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Seville – City Guide

Seville – the capital city of Andalusia was voted as the top place to visit in 2018. And it surely deserves its title. The city of oranges and flamenco is a seductive city with numerous landmarks to see. Its architecture, natural features, culture, and ruins will leave you in awe. Summer is definitely the best time to hire a car and visit the city to check all its attractions.
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Seville is a mirror. If you're young, Seville will be young and trendy. If you're old, Seville will win you over with its traditions and rich cultural heritage. Known for the Alcazar palace and Metropol Parasol, Seville also serves the best tapas and orange marmalade in the world. Its Flamenco clubs are filled with local talent, passion, and tradition, and should not be missed. If you're still not sure Seville is the place to be, here is our city guide with all the sights and restaurants that will convince you to visit this flirtatious city.


Seville Sightseeing Guide

The capital city of Andalusia has a rich historical heritage. Around every corner in Seville, you can find something unmissable. Seville will astound you with its fusions of Arab and Mudejar style, with its traditions and vibrant streets. The colourful collage of old and new is visible in Seville biggest attractions, listed below:

Catedral de Sevilla

World's largest Gothic cathedral. The legend has it that the ecclesiastical authorities decided to change the mosque from the 13th century into a cathedral, saying: Let's construct such a large church, that the future generations will think we're mad. This gigantic construction is also the final resting place of Christopher Columbus and contains numerous masterpieces by famous Spanish painters.

If you want to see the cathedral or the whole city from another perspective, we suggest you take a rooftop walking tour

Real Alcazar de Sevilla

When Christianity and Islamic culture mix, you get a magnificent Real Alcazar -the oldest royal palace still in use. Once a Moorish fort, today the world heritage site, where numerous Hollywood movies have been filmed (– including Game of Thrones).


Flamenco Museum

Museo del Baile Flamenco - A marvelous opportunity to catch a glimpse and feel the vibe of the Seville Flamenco scene is the Flamenco Dance Museum. If you're a true flamenco fan, we suggest you see the flamenco performance at Patio Sevillano in Seville

Ramon Sanchez Pizjuan Stadium ­

If you're a football fan or you're traveling with one, the home stadium of Sevilla Football Club is a must. A walk from the cathedral can be made in less than half an hour. »La Bombonera« offers a guided tour that includes: a trophy room, press room, dressing room, player's tunnel, playing field and a bench. Maybe you'll be lucky enough (or not - in the case of only dating a football fan😉) to even catch a game.

Metropol parasol ­

To mix with young and trendy we suggest you visit the Giant Mushroom or Metropol Parasol. The new contemporary urban centre in the heart of Seville contains a market, shopping center, a podium for events, gallery, archaeological museum, and restaurants.


The Guide to the Best Restaurants in Seville

The best place to eat in Spain is Seville, believe us! Our favourite dishes from Seville are Secreto Iberico, Carrillada de Cerdo, and veggie-friendly tapas - Espinacas con garbanzos. Yes, to summarise Seville's cuisine, you need only one word: Tapas! And the oldest and best tapas's bars in Seville you can find listed below:


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