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Everything you need to know on sports car hire

Are you a fan of sports cars? Did you love watching Top Gear and imagine yourself in The Stigs’ place? Treat yourself, rent a sports car for your next travel and enjoy the breeze!
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Sports car hire

Everyone has already dreamed about driving a sports car, that's for sure. In fact, you can hire that car from your dreams and drive along the beach or through the city centre. With hiring a sports car, you will experience pleasure and fun driving, luxury, speed, style and extravagance. All sports car enthusiasts can hire their dream car and drive through London, Italian hills or panoramic Mediterranean coast. To get this unforgettable experience, read our blog where we prepared some tips on how to hire a sports car.

It is all about the experience

Reasons, why to hire a sports car, vary from one to another individual but there are some common reasons for all those who have already been behind the steering wheel of that kind of car: 

  • The experience of driving a sports car
  • Making an impression or looking classy arriving at a business meeting or hiring it for other business purposes 
  • To have pleasure and fun
  • A special car for leisure travel
  • Trying out a different sports car than the one you own

The main benefit of renting a sports car is in the experience it offers. Usually you do not need 200, 300 or 400 brake horsepower under the bonnet, leather seats, sports exhaust and perfect lines of the car body, however, these characteristics and others that build a sports character will wake up your emotions, passion and need for speed. Therefore, you will enjoy driving through the hills of Tuscany in the summer with windows down and listening to classical music from the radio or driving through one of the most stunning Alp passes in France or Switzerland. You can also drive through London city centre and look like one of the millionaires. 

What is the nicest benefit of renting a sports car? You don’t need to own it to drive it and you can rent a different one each week to fulfil your passion.

Further on, you will find the most popular sports cars to hire and more information about the general policy of car hire agencies.


The top sports car for your luxury travel

  • Jaguar F-Type
  • Porsche 911
  • Lamborghini Huracan
  • Aston Martin Vanquish
  • Audi R8
  • Ford Mustang

Other brands that car hire agencies may offer are Bentley, Ferrari, Tesla, Mercedes, Ford, BMW, Maserati, Range Rover, Chevrolet, Alfa Romeo, Rolls Royce and more.

Main features of a sports car

The most significant sports car features and characteristics are: sports exhaust, comfortable seats, different driving modes, responsive steering wheel, luxury design, navigation system and many more, depends on a specific car. Normally sports car has 2 seats such as convertible, coupe car types. Larger cars or sedan type car has four seats but the rear two are usually as extra seats with little space but still comfortable enough for two additional passengers.


How to rent a sports car and what are the costs?

Visit Vehicle Rent website and find the best sports car hire deals in the location you want. There are numerous options for hiring a sports car. You will find some special offers with great prices, in case you are trying to find some specific car you did not find, we suggest you contact car hire providers directly. Prices depend on car hire provider and usually the average cost is higher than hiring a normal car. Also, deposit, fuel consumption and other additional services are higher, so we suggest you check the prices before renting a car. 

Documents you need to rent a sports car: copy of your driving license, passport or ID, international driving permit if it is required in the pick-up country, credit card in the main driver name.

Take note that you also must pay an excess fee which means that you give a certain amount of money to the agency in case if your car will be damaged. After returning your car you will get back this amount if the car won't be damaged. For any additional information contact your car provider and clarify every question, not to have trouble during the rental or after returning your vehicle. Don't forget to check the car suppliers Terms & conditions.

Who can rent a sports car?

The conditions for renting a sports car It depends on what type of sports car you want. The more luxurious, powerful and expensive the car is, the more precaution the car provider takes. Normally the driver must be more than 25 years old and sometimes even 30 years for super sports cars. A Driver must also have a valid driver licence, without add violations on record and personal auto insurance. Be aware that the deposit is usually a few thousand € or $, from 1,000€/$ to 20,000€/$, since this kind of car is an expansive property. Usually, a car hire provider will accept credit card only, no cash. It is important that car hire agencies prefer drivers with good driving experience which means you must be at least 25 or 30 years old so they can trust you a car.


Get all the info before you hit the road with a sports car?

Hiring a sports car is not complicated, a process of booking is easy and quick, but we suggest you read and inform yourself with all the important information and supplier's terms and conditions, privacy policy and ask your provider about any questions you might have. Car hire agencies will be helpful and will make your booking experience and hiring simple. If you inform yourself well about hiring a car, you should not have problems and before driving a car you will get extra instructions. Most people who rent a sports car are good drivers and are careful at every mile on the road, therefore you should not be worried and just go for it!

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