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Where's hot in September

Saying goodbye to summer? Well, not really. Summer is still here. Hire a car and travel to hot & sunny spots in September.
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Choosing between August and September? We say September. Why? It's not too hot and it's not too cold. Once crowded beaches are now tranquil. Plus it's cheaper. September is the best month for a break. Period. 

Best places to visit in September

You really don't need to travel far to reach some hot & sunny destinations. Best places to visit in September are Greek and Italian islands. Spain and Portugal also offer some great spots, where you can soak up the sun. However, the Canary Islands are September's evergreen destination. And let's not forget about Morocco – gateway to Africa.


The largest Greek island is charming all year round. However, for those who appreciate peace and quiet September is the time to pack your bags and head to Crete. Alluring beaches and picturesque villages are awaiting. Plus, if you have a thing for hiking – September is the month of the year. Rugged mountains of Crete, ancient ruins, and traditional villages, not to mention really kind and high-spirited locals that welcome you. 



Greece plus Turkey equals Cyprus. Legend has it, this is a birthplace of the Greek goddess Aphrodite. And Cyprus is indeed a truly romantic island with all of its white-sandy beaches, monasteries, and castles. September is by far the best time to visit the island, and also the month when baby turtles try to reach the sea. Too cute! 


Imagine 300 days of summer. Now imagine 7000 years of history. Now combine those two and you will get Malta. Malta's pride and joy are its crystal clear waters and great food. What else could one wish for? 


Being caught between Africa and Europe makes you a bit special, that's for sure. Picturesque villages, dazzling landscapes, Greek and Roman Ruins – Sicily has it all. Not to mention their food, which is to die for. Expect to come home a little bit chubbier. 



Magnificent rugged mountains, miles and miles of turquoise waters, and cosmopolitan vibe – welcome to Sardinia. For history buffs, Sardinia is a dream destination – megalithic remains built by the Nuragic civilization are waiting for you. However, Sardinia's not just about history and beaches, there is also their cuisine – which is smoking hot!


Faro is a great starting point for your Portugal road trip. Temperatures in September are ideal for beach hopping – Albufeira is overcrowded in high season, while in autumn you'll get your dose of calm&serenity. For all the foodies out there: Faro's food is amazing, and restaurants are affordable. 


Expect the unexpected. City lights of Marakesch, mint tea with sugar, and colorful tanneries of Fez. Morocco is no ordinary travel destination, however, it has all the characteristics that make people fall in love with it. Morocco is like potato chips – once you've tried it, you just can't get enough. It can be an ideal surfing destination or a perfect hiking spot. And there is also the Sahara desert that will wow you. Their food is a bit specific, spicy, exotic. It may take some time to get used to it – but once you do – heaven! 


Tenerife (Canary Islands)

Tenerife are Spain's most populated island with more than 4 million tourists each year – and for a good reason. This volcanic island has everything you're looking for. The most obvious reason is its beaches, yes, but there's also Tenerife's vibrant nightlife, whale&dolphin watching, hikes in Masca Valley, and spectacular stargazing. And you have to try their Honey rum – Ron Miel (but don't drink and drive!).

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