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Blog Car hire tips Plan your vacations with Vehicle-Rent!

Plan your vacations with Vehicle-Rent!

Vehicle Rent is relentless even during holidays and here we prepare you some suggestions for next year holidays' – where we can assure you best service as well as an amazing vacation venue for you, your family or friends.  

The everlasting tourist destinations will be just as popular next year and it is of course Spain. Whether you choose to spend your days off in mainland or on islands like Ibiza or Palma de Mallorca – good times are guaranteed. Vehicle Rent works with a vast number of dependable partners in cities like Malaga, Alicante, Barcelona, Palma de Mallorca and many others all around the country. Be sure to find the best offer for you, because you can plan an incredible trip if you plan wisely. Like this, you can have a one-way rental – pick up the car at one place and return at the other, or you can buy our easy and inclusive product which means no additional costs for fuel or insurance for you.

More and more tourists travel to Portugal – there the prices are low, the weather and sea are amazing and the charming cultural and architectural diversity makes this country original and unique. Be sure to include it on your itinerary if you will be visiting Europe. You can simply add this to your reservation at the time of your booking on our website.

For all planning to visit the American continent – we suggest as always Mexico, Dominican Republic, and Martinique. Vehicle Rent has good offers in these countries and reliable partners so you can be sure not to have any problems at the time of the pick-up. If you will rent a car in these countries we strongly suggest the purchase of a GPS and fully comprehensive insurance – or check with Vehicle Rent first what is the best solution for you. The rented vehicle is the best possible way for you to explore these countries however be especially careful when renting in these countries and ask for advice the local agent should there be any special circumstances you need to be aware of.

The last on our list is the South African Republic. Haven't you always dream to visit this incredible country? Well, Vehicle Rent can make this wish come true for you, as in 2015 we will have amazing car hire prices, this is something you do not want to miss out! The South African Republic has so much to offer – from metropolitan life to exquisite nature world and you can see it all with a hired car.

Start planning your next vacation now and you will be able to get an early bird low price with Vehicle Rent! 

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