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Top Christmas markets in France 2019

Lighten up this holiday season by visiting the best Christmas markets in France and enjoy the many festivities they have prepared for you! 

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We know visiting Christmas markets is a charming experience, but with so many different European cities organising and hosting amazing Christmas markets it is hard to choose the best one, right? With that in mind, we have written to Santa Claus who gave us the list of the best Christmas markets in France. Read below to find the right Christmas market in France one for you and your loved ones during this holiday season.

Christmas markets in Paris

Let us shine a little light on the Christmas markets in Paris. We recommend packing warm clothes as there is a lot to see and experience during the Christmas holidays in Paris and we don’t want you to get chilly. Paris organises several Christmas markets, which are scattered around the capital. 

The most known Christmas markets in Paris are the ones located on Champs Elysées, Champs de Mars, La Défense, Viviani square and Montmartre. Each one of them is truly unique and offers a whole different festive experience for you to enjoy. 

Drive your car hire in Paris to Montmartre, which if you don’t know yet is located in the same area as the famous Basilica Sacré-Cœur. Trust us when we say you won’t be disappointed with your choice when you will be enjoying the stunning views of the whole city with a cup of hot chocolate or mulled wine in your hand. For an even more perfect (and perhaps slightly more romantic) setting drive towards Champs de Mars and grab your ice skates. The Christmas market on Champs de Mars provides its visitors with a truly wonderful experience of ice-skating right under the Eiffel tower! 

Christmas markets in Lille

Located in the Northern France – Lille could be your next weekend getaway during this Christmas season! 

Christmas markets in Lille are well known in the world of Christmas enthusiast, as it attracts visitors and vendors from all parts of the world every year. The echo of Christmas jingles and the smell of cinnamon infused mulled wine in the air will make you feel like you stepped into a true winter wonderland. Sounds perfect right? Let us tell you it gets even better! Christmas market on Place Rihour is in close to the best restaurants, cafes and pastry shops in Lille. Drive your car hire in Lille and visit Patisserie Meert, where you simply must order waffles filled with vanilla cream! 

Don’t leave this French city without dropping a visit to Vieux-Lille, where you will find charming cobblestoned streets in the heart of the historic city centre. This is a perfect spot to search for Christmas gifts if you haven’t bought any yet or if you simply want to spoil yourself or someone you love. 

Christmas markets in Strasbourg

We could say: “This is where it all started.”

Strasbourg is located in the heart of Alsace, which once belonged to Germany. The now French region is said to be the home of Christmas markets and even the Christmas tree. Strasbourg hosted the first Christmas market in Europe back in the 14th century. The German influence resulted in chalets like Christmas stalls which have later spread throughout all the Christmas markets around the world. Visit the oldest Christmas market in history and be amazed with the stunning glow of thousands and thousands of lights. Try some of the delicious Alsatian butter cookies and sip on some homemade tea sweetened with honey during your visit! 

If you are looking for more, we suggest you drive your car hire in Strasbourg to Colmar, which host five different Christmas markets. They have a lovely carousel for kids and those young at heart.

Christmas markets in Toulouse

Toulouse is said to have the best value for your money. Christmas market in Toulouse begins in the end of November and usually last till the beginning of January. 

It is located on the Place du Capitole, which is known as one of the most majestic squares in whole of France. The size of the market will blow you away, as it sets up around 120 colourfully decorated stalls where you can find delicious treats, traditional and regional specialities like foie gras, or handmade souvenirs to commemorate your visit in Toulouse. We could say they go “all out” for Christmas in Toulouse! They literally make the city come to life with impressive interactive light shows behind the capitol building, so grab your car hire in Toulouse and get your Christmas spirit on!

Keep an eye on Santa Claus as he is strolling among the chalets, handing out candy to children. 

Christmas markets in Nice

Drive to Nice towards the end of year as it is the perfect destination for celebrating Christmas and even the New year! 

But first Christmas, right? Christmas market in Nice provides a different setting as it is located near the Mediterranean Sea. Just imagine strolling through 60 wooden chalets in the Christmas Village, along with an ice-skating ring and a Ferris wheel overlooking Cote d'Azur. During the weekends there are several fun events for the whole family! 

Celebrate New Years Eve in Nice and enjoy the beautiful firework display over the French Riviera.

If you have time drive your car hire in Nice to Monaco. We know Monaco is not a part of France, but we think you might be amazed with this little country and how beautifully decorated it is during the Christmas festivities. Watch out for all the glitz and the glamour of the Christmas market in Monaco, which is located along the port and offers amazing light displays of the Palace and Casino. 

Not matter, which Christmas market in France you will chose as your go to destination this holiday season, we wish you loads of fun! 

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