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Menorca attractions—most interesting churches and cathedrals

Menorca is a charming island—known for its abundant nature, turquoise beaches, and tranquil vibe. While Menorca is mostly a Summer retreat, many Europeans enjoy Menorca all year round; British, French, German and Scandinavian second homeowners and out-of-season vagabonds are on to something.
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In Menorca, temperatures never drop below 12 °C, the nicely flat island is ideal for long walks, cycling, and trail running, and Menorca attractions—cathedrals and churches—are astonishing from January to December. 

Menorca attractions—Architectural rivals of Menorca natural charms

Majority of Menorca attractions are located in Ciutadella de Menorca. This port city is super popular for a morning cup of coffee or seafood dinner but mostly known because of its old quarter, which is filled with Menorca attractions. Plaça des Born (lovely bohemian plaza in the centre of Ciutadella de Menorca), Santa Maria of Ciutadella Cathedral, Anglican Church, Evangelical Church—Iglesia Evangelica de Menorca—are just a few of them.

Ciutadella de Menorca—a medieval make-believe

Ciutadella de Menorca is a small city, but it occupies a quarter of the whole island since the island is so tiny. Besides its promenade along the port where you can find numerous restaurants, cafés, and shops, Ciutadella de Menorca is very popular for its old city centre. The Gothic-style City Hall and the dazing cathedral will take your breath away.


In Summertime, Ciutadella is mostly buzzing with tourist that visit one of the more popular beaches—Cala Tarqueta, Cala Es Talaier, Playas de Algaiarens or Cala Pilar. It's in the evening when the city centre comes alive—when everybody is looking for a nice fresh seafood meal or a drop of aromatic Spanish wine.


However, out-of-season Ciutadella de Menorca offers a completely different experience. A laid-back atmosphere—created by locals and regulars—is a nice contrast to the exciting Summer tempo which is regulated by first-time tourists. While main plazas are not as cluttered, smaller markets like Placa Ses Palmeres never seem to quiet down completely. Especially on Sundays, markets are a lively meeting point for positive locals to enjoy some sun and a friendly talk after their visit to Catedral de Santa Maria de Ciutadella.  


Churches in Menorca—divine beauty for believers and atheists

Ciutadella Cathedral

Architecturally, Ciutadella Cathedral is a magnificent peace, which was built in the 14th century. It’s the most well-known Catholic church in Ciutadella de Menorca—among believers and atheists. The latter are drawn to this masterpiece mostly because of the interesting mixture of Gothic and Classicist style.

The altar is glorious, and the 15 feet high dome gives the cathedral airiness and lightness that draws you in. The space is filled with ethereal light—created by narrow yet very high windows decorated with stained glass. No wonder that Catedral de Santa Maria de Ciutadella is known as the Cathedral of Light.

Mass Schedule of the Ciutadella Cathedral

Saturdays: 09:00 - 19:00

Sundays and Public Holidays: 09:00 - 10:00 & 12:00 - 19:00

Daily: Mondays to Fridays, at 09:00

Anglican Church and Evangelic Church in Menorca

Right at the opposite end of the island there are the next two churches you just have to visit. In Es Castell, there’s the Santa Margarita—the only Anglican Church in Menorca—, and Iglesia Evangelica de Menorca, which is located in Mao.


Santa Margarita is a small classic church, with an intimate setting and quite popular for wedding blessings, and baptisms. Iglesia Del Carmen is located in the heart of Mao which is the capital of Menorca. Contrary to the Anglican church, this one is pompous, big and majestic. It's built in the Neo-Classical style, of a Latin cross design and following the Carmelite traditions for austere ornamentation. If you’re into churches, be sure to visit La Esglesia de Santa Maria as well. The vast golden church is located just a short walk away. The Church of Santa Maria was built between 1748 and 1771. The interior is Neo-Gothic, but the most interesting part are several chapels located in her belly. Each chapel is dedicated to a specific saint.


Museums and cultural sights in Menorca

Considering that Menorca is a very small island, it offers a lot. In addition to beaches and beautiful churches, it can boast of excellent museums. Military Museum and Isla del Rey are the most popular ones. Besides, you’ll do some good if you visit the latter one.


Locals are trying to restore Isla del Rey. The island served different purposes in the past, but eventually lost its pride and glory. So, locals came up with the brilliant idea. To everyone that is willing to pay a symbolic price, volunteers will offer a catamaran ride to the Isla del Rey, give him a tour and offer him some snacks in the end. Interested? Look for a yellow catamaran and you’ll be in good hands. Military Museum in Es Castell has extraordinarily a lot to offer, so clear your schedule for the day when you visit it because you'll spend some time there. This 3-floor 18th-century building is packed with history.


Has Menorca more attractions to offer than just hundreds of beaches and bays?

Undoubtedly, Menorca’s greatest treasures are her beaches and calas. Hundreds and hundreds of yacht owners that circle this island every year can vouch for that. However, the coastline is not the only treasure of this Balearic jewel. Together with 300 different bird species church bells give Menorca its melody, and alongside special historic sites like ancient ruins (Torre d’en Galmes are the best ones) interesting museums play a crucial role in Menorca tourism.


There is no need to wait for the Summer because Menorca lives all year round. Go to mass with the locals, join them for a glass of wine and a plate of local olives, visit the Mahon’s market for some fresh fish and live like Menorcan for a week or a month. After a few evening walks, long-night fiestas and tranquil morning coffees in the Ciutadella port you’ll never want to leave. And exactly then you’ll understand why so many British, French, German and Scandinavian people decide to but the second home here.


Trust us. We know them. After all— when you live on an island for a few months every year, you’ll want to hire a car. And we’ll be glad to provide you with the one you wish.

Until then—


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