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Blog Top destinations Are you prepared for the London Marathon?

Are you prepared for the London Marathon?

No, we’re not questioning your strength, muscles or training days. We’re here to guide you through London. But we’re not talking about top sights, mainstream cafes or over-crowded museums. London will be bursting at the seams when the Marathon takes place. So, we’re taking you on a journey through the hidden and secret spots of London. Shhh.
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The hidden bar guide through London: Top 5 secret bars


You must be dying of thirst after your long run. And since you don’t want to be in a bar where you’ll be packed like a sardine in a can, here are our top five hidden bars in London.

  • The Natural Philosopher On Hackney street, you’ll find this cozy and cool place. Superb cocktails at a reasonable price. Highly recommended!
  • Bar Elba Sitting on a top of a roof, sitting when the evening comes: Bar Elba is a true paradise on Waterloo Street.
  • Discount Suit Company If you’re looking for something different, you’ll be amazed and bedazzled by this tiny bar on Wentworth Street. Great bar with great character.
  • The Holly Bush Starving after Marathon? The Holly Bush is a place to be, and it feels way off the city beat although it is situated near Hampstead tube station.
  • The Blind Pig Beer a day takes your kidney stones away. And The Blind Pig offers a variety of beers for all you beer lovers out there. Well hidden above the restaurant, where you can enjoy a fresh seasonable dish.


Top 5 secret sights to see after the London Marathon

Your secret’s safe with us. While crowds will be gathering at the top sights, you can hire a car and take a day-trip outside London or check out these 5 cool and secret gems:

  • The seven noses of Soho Soho isn’t hard to find, but if you spot all seven noses of Soho, you’ll attain infinite health. :)
  • Little Venice Peaceful spot where Grand Union meets Regent’s Canal. Canals, parks, and waterside feel like you’re in the middle of the countryside.
  • Isabella Plantation  Another tranquil spot and when the flowers bloom this is a magical place to be.
  • The Smallest Police Station Near the Trafalgar Square you can find this no longer active police station, but definitely an interesting sight to see. 
  • St.Dunstan’s in the East Church bombed in the Blitz of 1941 became a charming garden. Well worth a visit! 


We wish you good luck on your Virgin Money London Marathon!

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