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Good, bad and funny driving habits around the world

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Which are the most interesting driving habits you should know?

Up to 90% of all drivers think that they have excellent driving habits and most probably you are among them. Almost nobody thinks about himself as a bad driver, but we always share the road with so many of them - no matter where we are living or travelling.

There is no difference between continents, countries or cities, because you can spot bad or even dangerous drivers anywhere you go. But every place on Earth has its own typical driving habits, which can be interesting for tourists. Let’s review them, shall we?

The top 5 cities in which driving seems like heaven

  • Gothenburg, Sweden: If you're looking for wide and safe roads with a low traffic density, you have to visit Sweden. It is also famous for its high driving culture and the lowest fatality rate from car accidents, so it is absolutely a wonderful place for driving.
  • Omaha, Nebraska: Traveling with a car in Omaha should be a pleasant experience, since their drivers are most patient, and their driving habits are known to be better than in other cities. Big plus for Omaha is also the fact, that traffic jams are pretty rare there.
  • Honolulu, Hawaii: Say “Aloha” to friendly and calm drivers and wave goodbye to nervous honking at the traffic congestions. It is said that Hawaii drivers rarely beep their car horns and there are no traffic jams. Even if you get lost and do something stupid, friendly drivers will wait or even help you out.
  • Tokio, Japan: In large cities driving can sometimes be challenging and unpleasant, yet this is not the case for Japan, where you can find the most polite drivers in the world. Nobody is rushing, tailgating or cutting in lines. Everything on the road is as much in order as everywhere else. Tokio is well known for its well-organized traffic flow, so if you’re planning a trip there, be sure to experience this traffic zen for yourself and hire a car.
  • North Dakota, U.S: Do you know that North Dakota is known to have one of the most polite drivers? Even in some really cold weather in winter their friendliness will worm your hart.

The list of 5 cities in which you don't wish to drive a car

  1. Naples, Italy: Many travel guides suggests that driving a car in Rome can be a real nightmare, but driving in Naples is even worse. Their local drivers are fairly aggressive and many times their own rules don’t coincide with official regulations. A two-lane road often becomes three-lane and traffic signalization doesn’t mean a thing.
  2. Nairobi, Kenya: In Nairobi driving without lights at night is as common as using gondola in Venice. Drivers believe that driving with lights on (and possibly running flat of their battery) is a bigger risk than hitting another car or a tree in the dark.
  3. New York, U.S.: The most densely populated city in the U.S. is not the best place for car drivers. Each year they have to face almost 59 hours of delays, so maybe is not surprising that they are believed as one of the rudest drivers in the States.
  4. Mumbai, India: The roads in India are not in the best condition, and are heavily occupied - not only by cars but also with cows and other animals. If you think that lack of signalization from animals is frustrating, you should know that many Indian drivers are not much better. That being said, you can imagine that driving a car in Mumbai can be quite confusing experience.
  5. Seoul, South Korea: In this city not only car drivers but also motorcyclists have bad habits. It can happen that you see motorcyclists hurrying along pedestrians on the sidewalks and cars are constantly pushing in the traffic without stopping or slowing down, so everybody else have to brake for them.
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