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Top 5 interesting trips from London

We know London is great and has many extraordinary places to visit. But when you need a break from the city loud noises or you need to relax your eyes in nature, rent a car and drive outside the city to one of the suggested places below.  
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You can plan day trips over the weekend or a city-break to any of these destinations. Plan a relaxing vacation and spend some days on the road catching the sun while discovering London's neighbourhood. 

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THE list for one-day trips, extended weekends or a road trip holiday

#1 Stonehenge and Bath

Discover two gems of southern England. Travel to Stonehenge, the UNESCO-listed prehistoric stone circle that rises imperiously from Salisbury Plain two miles west of Amesbury. We suggest you take a morning or afternoon walk around the ring or 13 feet high standing stones to avoid the daytime crowds. For some more romantic experience, you might view the beautiful Stonehenge sunrise or Stonehenge sunset. Once you are there gaze at the gigantic stones and learn how the monument was used.


Plan your next stop at the gorgeous 18th-century UNESCO-listed city of Bath. Stroll the elegant Georgian streets and see top Bath attractions. The city is known for its Roman-built baths which are below the modern street level and have main four features; the Sacred Spring, the Roman Temple, the Roman Bath House and finds from Roman Bath. You can enjoy Bath’s rich history with guided tours or even indulge yourself with one of the special offers i.e. eat in the elegant Pump Room and bathe in the natural thermal waters or experience the Roman Bath by torchlight followed by a three-course dinner.


#2 Southend-on-sea

Hire a minibus and take your friends and family to the beach! Southend-on-sea is a great sea resort town with the long Southend Pier. Extending 1.34 miles, it is the longest pleasure pier in the world. You can take a walk or a small train until the end to enjoy the sea breeze.

If you are visiting the city with your kids the Adventure Island is the place to go. It’s a free-admission amusement park with fairground rides and water slides. The Cliff Lift, a century-old funicular, clings to the hillside and offers coastal views. Sea Life Adventure aquarium is home to otters, clownfish and turtles.

For all the visitors who prefer to walk alongside the Thames, the beach extends west to Leigh-on-Sea, a historic fishing town where wooden cockle sheds sell seafood. Head to a restaurant and enjoy a great meal with a beautiful view. 


#3 Oxford

A very popular day trip from London is to visit Oxford University City (approximately 1.5 h one way). The city has is a mix of the medieval and modern charm and the most visited place is, of course, the Oxford University with history trace back to the 11th century. You can explore colleges housed for the most part in their original historic buildings and admire university resources such as the magnificent Bodleian Library and the world-class Ashmolean Museum.

If you are a Harry Potter fan, so not miss the opportunity to visit Christ Church. It was this Renaissance splendour that attracted the makers of the Harry Potter films to build a replica of the Hall in their London studios.

Finish your visit in a great British Pub and discover some of the peculiar stories about Oxford's past while sipping excellent English ales. 


#4 Canterbury

Canterbury will hold a two-day free music festival for the May Day bank holiday (4 and 5 May). City Sound Project in the park will offer some of the most exciting music and artists from around the globe. So, don’t wait with your visit, May is just perfect for it!

The city of Canterbury has also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Canterbury Cathedral was built around 597AD and is set in beautiful gardens. Whether you go on a guided tour or take things at your own pace, don't miss the shrine of Thomas Becket in the cathedral crypt and the fantastic stained-glass collection dating back to the 12th century.


#5 Liverpool 

If you are a Beatles fan, Liverpool is the place for you. It is packed with more than 30 landmarks dedicated to John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr. The city offers from Beatles tours to museums, from visits to their homes to trips to see the stages they played on - the selection is huge.

Even if music is not your thing, Liverpool is a nice maritime city where the River Mersey meets the Irish Sea and offers world-class attractions, a proud sporting history and beautiful spaces. If you are a creature of culture Liverpool has more museums and galleries than any other UK city outside of the capital. But if sport if what you live for you already know that Liverpool boasts three historic football clubs

One thing without which a trip to Liverpool just isn’t complete is a trip on the Ferry across the Mersey with the best views of Liverpool’s world-famous waterfront. 


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