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Tourism Reviewed: Is It True That Travelling Is Not For Parents?

A lot of people believe that once you have children, time for adventures and travelling is over. This is true in many cases, but not because travelling with children is impossible, but because people who become parents often change their lifestyle completely.

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Travelling with children can definitely be a stressful nightmare, if it is not planned carefully, but otherwise becoming a parent does not mean that you need to stay at home all the time. You can visit a tone of different destinations that are suitable for families! And, we definitely do not mean just children theme and amusement parks like Disneyland or some safe (and boring!) places, but also real adventures, like Safari in Botswana for example.

Top 5 destinations for families

1. Lapland is a fairyland above the Arctic Circle in Finland where Santa and his reindeer live. Sleeping in an ice hotel and enjoying famous northern lights can be a wonderful experience not only for children, but also for their parents.


2. Egypt, the place where you can find amazing pyramids in Giza, historical sights in Cairo and wonderful desert of Sahara. It offers camel rides and beautiful sunsets. After some adventurous days, relax yourself in one of luxurious Egypt's sea resorts.


3. Cayman Islands offer a tone of different activities and natural beauties under and above the sea. Take a stroll on a long sandy beach, enjoy some snorkelling and swimming with various tropical fish, go se the turtles or take a trip in a semi-submarine.


4.Copenhagen has a great zoo, magical Tivoli Gardens and wonderful playgrounds. But Legoland is the ultimate reason to visit Denmark with your children.


5. Thailand with children might not be so relaxing experience as it could be without them, but it is surely safe and family-friendly country. You just have to choose the right destination. Ko Samui, Ko Lanta and Phuket are one of the best options. Your children will certainly enjoy a kayak or a boat trip to Thai islands and they will love monkeys jumping all around you wherever you’ll go.


Quick answers that will help you save your sanity when traveling with your kids

  • What is the best way of traveling with children? A road trip with your own car or rented vehicle.
  • Is it better to travel with many short stops or take fewer stops that last more time? Children need to burn their energy, which is impossible if the break is not long enough.
  • Where can I get a child car seat in a foreign country? Simply book a vehicle with added child seat or bring your own child car seat with you.
  • Should I choose a hotel or an apartment? Definitely an apartment, where your meals and everything else are not scheduled and you can cook a tea or something else anytime you like.
  • Are guided tours interesting for children? It is better to plan your itinerary on your own. Guided tour can be tiresome and stressful.
  • What would I definitely need? A lot of energy, flexibility and patience.
  • Do not forget: first aid kid, important documents and spare clothes.
  • It is easier to travel with a baby or a toddler? Surely the most challenging thing is traveling with a teenager, but even that is possible!
  • Is flying with kids really so exhausting? No, if you are prepared well, but using crowded public transport can be a real nightmare also; so try to avoid unnecessary flights. Also rent your vehicle rather than travel by train or a bus. Especially when you are abroad and don’t know the traffic and territory.

Survival kit for travelling with children: 6 useful tips for every parent

  1. Plan ahead and be prepared: You have to get as much information about your travel destination as possible. Will the weather be hot and sunny or cold and rainy? Which possible activities there might be interesting for children? Where would your family eat? Where can you find a doctor or a pharmacy?
  2. Stick to routine: Little children need their naps regularly and get hungry every few hours. They are used to their own rhythm and big changes in their routine can be really confusing or stressful for them. Do not forget that, when you plan your itinerary!
  3. Safety first: Make a necklace or wristband with identification and your contact for your child. Book a child car seat when you rent a car. And, surely do not forget to take first aid kit and some basic medicine with you.
  4. Travel light and do not pack too much: Pack only the essentials. You will need at least one of your hands all the time. If it is possible, bring only one suitcase for the whole family.
  5. Snacks, toys and more snacks: You will definitely need a tone of distractions. A portable DVD player or an audio book can save your life! On the other hand, do not forget, that books can be heavy and some toys are too big to pack, so take only the smaller ones with you and plan some fun car games instead.
  6. Do not hurry and take breaks: traveling with children need to be slow, so keep your itinerary simple. One activity per day is enough.
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