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How To Travel Alone

For the most part, we travel in company with other people - loved-ones, parents, families, friends or like-minded strangers. But those that decided to travel alone say that this kind of trip is almost like a spiritual trip.  
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Something happens when you are all alone in a foreign country. Something mature, wild, and strong comes out of you, and shows you the way. Wouldn't you say that sometimes you would need a guiding star like that? Wouldn’t you need a stronger you to put you on your feet and get moving?

If you ever decide to explore the World on your own, we got some tips for you.

Top 5 tips for traveling solo

Open up!

No, we don't think it's wise to talk just to anybody and trust everybody, but traveling solo can be a bit lonely sometimes if you won't let your guard down just for a bit. Meeting new people can be one of the best parts of traveling alone, but don't be afraid to finish the conversation or explain your limits to people that will be too pushy.

Be prepared!

Sure, especially if you travel often, going round and about doesn't cause such big stress anymore, but we are often unaware of how much help we get from our travel companions, even if we're the one that is taking care of all the important stuff. Create a checklist, double-check it, make a good itinerary, explore the web for travel tips for the designated area, hide your money in several places, and so on. If you'll be exploring some exotic country without technology, ask your friend to call you in a specific hotel or travels agency at the exact time, so one will know that you are ok. Besides you can ask your friend for some crisis package if needed.

Money! It's that one thing...

What we would say if we could give you one advice on how to travel alone? Don't run out of money. If anything happens, if you get robbed, if your luggage is lost, or you just find the best gift to yourself possible, have 200 euros hidden under your shoe sole. Maybe you're never going to use it. And maybe it will be worth it much more.

Rent a car!

If you’re a driver you know how much a car can mean to you. It’s always (well almost always) there for you, it gives you comfort and shelter if needed. In the trunk, you can hide everything you need – from maps and binoculars to water, food, blankets, and tools. If needed, it can be your bed or safety room.

But most importantly, a car is your best travel companion. It can take you wherever you wish to go, it can show you hidden places, give the freedom you need and independence.

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Know what you want.

You would be surprised how many times we don't do anything on our trips, but we don't realize that, because of the good company. Just talking or gazing in the moon can be a quality time when traveling with your partner. But when going around the World alone, this kind of experiences can be a bit different. If you want to look at the moon, by all means, do it! But just starring in the stars because you have no idea what would you like to do, can be a bit depressing. Use this time to find out new stuff about you. Pick your brains, challenge yourself, try new things. This trip is your gift to yourself. Make the best out of it.


Don't be afraid to be bored

Yes, you'll be bored sometimes, but that's the biggest luxury of our time. When sitting in silence and just let our thoughts run free, extraordinary things happen. At that time our brains are more active than during talking, driving or dancing. If you aren't used to be alone, this can be a bit challenging for you at the beginning, but you will notice that you will get the hang of it pretty quickly.

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