here are some hints:

The Gin-style Mojito


  • 50 ml of Xoriguer
  • 20 ml lime
  • 15 ml sugar syrup
  • 10 mint leaves

Mix the ingredients with some crushed ice cubes and voila.

Fog Cutter


  • 20 ml of Gin de Menorca
  • 20 ml of any brandy
  • 20 ml of rum
  • 50 ml of orange juice
  • 20 ml of lemon juice
  • 20 ml of almond syrup
  • 5 ml of sherry

Mix all the ingredients except sherry, add lots of ice and pour the sherry on the top. Go easy on this one. ;)



  • 20 ml of Xoriguer
  • 20 ml of vermouth
  • 20 ml of Campari
  • 1 orange

Italians believe they can do even better. You need a large glass, put ice in it and add the mixed ingredients named above. Cheers!


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