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Krakow Christmas Market 2019: What to Look Forward to

We all love the Christmas season. For many of us, it’s a nostalgic season full of memories and fun family traditions. But aside from the classic visit to Grandma and Grandpa’s and your Christmas morning gift opening, there are so many Christmas events happening in the weeks (and months) leading up to the holiday. One such event is the Krakow Christmas Market! The Krakow Christmas Market is for Christmas enthusiasts of all ages. Whether you’re a Poland local or a tourist on an international getaway, you won’t want to miss these markets this Christmas season.

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Krakow Christmas Market

If you’ve never been to a Christmas Market, you’re seriously missing out. These markets are full of entertainment, live music and shows, delicious eats, and magical shopping experiences. Whether you’re traveling alone, with a partner, or bringing a whole family along, you’re bound to find something to keep you entertained for the whole evening.

The Krakow Christmas Market is packed with tons of unique events for you and your crew to catch. The market is running from November 25th to December 26th, giving you plenty of time to pay a visit. It’s located in the Main Market Square and the Old Town’s Center of Krakow, Poland.


All-Day Entertainment

One of the best things about the Krakow Christmas Market that’s unique from others is that it runs all day – morning to night. While we would recommend you pay a visit at night (as the lights make for a wonderful view), the ability to travel during the daytime for those with young kids makes it a versatile and appropriate market for visitors of all ages.

Honouring Polish Tradition

While we all appreciate the Christmas clichés, they can get a bit old (especially when we are travelling out-of-country). We want to see something unique that honours the heritage and tradition of the country we are traveling to. Such is the case with the Krakow, Poland Christmas Market!

Unique traditions represented at this Polish Christmas Market are: authentic hand-made Polish Christmas decorations, ornaments, and Christmas Trees. Yes, you can purchase a full Christmas tree at the Krakow Christmas Market. In addition to this, many booths sell spices and ingredients accompanied by recipes for authentic Polish Christmas dishes! The eating doesn’t need to stop when you leave the market.

Live Performances

Who’s been to a car show? Ok, how about a nativity crib show? Well, now is your chance! The Krakow Christmas Market is well known for their annual nativity crib contest, where participators decorate their nativity cribs for display to compete against others. The winners end up getting a place in the Krakow Historical Museum!

For those looking for a bit more live action, the market is full of live performances and music. As you might have expected, Christmas carols are certainly a part of the tradition. On street corners and stages you’ll hear performers singing Christmas classics throughout the day!


Do we need to say it twice? We know you have chocolate on the brain any time you think of Christmas Markets. If so, Krakow will not disappoint you. The Christmas Market has dozens of vendors selling delicious desserts. Classics and Poland-unique treats are available all around the market. Bring the extra cash!

Car hire to the Krakow Christmas Market

If you want to get to the Krakow Christmas Market but are not a country local, you will most likely need to purchase a car hire. Luckily, there are plenty of affordable options available for anyone looking for a transportation solution.

Hopefully, you’ve put the Krakow Christmas Market on your “must-do” list by the end of this post. For locals and travellers alike, the Krakow Christmas Market is a magical event that everyone needs to experience. Between Polish trinkets and dishes, live music, and all-day performances, there isn’t a single boring moment at the Krakow Christmas Market. Make sure to pay a visit this year between November 25th and December 26th!

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