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Shopping in Faro

Porches pottery Antonio Manuel Modas Loule Market Jah-Shaka Surf Shop Algarve Shopping Centre

Shopping, shopping, shopping. Can’t or won’t do without it. Even if you’re not into shopping, you may need groceries and finding the supermarket quick is obligatory. Your mother in law would be highly disappointed if you’ve forgotten about her on your vacations. So you’re desperate and searching for the nearest souvenir shop. Having a hard time with your girlfriend - we have found a solution. Take her shopping. ;)

But, we are here to talk about shopping in Faro, which can be a little tricky, since - to be honest -- Faro isn’t exactly made for shopping. But there is no reason to give up. If you know where to look, you will uncover some pretty nice stores around Faro. And we are here to guide you so that you can find something that suits your needs, style or taste. There is room for all budgets too. Now, let’s start, shall we?


Shops in Faro district

  • Porches pottery - “Back to the roots”. When the pottery industry in Algarve was dying, Patrick Swift and Lima de Freitas started Porches Pottery to revive the tradition. Bowls, jugs, mugs -- all unique and hand-painted are ready to go home with you.
  • Antonio Manuel Modas - The quarrel with your girlfriend left you desperate? Shop in the name of love! A chic dress or a trendy top will make her forget all about the fight. Even if your wallet is a bit lighter. As the famous Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City once said: I like money right where I can see it: hanging in my closet.” Right in the heart of Faro, you’ll find the perfect place to start.
  • Markets - looking for local fruits and vegetables? If you hire a car in Faro is best you hit the road and drive to Mercado de Olhao. Farmers and fishermen will take care of you, no worries. Weekends are perfect if you’re looking for a colorful gypsy market. Loule is considered to be one of the finest.
  • Jah-Shaka Surf Shop -If surfing is your way of life, you have come to the right place. Jah-Shaka Surf Shop will provide you with awesome surf gear. Their friendly staff will help you choose the best product. You can even rent surf-boards and wetsuits here.
  • Algarve Shopping Centre - If you have had enough beach for the day, visit this place with numerous shops, boutiques or grab a bite in one of many restaurants here.


“It happened in Faro”

If you have had enough of sightseeing, shopping, and beach hopping, you can go to the theatre, maybe visit an exhibition or some other festival. Portuguese people are very high spirited and know how to have fun. Check out what’s going on in the Algarve guide. Beleive us, you’ll enjoy every minute of their colourful Carnival. If you’re more of a sports fan catch the Faro International Motorbike Rally - one of the most notable motorbike festivals in Europe.

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