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Europe's top 10 nudist beaches

There are plentiful nudist beaches in Europe. And believe it or not  –  these beaches are the most beautiful, alluring and clean beaches you will ever experience. 
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The International nude day is approaching. Nudists around the world celebrate this day by ditching their clothes. But we're not here to invite you to this celebration. We 're here to talk about Europe's awe-inspiring naturist beaches. If going on the beach in your birthday suit where no one will bat an eyelid is your type of choice, you have come to the right place and will most surely appreciate our suggestions.

Still a taboo in many places, nudism has become a habit or customary practice in different parts of Europe. Germans especially have an affinity for naturism or FKK (free body culture) beaches. But interestingly almost half of Brits would consider taking their clothes off on a beach. If you're a regular visitor of nudist beaches or simply appreciate the sense of wild beauty and remoteness, and it seems to you like a freeing experience – you should check at least one of our top choice nude beaches.


1. Filaki Beach – Crete, Greece

On the South Coast of Crete, you will find this nude-friendly beach. Actually, Filaki Beach is the only official nude beach in Crete. It doesn’t get much more nude-friendly than this. White pebbles and turquoise water will bedazzle you, but don’t forget to sunblock. Numerous secluded beaches are to be found in the same area – for those seeking solitude. To get to Filaki, follow the signs that lead to Hotel Vritomaris, turn left and voila – here you are.

2. Playa de Ses Illetes – Formentera, Spain

Fine white sand and turquoise clear waters will make you believe you’re in paradise. Playa de Ses Illetes is a paradise on earth for all nature lovers. It is located on the smallest of the Balearic islands – south of Ibiza. On the northern west coast of Formentera lies this dreamland beach. The only downside of this place is its overcrowdedness in high season.

3. Plage de Tahiti – Saint-Tropez, France

This clothing optional beach or Pampellone beach, 5 kilometres south of St. Tropez, is visited by 30,000 people a year. Since 1956 when Brigitte Bardot was filming her “And God created Woman” movie, Plage de Tahiti remains magnet par excellence for all the celebrities and pop stars. It is considered to be the most beautiful and alluring beach for miles, but a trip to the Tahiti Beach Hotel doesn’t come cheap. A room with a view will cost you more than 300 € per night. 

4. Es Trenc – Mallorca, Spain

Es Trenc is a part of the national park, so you won’t find any hotels and massive constructions nearby.  Caribbean blue waters, white sand, and purity contribute to the tropical look of this beach. Located on the south of the island, isolated and unspoiled Es Trenc beach is 2 km long, and has several spots that are marked for naturists. So, if you like to keep your clothes on – you will find places that are clothing optional.


5. Sali - Dugi Otok, Croatia

If you're searching for peace, tranquility and untouched habitat, Sali is the place for you. Dugi Otok is an ideal escape from the intense tempo of modern life. Beaches are mostly rocky, with some cliffs and surrounded by pinewoods. Naturism is practiced almost everywhere, except on the beaches in villages. All you need to do is hire a car in Zadar. 


6. Bunculuka, Baška – Krk, Croatia

While some nudist beaches are clothing optional, Bunculuka is naked all the way. The alluring pebbly beach is a bathing paradise. It's exposed to open sea and surrounded by pine trees. On the beach, you can enjoy numerous sports activities, while your children can involve in one of many entertainment programmes for children. Get a  taste of the finest seafood specialties at the Boneta Bistro & Lounge. 

7. Red beach – Crete, Greece

Even if you’re not a fan of nudism, you will most surely enjoy this surrealistic beach. Take a 20-minute hike from Matala to enjoy the red-colored sand in this hotspot for nudists. If you want privacy and peace, the ideal place is the beach area at the rear. If you wish for refreshment, you can get some at the beach bar. 


8. Ilha Deserta – Olhao, Portugal

One of the most pristine beaches in the Algarve region is situated on an island - Ilha Deserta - meaning deserted island. And it truly is. No one lives here and the only house on the island is a restaurant. A 30-minute walk western from where the ferry arrives, you will find this peaceful and unblemished beach – officially classified as a naturist beach.


9. Spiaggia di Guvano – Corniglia, Italy

Situated in the Cinque Terre National park, Spiaggia di Guvano is a charming wild beach. To reach it you will have to walk through a forgotten train tunnel – yes, it is truly off-the-beaten-track. But once you reach it, you will be rewarded with this utopic wonderland.

10. Koversada – Vrsar, Croatia

Europe's largest camping resort was founded in 1961. Pebbles, stones, rocks, you name it – Koversada has it all. It's on you to choose the part that suits you best. People with special needs can reach the sea at the main sandy beach, where there is adapted sea access.


Naturism or nudism is an act of going naked in designated areas, and for many, this is a way of life.

Nudity and naturism have been practiced in different forms by different cultures at all time periods. It was mentioned for the first time in 1778 by Jean Baptiste Luc Planchon and advocated as a means of improving healthy living.

Naturists are promoters of ideals such as respect for nature and health, they usually prohibit alcohol, meat, tobacco products and advocate the philosophy that believes their only reality is nature. In this aspect, naturists will defend and respect all humans as they are, being close to nature and last but not least – liberty – a right to be free and a choice not to wear clothes.

Naturism encourages people to embrace and celebrate the beauty of a human body. Some advances and benefits of nudism could be the better circulation, higher absorption of vitamin D, and a lower risk of Alzheimer's disease. 

Whatever your point of view, philosophy or attitude towards naturism is - don't forget to sunblock.

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