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Travelling with a group? Hire a minibus

Deciding what type of vehicle, you need to drive around with your group? Are you planning a trip or a short transfer from the airport?  Minibus hire is the best option for special situations when you need a transfer for a bigger group of people, to travel comfortably and quickly especially for shorter distances. Visit our Vehicle Rent web site, where we prepared useful information and tips before hiring a minibus and reasons why you should choose minibus hire.  


1. Why minibus hire?

  • It is suitable for bigger groups
  • Quick transport option
  • A minibus is luxurious and comfortable
  • For business purposes
  • Travelling with friends or with all your family members
  • For a shuttle service or airport transfer
  • For one day trip or shorter distance transfer
  • Better than a big bus or two smaller vans

If you travel with a larger group, that counts more than 9 members and is too big for a van but at the same time too small for hiring a coach, than a minibus hire is a right choice. Minibus hire is cheaper and easier than hiring multiple vans or a bus.

A minibus hire will offer you enough space for shorter trips and excursions because it has enough cargo space for your necessary luggage, suitcases, bags or other materials, that passengers bring with them. This kind of rental is especially appropriate for business trips, shorter transfers or transfers on events, when you need a quick, in some cases luxurious and comfortable, ride with important people and you want to ensure them the best transfer and make an impression.

If you travel with your friends or all the family members than there is no better choice for travelling together.

2. Advantages

  • Enough space for passengers: minibus ensures enough space for all the passengers, it is bigger than a 9-seater van, but it has at the same time similar specifications as a coach bus, in a smaller dimension. Due to a high roof, a minibus is much more comfortable to travel like a van, making the atmosphere inside the vehicle more spacious, ventilated and cosy.
  • Quick and easy to drive
  • Comfortable ride, seats, nice atmosphere
  • Other characteristics: air conditioning, microphone, audio, refrigerator, seatbelts.

Pay attention that it does not have a toilet and a large luggage space, usually, there is space for only a few suitcases and smaller bags.

3. Best minibus to hire?

  • Ford Transit Minibus: 15 or 17-seater, 5 doors and space for 4 suitcases of 4 bags

This well-known vehicle, usually used for a normal rental because it is simple, ensures enough comfort and makes part of middle-class vehicles regarding quality, price, and specifications.

Best in class, very comfortable, luxurious and known as the best VIP minibus vehicle for important guests. The ride in Mercedes is always quiet, seems quick and smooth and is pleasant to a driver and all the passengers. The atmosphere and seats are always the best.

  • Renault Trafic: 9 seats

Renault is well recognized and affordable vehicle brand, and it offers different versions of minibuses with 9 or more seats, but usually, car hire providers have 9-seater in their fleet. In some cases, you can hire a larger vehicle version of Trafic model.

  • Citroen Jumper: 9 seats

The same level as Renault Trafic ensures good driving characteristics, it is simple to drive and affordable. The quality is good, relaxing and comfortable for all the passengers.

4. General characteristics

Usually, there are around 5 rows in the vehicle, one side has two-seater benches and another side has one seat per row, in the middle of the rows is a passage. The height of the roof depends on the type of the minibus but normally it is high enough for an adult to walk easily inside the vehicle, maybe for tall people, it is a bit difficult to stand and not to take care of the head. Some types have a driver cabin with three seats and two doors in the front and one big door for the passengers, other types of minibuses have only a driver seat in the front because of the entrance on the right/left side. In general, minibuses do not have a lot of luggage space in the back, which is right behind the back seats and is not separated from the passenger’s cabin. If you need more space for smaller luggage there are in some cases shelves above the seats in the cabin or you can remove some seats from the vehicle to increase the luggage space capacity. More characteristics: seatbelts, sliding doors, reclining seats, radio, opening windows, roof window, lights, ventilation grids, ambient lights (in some cases), window breaking hammer, screen with time, temperature and date, clothes hangers, trash can (in some cases), handles of the seats, microphone, curtains (not always) and much more. Additional equipment depends on the type of rented vehicle and the class of luxury, in any case, there is always enough equipment in the vehicle, the most important thing to be aware of is to have enough passenger and luggage space in the minibus.

5. Tips

  • Size and a number of seats: before choosing the right minibus hire first check the number of seats to have enough space for all the passengers and luggage. In case of not having enough space in your vehicle for your passengers you can get traffic penalty so do not risk and rather choose a bigger vehicle. If you have some seats left in the minibus, there is more space for small luggage and for more comfortable and spacious seating during your ride.
  • Luggage space: this is important especially if you have a lot of luggage per person, usually, there is a space for 4-5 suitcases and not more. Almost every vehicle ensures enough space for small luggage, in case you need more luggage space we suggest you hire a bigger minibus, regarding the number of passengers and the quantity of luggage per person.
  • Doors: this is not the most important factor but usually, a minibus has two doors in the front, one for the trunk and one big sliding door for the passengers. In some cases, it has two sliding doors, each on one side of the vehicle.
  • Transmission: normally it is manual so the driver must be used to drive a vehicle with manual transmission.
  • Age of a driver for minibus hire: must be more than 25 years old, as the international standards and all vehicle hire agencies demand. It is important to read and understand the policy and terms of a specific car hire provider to avoid misunderstanding and possible complications. Read terms and conditions and learn especially about driver requirements, about driver license, necessary equipment, and other important information for the best minibus hire for you. For more car hire and driving tips, visit our blog and find the best car hire deals at Vehicle Rent.

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