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Eurovision Song Contest Israel 2019

This year's slogan of the Eurovision Song Contest 2019 is »Dare to dream«. It symbolizes diversity and unity as the core values of the Eurovision Contest.   
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Eurovision is an International Song Competition in which each participating country submits an original song. The winning country of the contest hosts the contest next year. And after a spectacular song »Toy« performed by Netta in 2018, we're back in Israel. This is the third time Eurovision takes place in Israel. Eurovision Song Contest was hosted by Israel in the years 1979 and 1999. 

So, Expo Tel Aviv (International Convention Center) is a place to be this year. 

Tel Aviv meaning the "Hill of Spring" is a very cool, breezy, and urban city. Stretching 14 km along the Mediterranean coast, Tel Aviv offers some really glimmering beaches. A vibrant nightlife, a creative landscape, numerous shops, and restaurants make Israel a very prominent destination. Hop on a plane, hire a car and enjoy this ‘Mediterranean Capital of Cool’.


Eurovision will begin on Tuesday, 14th of May, and end on Saturday, 18th of May. Since spring is indeed the best time to visit Tel Aviv, and the month of May is when the Eurovision takes place, this is a great excuse to pack your bags and head to the Middle East. 

Eurovision – Tickets

If you want to be in the audience of the Song Contest we suggest you buy your tickets through the official ticketing partner of the Eurovision – Leaan. The tickets will go on sale in February 2019. Initially, the ticket sale for this year's Eurovision was planned in December 2018, but the plan changed. The start of ticket sale depends on several factors, including a floor plan of stands and seats, camera placement, and stage design. As soon as ticket sale goes live, there will be an update via official Eurovision channels

Previous Eurovision in Israel

This is not the first time in history when Israel hosts Eurovision. Eurovision Song Contest 1978 was the 23rd edition of the annual Eurovision Contest. It was held in Paris and the winner was Izhar Cohen&the Alphabeta with the song "A-Ba-Ni-Bi". The next year the Eurovision took place in Jerusalem on 31st of March 1979. The winner of the 24th Song Contest was again Israel with the song "Hallelujah" by artists Gali Atari and Honey. This was the second win in a row from Israel. 

The 43rd edition of the Eurovision Song Contest was in 1998 in Birmingham. Dana International won the contest with the song "Diva". Following the win at the 1998 contest in Birmingham, Israel was the host of the 44th song contest. It again took place in Jerusalem at the International Convention Center. 

Eurovision - Watch online

If Tel Aviv just isn't on your bucket list, and you hate to travel, you can always watch Eurovision online. In all of the participating countries, main terrestrial channels will be broadcasting the Eurovision Song Contest 2019. Semi-Finals and Grand-Final can be watched live. If there aren't any legal restrictions, you will also be able to watch the live stream of the Eurovision on the official YouTube Channel.

Who will win - Bets

Wondering who will win this year's Eurovision contest? You can check for the odds & bets here. The Bookmarkers have predicted that Russia will win Eurovision in 2019. Winning chances for Russia to win are 13%. The next country is Sweden, and the third place goes to Italy. Russia will be performing a song "Hard to love" by artist Sergey Lazarev. 

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