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German Christmas Markets

Nothing says winter like a good Christmas Market. Here are our top 5 Christmas Markets in Germany.  
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»The weather outside is frightful, but the fire is so delightful since we have no place to go – let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.« Well, one thing is for sure – the sun-deprived days aren't exactly what one would wish for. People walking around dressed like Eskimos and you're wondering, why this is the most beautiful time of the year? Just a thought of baking a turkey and preparing the Yorkshire pudding makes you tired? Are you questioning yourself if there are any alternatives besides the Carribeans? Well, actually there is – and this may come as a surprise – here is Germany and its European Christmas Markets.

Sammy Cahn's problem is solved – we have found a place to go to warm our hearts and feel the true Xmas spirit. German Christmas markets feel like walking in the winter wonderland, everything is shimmering in ornaments, and the land is covered with snow. Say Merry Christmas to me and start packing!

To make the season bright you have to visit one of these German Christmas Markets:

Berlin Christmas Markets

To brighten the days of long and cold winter – Berlin is the right choice. The multicultural metropolis that never sleeps is one of the best options for your Christmas Market Holidays. Alexanderplatz and Potsdamer Platz are two really massive markets that attract hundreds of people every year, and for a good reason – Ferris wheel, open-air ice rinks, Carved Christmas Pyramids – you name it. Berlin has it all! Not to mention is perfect to visit together with your kids!


Cologne Christmas Markets

Cologne as the fourth biggest city in Germany hosts some of the best Christmas markets in Europe. One of them is at the Cologne Cathedral with a tremendous Christmas tree, numerous cute wooden pavilions and unlimited choices of chocolate (if you have a sweet tooth this is a place to be).


Dusseldorf Christmas Markets

Children know Santa is on his way and to make sure your little ones beleive in Santa for as long as it takes, you need to take them to this classic one – Dusseldorf Xmas Market on Schadowplatz. Dusseldorf won't disapoint you if you're up for some culture either – it is indeed the centre of culture and art. Numerous museums with dozens of exhibitions are ready for you.

Dresden Christmas Markets 

This Christmas Market trip is a must for all marzipan lovers – for which the Dresden Streizelmarkt is most famous for. Besides marzipan and dried fruits, this is the oldest Christmas Market in Germany. There is also the second largest market – the Augustmarkt – which offers visitors a colourful collage of old and new, tradition and modernness.

Munich Christmas Markets

Are you a romantic soul? In that case, you have to visit the Market at the Chinese Tower in Munich. Take your soul-mate on a romantic carriage through the park, build a snowman and just for one day believe that raindeers know how to fly.

German Christmas Traditions - The German way

German Christmas traditions (besides going to the Chrismas Market) involve attending church services, Mulled wine, Fire Tong Punch (or Feuerzangenbowle), and lots of Sausages. For their Xmas dinner, they usually eat goose, duck or roast. Some still follow this cute old tradition when children leave their shoes outside and ''patiently'' wait for them to be filled with goodies – such as carrots, apples, nuts, and candy. And of course Chrismas wouldn't be Christmas without a carefully decorated Christmas tree – and Germans aren't an exception here.

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