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How to enjoy the ride with convertible rent a car?

You might wonder too what could possibly be a convertible rent a car, well, it is a drop-top car most famous under the name of the cabriolet. Meaning you can drive with or without a roof whenever you like, wherever you want.

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That’s a precious power to enjoy during your vacations, particular feelings you can only experiment with a convertible rent a car! Although phenomenal, there are a few tips to optimise your cabriolet’s ride.

The slow-motion experience

Every moment, each point of view matter when suddenly the roof of your car can unfold. Natural senses start to be felt deeper, your vision, your touch, and your audition live somehow a new sensation. Let’s see how this could happen.

Hit open roads on your trip

There is likely nothing better than choosing a convertible rent a car if you decide to drive on open roads, offering magnificent landscapes. Forget highways and, rather than falling asleep on a monotone ride, decide for low to medium speed routes that offer sensational views instead. Every country has its own treasures and roaming through mountains or along the seaside would definitely not be the same with a standard car.

In fact, surroundings have their first place on the podium to enjoy a convertible rent a car. Despite numerous cities with beautiful architecture where it feels good to drive around, pollution and noise might lower down your pleasure in times of traffic jams. So yes, this is it, wake up this adventurous mind of yours, get comfortable with your convertible rent a car and go off track to explore local beauties! This way (opened roof, windows down…), another world will lay under your eyes, new perspectives will enlighten your sight and you won’t believe you are actually driving a car. Now there is only the road trip to map out and you will be ready to build pretty cool memories! Some inspirations can be found here, giving you a little highlight of amazing places in Europe to drive through.

Prefer a warm and comforting weather

Who says you cannot drive a convertible rent a car during winter? That was perhaps an issue 20 years ago… today, no worries, a warm and watertight roof will protect you from any raindrops. As soon as the sun strikes, put on your hat, gloves, warm clothes, unlock the roof up and let’s go for a ride! If the wind starts to blow stronger, turn on the wind deflector (really effective if it does have it) and roll your windows up; you are safe. Technology can truly improve your experience (heated seats are the proof) then why not try it out to adopt a convertible rent a car that was once reserved for summertime.

If you are still picky regarding the weather though, a drop If you are still picky regarding the weather though, a drop-top car will be your best outfit during a warm and sunny day. Gentle breeze, sunlight warming up your skin, you will feel like Thelma & Louise embarking on a road trip! [If it is not yet done, I strongly suggest you watch the movie; a masterpiece]. Truth said you won’t miss out on your chance to enjoy properly your ride by focusing on a good forecast.

Do I need to precise how beautiful fall can be while driving a convertible rent a car? Indeed, every season has potentially marked by a living environment which worth the contemplation. But I can only advise you warm and comforting weather to fully appreciate the moments spending in a car with a removed roof.

A flavor of freedom

Each means of transportation procure specific thoughts, driving a standard car is often meaningful for many people. Once you go in, your car becomes a cocoon, you feel protected and you just want to raise music up to maximum. Well, let’s imagine the sensations you could get when your car opens up and releases a part of its bodywork to face a panoramic 360° view. We have to admit, it is kind of unique. However, a ride with a convertible rent a car requires a few rules.

Alone or limited partners

As so you know, drop-top vehicles rarely welcome more than 4 passengers. The time will come (hopefully) but nowadays the trend is held by optimized space and high-tech options. It might sound negative but it is absolutely not restrictive as long as you enjoy road trips. The truth is, traveling alone or by 2 with a cabriolet will certainly be more peaceful and enjoyable than hosting 4 or more passengers.

Having a trip on its own can be very resourceful as much as a romantic trip can be unforgettable. Who never dreams of driving alone, hair blowing in the air, on the mythic route 66? I do, often… Let’s just say that if your choice goes for an epic, adventurous journey as a single soul or accompanied by the right person (that’s on you), convertible rent a car would surely make it way better!

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