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Electric Car Hire

Thinking about a road trip and you need a car? Go green and join the charge – hire an electric car.
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Future is eco-friendly. The car industry is going green and so do car rental agencies. So, if you're thinking about car rental maybe you should consider electric car hire.

But first things first: Is an electric car really the right choice for you? What are the pros and cons of an electric car? Here are a few things you need to know, before hiring an electric car.

Electric car is a plug-in electric automobile or highway-capable automobile powered by electricity. In 2004 Tesla Motors began the development of a battery electric vehicle – the Tesla Roadster. The Roaster was the first electric car that used the battery and made more than 200 miles per charge. T

oday more and more brands are going green and bringing out their electric vehicles. Just to name a few: Renault Zoe, Nissan Leaf, BMW i3, Tesla Model S, Volkswagen e-Up and e-Golf,...Yes, electric cars are the future and the future is now.


Advantages of hiring an electric car

 The most obvious advantage of renting an electric car is that it is environment-friendly. You don't need gas – just simply plug in the charger into your electric hired car and charge up to 80% in less than 30 minutes. You and your hired car are now taking care of nature. Pollution today is a big issue and even the companies are beginning to realize that. So - less pollution, happy environment for everyone.

There is another kind of pollution, we rarely talk about – the noise pollution. Loud noises cause distress, annoyance which both can lead to health issues. That's another thing that you can partly take care of by hiring an electric car. Electric cars are silent. By driving 15 miles per hour you won't make any noise at all. At this speed, the electric cars are silent as a fish. Higher speeds make the noise only from the wheel resistance.

You don't like switching gears? No, problem. Your electric car is an automatic. For less experienced drivers this can be a big advantage. All you need to know is how to park and switch between reversing and forward driving.

If you hire an electric car there is a lesser chance that something will break, electric cars are all in all more reliable.

Disadvantages of hiring an electric car

 The first concern of hiring an electric car is related, ironically, to their biggest advantage – charging. You can charge your hired electric car from an electric fuelling station in public areas. Public charging stations are often to be found at car parks and supermarkets and are free for the time of your stay.

But the average range of the electric car is about 100 miles. So, if you're travelling a long distance you need a network of charging stations which is being built constantly but is somewhat still in development.

The second disadvantage of you renting an electric car is that the charging may take longer than with a regular car. To fully recharge the car at the electric car charger it takes about 5 hours, not minutes.


Saving the planet

Producing zero emission with your hired electric car - if we don't count in the megajoules that are needed to transport the electricity to the car – is a great start.

And more and more competitors in this game are joining in. By hiring an electric car you are improving air quality and reducing the climate change. But as we said – electric cars have some disadvantages too.

All in all - it is a refreshing option to join the charge&save the planet, but to be totally relaxed and stress-free on your getaway, we advise you to check the charger stations first. Go green & have a safe trip!

Benefits of renting an electric car

  • Avoid the congestion charge - many cities charge an additional fee to enter the city center. London is the most known example of it, and the extra charge does not apply to fully electric vehicles, the same goes for hybrid vehicles.
  • Free charging - in some countries and cities you can find charging points that will allow you to charge the car for free
  • Lower your carbon footprint - combustion engines that what makes the petrol or diesel cars run are really bad for the environment. Using an electric motor will usually lower your carbon footprint

How can I rent an electric car

It is as easy as renting a petrol car. Go to our advanced rent a car system, where you select your pick up and drop off destinations, the dates and then use the filters to show only electric cars.

We add new destinations with electric cars every day, so more and more airports and other pick-up locations will show up when you select Electric cars.

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