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Ibiza in your 40s

Ibiza is one wild party. The ultimate destination for DJs, clubbers, party animals. The white island of glam, beauty, and youth is getting ready for a fresh new season.


Since you have become a member of »40-something club«, you aren’t feeling so fresh. When you were in your 20s, you thought of everyone in their 30s as Methuselah’. And now, here you are. Feeling old. You comfort yourself with statements such as: “You’re only old as much as you feel”, and: “Young. Old. Just words.” :)


Well, the truth is – you’re not that old. You’re just older...and wiser. And you most certainly deserve a break. A vacation. A trip. But is Ibiza the right place for you? Can you still handle the clubbing scene? Our answer is: Yes! Let’s go crazy! Let’s go clubbing! Let’s go to Ibiza!

Ibiza | Where to go clubbing and what to expect?

Hard party in Ibiza starts in the last week of May. Opening parties, wild clubbing, nightlife is kicking, and anything could happen. An infinite number of inviting nightclubs and you’re wondering where to start? Well, here are our top 5 suggestions for your night on the town:


  • Blue Marlin This iconic spot where you can spin on the beach and under the moon is located on the Cala Jordan coast. King of Ibiza’s beach club scene offers a genuinely unique VIP experience. Since cocktail is a must, you can get one at the price of 15 €.
  • Events: 27.5.2018 Pete Tong, Denis Ferrer 3.6.2018, Shadows 8.6.
  • For more events & tickets, click here
  • Es Paradis Those seeking more hardcore groove - Es Paradis is a place to be. The “miracle of San Antonio” offers three dance floors and four VIP areas. Their Aqua Party is a must. Expect to pay around 7 € for a beer.
  • Events: 25.5., 1.6. 2018 Water party, 28.5, 4.6.2018 What the funk, 26.5., 2.6., 9.6.2018 Glow
  • For more events & tickets, click here.  
  • Destino is a beach club where you can dance your heart out. If you hire a car, it will take you only a few minutes from Ibiza town to get to Cap Martinet. The extravagant and stylish resort offers a breathtaking view over Formentera while you waltz from day to night.
  • Events: 20.5., 27.5.2018 Guy Gerber, 10.6.2018 DJ Three, 1.6.2018 Cocoon Daytime (Sven Vath, Dana Ruh, Dorian Paic)
  • For more events & tickets, click here.
  • Ushuaia is a fairytale for all you hedonists out there. Cat shaped pools, frog princes, and elephants are guarding this beach hotel situated in the center of Playa d’en Bossa. Beer will cost you around 12 €.
  • Events: 19.5.2018 Ants, 14.6.2018 Big by David Guetta, 19.6.2018 Tomorowland by Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike
  • For more events & tickets, click here.
  • Heart Ibiza If you want to get swept away, this fantasy night bar can make your wish come true. Heart Ibiza is famous for their artistic and creative performances, accompanied by body painting and costumes, not to mention first-class music.
  • Events: 24.5.2018 Damian Lazarus & the Ancient moons
  • For more events & tickets, click here.


Now that you have chosen the club of your taste, there’s the ultimate question for the ladies: What to wear?

1980’s here we come. High waisted shorts or bathing suit combined with the crop top - perfect for poolside lounging. Bag trends: bum and belt bags are in. Black is not back, except painted or printed black – in this case – go wild! Oh yes, and sunglasses are a must.

At the end it’s not about what to wear, but how to wear. There’s no need to get out of your comfort zone. If high heels aren’t your style – get rid of them and put on sneakers or sandals!


Ibiza | Best wild beaches

You’ve seen the nightlife and aren’t impressed? No worries. Ibiza has a lot more to offer than clubbing, dancing, and drinking. Island is full of wild, almost abandoned beaches for all you “silence seekers” out there.


  • Cala Tarida Sandy sheltered bay blessed by turquoise waters and white sand. Hire a car in Ibiza town - it will take you about half an hour to get to this bedazzling beach.
  • Cala Saladeta This tranquil bay is just a short drive from San Antonio. Although some hiking is needed to get to the beach- but definitely worth a sweat.
  • Cala d’Albarca A stunning view of the Es Amunts area, rocky pools and emerald waters are reached by a wonderful walk. We suggest you leave your hired car at the top of the cliffs.
  • Cap d’es Jueu When the waters are calm you can go swimming. You heard us right, Cap d’es Jueu can only be reached by swimming for 1,5 km. But it is worth it, believe us.

Whether you're an ex-club kid or a clubbing virgin, you can totally pull this off. Music Mecca that is Ibiza is the right place for every style, taste or generation, believe us!



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