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Let's Go To Iceland

Are you planning to visit the beautiful country of Iceland? Then renting a car is the best way to experience this country's beauties. Vehicle-Rent has very accessible prices for everyone who wants to hire a reliable car that will take them on their journey through the beautiful lands of Iceland.  

Our partners that will provide you with satisfying car rental are renowned companies like Europcar, Sixt, or a low budget Auto Car Rental – and among them, you will surely find a car that suits you best. Once you pick up the vehicle you booked through Vehicle-Rent your exploration may begin! Be sure you have added to your rental the GPS – for a navigation system will surely come in handy in a foreign land, as well as much more practical to discover all the hidden corners of Iceland.

Iceland has much to offer and here below you will find just a few suggestions what to do and which sites to visit, and with a rented car, everything is of course much simpler to access. You can start your trip on the southern part of the island which is the more populated part of the country, where its capital Reykjavik also lies.

Around 120.000 people live in this beautiful city known for being a clean and green city, as well as one of the safest. It is obligatory to visit the Open-Air Folk Museum. Laugardalslaug, Cinema No2. Hallgrimskirkja tower and many other unique sites located in the city. However, it would be a shame not to visit the rest of this diverse country, even though the weekend parties simply are the best in the city.

With your rental with Vehicle-Rent, you have the possibility to obtain our special Personalized Travel Guide which is a very useful guide, full of interesting facts, sites, hotels, venues, bars, and other locations to see. So, we advise you to visit some of its amazing national parks, like that of Vatnajokull or Snaefellsjokull National Park where you will see how amazing the nature of Iceland is. If you want to relax a bit, you can easily do so in the Blue Lagoon which is a very famous pool and health spa center. Or you can visit the most beautiful waterfalls Gullfoss and nearby Geysir geothermal hot spot.

Some of the most interesting spots are visitable only with a 4x4 off-road car, if you are interested in renting a 4x4 car, check out our advice on how to drive it in Iceland.

You can also visit the astonishing region of Landmannalaugar. Probably the most amazing sights in the world are those of Northern lights or Aurora Borealis of Iceland seen in the winter months. Be sure not to miss this phenomenon – the sky will be lit with surreal colours and beautiful patterns. Beside of natural phenomena, be sure to try some local food – Icelandic cuisine is mainly based on fish and meat but they are also the producers of some very good dairy products, notably cheese. Try Hakarl, haddock, herring and the local schnapps. Iceland is a wonderful country that everyone who loves remote and unique scenery will surely enjoy. Renting a car to see it all is just the best way to do it – especially if you take advantage of Vehicle-Rents special offers. However, you can also travel by bus or hitchhike – but since the country does not have much population or traffic and is also very vast – better think which means transportation suits you best.

So be sure to check out www.vehicle-rent.com and find a good offer for yourself and your vacation in Iceland – certainly you will find a car just for you.

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