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Blog Top destinations Discover the amazing Croatia, its stunning beaches and charming cities

Discover the amazing Croatia, its stunning beaches and charming cities

Croatia has been for years now one of the most popular Adriatic summer destinations – it has good infrastructure, rich culture and history, numerous events and beautiful seaside that makes it attractive for adventurers, party seekers or just about everyone; especially with a hired car you get to see it all!

With its capital Zagreb, and its biggest airport Pleso the northern part of the country seems like a good starting point for any traveller. The capital is simply beautiful with its monuments and lovely architecture and also very strong culture scene – theatre, film festivals and m music festivals are becoming a very important highlight of the city life. You can rent your vehicle at the airport or city center and continue from there. The whole region is also popular for it's thermal tourism – there are numerous spa resorts that will not let you down just a short drive from Zagreb like Krapinske toplice, Varaždinske toplice, Terme Tuhelj etc.

Plitvicka jezera are next thing you just cannot miss out on. Their location is perfect as you can just stop there on your way to the seaside if you will travel on the picturesque regional road. This national park is a part of the UNESCO World Heritage as well, and it will amaze you with its 16 green-blue lakes, waterfalls and the uniqueness of it all. Just park your car and let the adventure begin! From there, continue your way to your next destination – island Pag, cities of Zadar, Split, Hvar island, and of course Dubrovnik are just a drive away. Don't worry – with a rented car you can easily travel to an island as well so you will not be limited in any way!

The island Hvar offers incredible beaches like Dubovica, with a rented boat you can reach smaller islands like Jerolim and Pakleni islands. You can visit the Hvar fortress, the city center is perfect for a night out or a perfect gourmand meal. But what the island is also very known for is as an exquisite party location – boat parties, festivals, night clubs make it one of the best party locations in Europe. Split, the second largest city of Croatia, is the city where you can definitely absorb the Dalmatian spirit at its best. The Roman remains still mark the city center, like the Diocesans' Palace and make it one you will fall in love with. The cafes and pubs are highly visited and the nights in the city are definitely not a bore.

Lastly, there is Dubrovnik, the city everybody want to visit one day. With a rented car you can easily reach it, or if you fly directly to the Dubrovnik Cilipi Airport you can rent a car there. In the city center you can take a walk around the old Roman walls, or take the cable ride that will take you to the best sight seeing spot over the city. For all the wine lovers, you can try Croatia's best there, or you can have a delicious meal in one of its top restaurants. The city also hosts numerous festivals – from dance, music to other culture events that will make your stay a pleasant one. Dubrovnik is the perfect location from where you can reach also the neighbor countries.

With the rented car you can visit Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro or even Serbia and Albania, just be sure to arrange all the details with your car hire partner before. Croatia is a diverse, pristine and sometimes wild but at the same time has well developed infrastructure and renting a car is the best way to explore it all. Needless to say, there is much more to it than the cities mentioned above, and it is exactly with the hired car that you can access all its hidden corners and less know spots. Find your car here www.vehicle-rent.com.

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