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Blog Top destinations Finally you can enjoy the sun for 365 days a year. See how!

Finally you can enjoy the sun for 365 days a year. See how!

Discover the sunniest places around the world and plan your travels, so you would enjoy as much sun as possible.

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Our multilingual 24/7 customer service will happily give you more information about car hire in Thailand if needed. Contact us via live chat, email or telephone (+44 207 1936 139)Looking for something specific?

Our multilingual 24/7 customer service will happily give you more information about car hire in Thailand if needed. Contact us via live chat, email or telephone (+44 207 1936 139)Like most people you probably love sunny days. You plan your vacation so that you enjoy as much sun as possible, you avoid rainy seasons, and at least once a year, you escape bad weather in your country. True? Well, now you can escape bad weather once and for all. See our guide to sunny destinations for every day of the year.

Do you know which country is the sunniest place in the World?

If you absolutely hate bad weather and dream about summer and sun all the time, you have to move to the western Arizona, near the borders with Mexico. According to the Guinness Book of World Records the city of Yuma has approximately 305 days of sunshine per year and it is the sunniest city on Earth.

Top 5 sunniest places in the World

Arizona doesn’t sound like you? Well luckily the sunniest places are scattered all around the World.

  1. Yuma, Arizona: Officially the sunniest city in the World is waiting for you with its dry climate and almost no rain. There is plenty things to do there – like biking, hiking, water sports or golfing. You can also enjoy their local wine, listen to jazz concerts, enjoy true American street food or entertainment parks and casinos.
  2. Aswan, Egypt: The World famous Aswan Dam across the Nile in South Egypt is located near the city of Aswan that is not only one of the sunniest, but also one of the hottest cities in the World. If you are there, you have to see old ruins, monasteries and most importantly Nubian museum that is Trip Advisor Traveller’s choice 2015 Winner.
  3. Las Vegas, Nevada: The city that is famous for interesting nightlife and gambling is another city in the middle of desert, where sun shines almost every day.
  4. Andalusia, Spain: Many Europeans spent their winter in Andalusia that has around 300 sunny days a year and it’s a great travel destination. Dance your night away at the sound of flamenco guitar, explore roman and medieval cities, Christian and Islamic architectural legacy, or indulge in local wine and tapas. Andalusia is famous for its red wine, dry-cured pork ham and olives, and cold or warm soups and stews.
  5. Kiribati, Pacific Ocean: If you dream about wonderful beaches with white sand, hot weather and crystal blue sea, you have to visit Kiribati, island group in Micronesia, that is a great place for boating or yachting, but you can also explore it on bike of foot. Oh, did we mention that you could get your private island where you can watch turtles, enjoy freshly prepared food and sunbathe all the time? Yup, you can go there from Fiji.

Travel calendar for sun seekers

If foggy and rainy days get you completely down, you can always find a sunny destination – any day of the year. But because most of us can’t just hop on the plane and chase the sun, we put together sunny travel calendar that will help you plan your sunny trips in advance. You're welcome ;) Now find your destination, book a car with the help of Vehicle Rent and start counting days until brighter, warmer days. ;)

January: CUBA

In the beginning of the year it’s an ideal time to visit Cuba. Temperatures are not too hot, but the sea is mostly warm enough to swim. In Havana there is an average of only 6 rainy days in January, so in that time, you can expect some really nice weather and warm sun.

February: BRAZIL

Summer in Brazil starts in December and last until February when the temperatures are still very high. But not only because of great weather, also due to the famous Rio with Samba Parade that holds place this month, February is ideal time to plan your trip to Brazil. Outstanding experience and sun are guaranteed!



Ko Samui, Chiang Mai and other places are waiting for you with sunny weather and sandy beaches that might look like they are being photoshopped, but indeed they are real. Visit Thailand in March, when hot season is starting and temperatures begin to rise, so you can expect good and sunny weather. If you prefer sunny weather with more moderate temperatures, plan your trip to Thailand between May and October, and if you would like to experience rainy season, go there in November or January.



There is no better time to visit Morocco then in April, when sun is shining every day, but daily temperatures are not too high yet. In April it is not too hot to take a trip on the back of a camel to Sahara, and nights in the desert are not too cold, so you can enjoy the beautiful sunset without freezing. If you decide to rent a car, you can explore the whole country on your own.



Enjoy the sun in one of the Miami's beach bars with a cocktail in your hand after the spring break is over and before the hurricane season begins. In May beaches in Miami are not as crowded as usual, but it is still hot and tequilas taste good as always.



When the summer is just beginning and in many sea resorts it’s not hot enough to lie comfortably on the beach and take a swim, in Turkey you can find the right mixture of pleasure, sunny weather and not to expensive prices. They are getting higher in the end of the June, but if you make a reservation for your accommodation and car rental early, you can surely get an affordable price.


Although officially the rain season starts in July, there is not much rain until August and it is still hot and sunny in this part of the year. July offers a great mix of low rainfall, warm temperatures and cheap prices. If you are looking for sun, visit Curacao or Aruba.



In this time of the year the east coast of peninsula offers many sunny days that are ideal for swimming, snorkelling or simply enjoying the beach. Malaysia is perfect destination for August.



If you choose the right time, you can afford a luxurious trip to famous Seychelles. The rainiest weather starts in November, but only a month before there are still plenty of sunny days and reduced off-season prices.


October: EGYPT

Forget about October rain and find some summer in Egypt, where temperatures are starting to drop and it’s not blazing hot like in August or the beginning of September anymore.



It’s time for safari in East Africa! Lake Malawi National Park is waiting for you with 28 to 30 °C, green water, tranquil shores and amazing wildlife.



You can find sun and fun in United Arab Emirates. Celebrating New Year's Eve on the beach in the luxurious resort it’s an unforgettable experience!


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Our multilingual 24/7 customer service will happily give you more information about car hire in Thailand if needed. Contact us via live chat, email or telephone (+44 207 1936 139)

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