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Blog Top destinations Thailand. It’s not just a foreign country. It’s a different planet.

Thailand. It’s not just a foreign country. It’s a different planet.

Would you like to escape ordinary life? Would you like to experience something new, learn what really means to travel and discover completely different things from those that you are used to? Than Thailand is the answer to all your hopes and dreams. Thailand is not just a foreign country with a special culture and unusual culinary. It’s a different planet.
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If you would like to visit Thailand mainly because of all the pretty pictures you have seen in the past, please, maybe you should rather stay at home, regarding that Thailand is so much more than just a place with beautiful beaches, colourful float markets, indescribable flavours and magic temples.

Outstanding nature and ageless culture of Thailand is not all

Yes, it's true that from this trip you will take home many photos of amazing sunsets and sunrises, endless rice fields, strong mountains, emerald beaches with white sand and some great pictures of elderly Thai people of which eyes look like they are hiding the biggest secrets of the world and the truth is so simple…

But the real Thailand is so much more, it’s indescribably more vibrant, bizarre, beautiful and reach – full of contradictions.


When in Thailand nothing is like you used to. Everything is different – even train ride, club partying, eating breakfast in everyday food stand or visiting a market. Thailand has not only unusual cultural habits; it also has alien smells, surreal colours, incomparable humidity of the atmosphere and simplicity or spiciness of its dishes.

When you will come back home from Thailand, probably you won't know how to describe the experience you had there. You will be happy, fulfilled, relaxed and grateful. You will still smell the stink of public transport and that magic sent of Thai orchids. You will still hear the sounds of wild forests in Krabi and noise from Bangkok, you’ll remember the secrets of Pattaya at night and spirituality and kinkiness of Phuket. You’ll never be able to describe the beauty of Chiang Mai and the balanced energy of Ko Samui.


You will miss the serenity of Thai canals and the vibrancy of flow markets. You’ll miss the energy that erupts at night, the endless light signs and the taste of Thai street food. You will want to go back. As soon as possible.

What to do in Thailand

Most probably your travel is going to start in Bangkok that is also known as the City of Angels and Venice of the East. The lather name it got from its numerous canals, which are used for public transport.


Be sure to take a canal tour and see all of the beautiful villages, family homes, temples, and float markets. Doing that you’ll need only two advices – don’t forget your photo camera and be hungry.

Don’t be a prune and see Bangkok at night. This city becomes something completely else when the night falls. When you’ll get the hang of it, travel on to Chang Mai and Phuket, where the real fun begins. You definitely won't be bored where all the go-go bars, ladyboy cabaret shows, discos and clubs are.

In contrast to wild and cheeky nightlife, Thailand is also a very spiritual country. Thai people are mainly Buddhists, so there you will find a lot of Buddha temples, spiritual sights, and monasteries.

When in Bangkok, go to see King’s palace, that is one of the main attractions in Bangkok, and be sure to se Wat Pho aka Temple of the Reclining Buddha, where the biggest attraction is golden Reclining Buddha, that is 46 meters long and 15 meters high.


If you are more of an active type of tourist, you wont be bored, because there are hiking, cycling, rafting, kayaking or trekking opportunities everywhere. Zip-lining is one of the best ways to see Chiang Mai rainforests, or you can decide for a mountain-bike tour. Go to Phuket for the best snorkelling adventures or take an elephant ride through local Thai villages and surrounding forests. If you feel super adventurous, visit Pang Mapha District of the Mae Hong Son Province for exploring ancient caves.

Before you head home, take some time to relax. The ultimate getaway is Chiva-Som. For the past 10 years, Chiva-Som is the only destination spa in the world to have consistently appeared in the top three of the Reader’s Travel Awards. The rooms and pavilions of this resorts are on the next level of fancy, there are 70 treatment rooms, swimming pools, jacuzzis, and saunas. But Chiva-Som is also known for its high-end cleansing cuisine. Of course, you don’t have to pay so much for a great relaxation or massage. 

thailand-coastBut beauty salons and massage centres are not the only way to find your serenity. Thailand is known for its gorgeous beaches. Railay beach on Krabi is one of the most peaceful ones. You can only get there by boat, but it’s amazing.


If you are willing to take a stroll along a white sandy beach, you can walk to Phra Nang where turquoise waves will kindly welcome you. If you are in Phuket, visit Mai Khao where you will find huge water-park with slides at the Centara. If you have kids, this is the perfect resort for you. If you don’t mind touristy vibe, be sure to visit Phi Phi Don. That beach is as close to idyllic as it gets. 

Enjoy real Thai food

Who doesn’t like Thai food, right? Spicy or not, Thai cuisine is one of the most loved cuisines around the Globe. It heaps with profound tastes and colourful, fresh dishes, heart-worming soups and stews, noodle or rice bowls, numerous seafood variations and pork in many ways. No, there is no bread, but boy, you won't miss it.

Tradition is very strong in Thailand, so don’t complicate and think you have to go to a fancy restaurant to enjoy real Thai cooking. Just be brave and eat where locals do. It’s so worth it.

Eat street-food in Bangkok, visit noodle stands, search for float-markets and be sure you are hungry, cause those are one of the best spots to go for a meal. Go to seafood pavilions and eat your heart out, because you will never eat food so fresh, vibrant and surprising as there.


Hiring a car in Thailand

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