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Venezuela: the most dangerous place in the world?

It is no secret that Venezuela has a reputation for being a dangerous country due to its high levels of crime. Nevertheless, there are many adventurous people who want to explore this country, which is why we want to tell you how you can explore Venezuela, have a blast and avoid any serious problems.
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We can't deny it: Venezuela is not the safest country in the world. Muggings and kidnappings, especially in larger cities such as Caracas are almost a part of daily routine. However, it is possible to avoid such situations with prior planning and by simply using the good old common sense. This way, you can easily have a safe and memorable traveling experience. Our advice is to not feel discouraged by this information but to take it in your stride; Venezuela is a beautiful country and worth visiting.

A few info about Venezuela

Venezuela is the cheapest country in South America right now and for you to not make use of this in a proper way, that is by going there, would be a pity. A place where a can of beer costs just 25 cents, is a dream destination for many travelers.

Spectacular Venezuela is known for some of South America's most incredible landscapes. No matter if you are all about the beach and sun or if you like mountain climbing and hiking, Venezuela's diverse terrain has something for everybody.

The climate is tropical, so it stays fairly warm throughout the year. The only thing you should consider though is the hurricane season (from June until the end of November). It mostly affects northern Venezuela, so keep an eye on the weather reports.

How to make your trip to Venezuela as safe as possible?

The biggest problem in Venezuela is the high and prominent crime rate. Venezuela was ranked as the most unsafe country in the world by Gallup in 2013 with the United Nations stating that such crime is due to poor political and economic environment in the country.

Taking this into consideration, Venezuela isn’t a place for an everyday holiday but a place you go and have an adventure. So if you’re an adrenaline junkie, you should definitely book a trip to Venezuela.

Here are some tips for making your trip safe and fun.

Situations and areas to avoid:

  • Tap water is not potable. Drink bottled water and avoid ice in drinks.
  • Avoid catching overnight buses and walking around at night by yourself.
  • The Maiquetia Simon Bolivar Airport area and the road between the airport and Caracas is particularly dangerous due to violent crime.
  • Caracas is by far the most dangerous place in the country, and you should be cautious while strolling around the streets, and always take taxis after dark. The safest areas to walk the streets are the colonial downtown area, the midtown area and El Hatillo.
  • You should make prior arrangements for transporting from the airport to your accommodation. Sabana Grande in Caracas is not a safe area to stay in. Cheap hotels can be found in safer areas such as Chacao, La Castellana and Altamira.
  • Be aware of approaching individuals at the airport who are offering to exchange foreign currency. You may be given forged local currency.
  • The border with Colombia is considered generally risky. If you can, avoid all trips within 80 km along the Colombian border.

Tips and tricks to outsmart the “bad guys”:


Always be aware of your surroundings. Don't wear too much jewelry, don't carry big cameras or backpacks, and don't use smartphones in public. Thievery is more likely to occur in larger cities than in the countryside, but it can happen anywhere.

Monitor the media about possible new security risks.

Do not blindly trust the police and follow their demands. Travelers have reported that it is sometimes better to pretend you don't understand them.

If you’re traveling by car, make sure that your doors are locked and windows closed at all times.

Passport numbers are often required. It is wise to make two photocopies of your passport, tickets, and visas. Keep one copy with you in, separated from the original, and leave another copy with someone at home.

Be careful to only use the ATMs in well-lit public places.

Carrying lots of cash is risky, but . . . If you think about it, you can also be robbed in any other so-called safe country. Plan a secret pocket, a secret hiding place where no one can find your money (but make sure you don't forget where it is.).

Trust you inner instinct. If something doesn't feel right, it probably isn't.

We believe you are now 100% prepared and excited to finally book a trip to Venezuela. We don’t want you to miss out on an adventurous and unforgettable journey, so keep on reading.

Interesting facts that will not keep you second guessing:

  • It is said that Venezuelan women are the most beautiful ones in the world. Venezuela has won more beauty pageant titles than any other country in the world.  
  • Venezuela is considered one of the seventeen mega diverse countries that accommodate most of Earth's species.
  • The wildlife of Venezuela is extraordinary and it encompasses wild animals like jaguars, howler monkeys, different species of river dolphins, and the giant otter called the “river-wolf” in Spanish, which is almost extinct.

Where to go, what to see?

  • Mochima National Park: If you would like to see stunning crystal clear waters, as well as mountains and forests, this is the place to go! It covers nearly 95-thousand hectares so you will have plenty of walking to do.
  • You should definitely see the Angel falls. It’s the highest waterfall in the world and approximately 17 times larger than Niagara Falls.  
  • Angel Falls are nearly 20 times higher than Niagara Falls. They are about 979 meters while Niagara Falls are only about 51 meters.
  • Playa el Yaque is one of the seven best locations in the world and is perfect for water sports.
  • Don't miss diving in Margarita! There you can find some of the best diving places in the world.
  • There are towns that offer absolute safety from violent crimes in all areas, such as the tourist towns of Gran Roque, El Jarillo, Canaima, Choroni, Apartaderos, and others. 

That being said, Venezuela truly is unique and it will not let you down. Enjoy, experience and have fun!

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