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Top 10 travel tips and suggestions from Vehicle Rent customers

Don't want to read long articles? No problem. We've selected our favorite tips from our loyal customers to make your trip fun, easy and stress-free.
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Kind words and tips are worth much and cost little. This is something our customers are very well aware of. And we thank them for that. In this article, we have combined suggestions and tips from our satisfied customers to make your trip easier. Here's an inside scoop into our customer's journeys:

1. Barbados

It’s very easy to get around by car in Barbados, however in some parts, there are large open roadside gully’s and beware of potholes on the country roads, they can be quite large.  Apart from that, it’s 99% smooth driving with beautiful sights to see at Bathsheba, and the Round house is a lovely place to eat.  Bridgetown has a car park which is $1bajan dollar an hour.  We visited the wildlife reserve it is a lovely experience and got to see the monkeys running around freely a wonderful experience. Having a car allows you to see so much more, we were able to just stop whenever we pleased and take it all in. 

Millie, 65, York

2. Ireland

Ireland is a place everyone should visit. At every turn in the road, there is spectacular scenery or a castle. Above all the people are so warm and welcoming.

 Ethan, 29, Malaga

3. Croatia

Croatia is a fantastic country to drive in, the roads are pretty quiet, (in early September anyway), and are of a very good standard. There are tolls on the motorways to be aware of. We paid 52 Kunas for our run into Dubrovnik from Orebic (less than £7). There is some stunning scenery all over the country, the coastal roads around Dubrovnik, in particular, are amazing, and rival those of Cape Town. We really enjoyed our road trip and would recommend it to anyone.

Sara, 46, Granada

4. Portugal

One needs a GPS in Portugal. We would not be able to find our way without it. Parking was free in most of the places. Roads are in good condition but narrow in some cities. Some gas station use only Portuguese language so I had problems getting diesel fuel but people were very friendly and helpful. 

Isaac, 27, Lancaster

5. Rhodes

We loved being able to drive to lots of different and quiet beaches. Here are some tips for driving in Rhodes. There are many cars on the road during the summer peak season so its best to drive defensively, give yourself extra time to get to where you want to go and keep a safe distance from the car in front of you. Parking is free everywhere except in the towns of Rhodes and Lindos, where one can park at the designated blue line areas and needs to prepay 1.50euro/per hour at an automated voucher machine and place the voucher/ticket on the car's dash. Parking on Sundays is free everywhere.  Be aware of pedestrians walking in the cities especially at late night because sometimes they'll cross the road without looking in both directions.

Ben, 32, Hamburg

6. Sardinia

Sardinia is great. Don't forget the western side of the island. And the interior! Wine, olives, great views, and hiking inland.

Emelia, 37, Lancaster

7. Austria

The driving experience overall was very good. There are some steep hills but this is compensated for by tremendous views.  You should note that the motorway served by the Katschberg tunnel incurs an additional toll (i.e. over and above that provided in the car hire).  Also, motorway petrol is incredibly expensive compared to elsewhere.

Thea, 38, Faro

8. Portugal

Very little traffic, driving around the island was a joy, but with many many hairpin bends. In towns and villages, streets tend to be very narrow, and one way so not so easy to navigate. However, built-up areas were very small so not much chance of getting lost! A lovely island. Portuguese food is plain and they have a tendency to overcook the lovely ingredients, that's why I suggest you buy the ingredients and self-cater!

 Freddie, 52, Canterbury

9. USA - Florida

Bring a navigation device and avoid rush hour. I recommend you put the app WAZE on your phone, it’s a sat nav and it helped me negotiate around Florida. Keep your guard up as most people on the freeway don’t indicate or look when they are changing lanes. 

 James, 32, Bristol

10. France

Excellent vehicle with reminders about the local speed limit. Remember to remain on the correct side of the road and be mindful of bus lanes in Paris.

Charlie, 62, Wakefield

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