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Stress-free camping with kids in Faro

Are you thinking about taking your children camping this year? Camping always sounds like a great idea. Kids love camping. But for parents, it can be a burden. So it is advisable to plan ahead and be prepared for...just everything. Since you are here and have already chosen your destination - Faro, we will give you some hints and hacks to help you have stress-free camping with your youngsters.  

Choose your campsite in Faro district

Firstly we would like to remind you to choose your campsite wisely. If you are planning your camping trip in summer, it is crucial to choose a campsite with enough shades. Find out whether there are any poisonous plants and teach your kids about it. Camps with cliffs and cracks aren’t an excellent idea if you’re traveling with a toddler.



Nature can be fascinating, but children may also want some alternatives, such as playgrounds and pools. Fortunately, we’ve made it easy for you and chose the top five campsites in Faro district:

  • Salema Eco Camp is a super camp for families with kids of all ages. The forested area of the campsite offers shade for your little ones. You can hire surfs, stand up paddleboard and wetsuits and send your teens' surfing. Whether you have decided to camp in a tent, mobile home or camper van, all of it is possible in the camping areas. 
  • Algarve Motorhome Park is accessible 356 days a year. It is more suitable for juniors and teens since there are some cliffs that can present danger for toddlers.
  • Turiscampo Algarve is suitable for families with children of all ages. It has various activities for kids such as face painting, mini disco, bouncy castle, scuba diving and various sports tournaments. They are opened all year!
  • Camping Albufeira is located 36 km west of Faro. If you hire a car at Faro, it will be easy to get around, but there is also a bus station located 2 km from the camp with frequent bus services. Camp offers three swimming pools, pizzeria, tennis courts, bicycle rental and more.
  • Orbitur Camping Valverde is situated 90 km west of Faro. There is shade in most parts of the camp. You and your family can choose between various activities such as fishing, riding and swimming in the camp’s outdoor pool. There is also a huge children’s play area inside the campsite.

Drive your kids around Faro

Portugal attracts a good number of families through all year round. In most cases, Faro is only a starting point. From Faro, you can choose numerous destinations, where you and your kids can have fun.

We advise you to hire a car and drive your kids to Albufeira, where you can take them on a crazy kart ride. Zoomarine in Albufeira is also a perfect choice if your kids are crazy about dolphins. You can take a boat trip with your family or for more adventurous types; we recommend you visit the water park in Alcantharilha. And now last but not least, take them to the beach - you have plenty to choose from.


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