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Detox in Australia

Christmas is the season of excess, overeating, wine, salty pork, cakes, pies, chocolate, and spiked eggnog. Jp, we really did catch that spirit. Now that the festive season is over, we need to get back on track. And what could be more appropriate than to go on a detox trip? Australia has everything you need: spa and yoga retreats, wellness clinics, resort relaxes, meditation centres, you name it.
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Australia's best health retreats

New Year brings new opportunities and beginnings. One of the most common new years resolutions is to better our health. 

So, are you ready for a new start? Do you need a helping hand to do good on your New Year's resolutions? Have you considered booking a SPA resort?

Australia is the best place to detox and help you keep your new years' resolutions. Australia is the place where you can have the time of your life and lose weight at the same time. Just hire a car with Europcar, go hiking, rafting, or surfing. But just for those who are focused on a hard-core kick start this January, here are the best wellness resorts in Australia


Time for meditation

In Australia, you'll find lots of meditation centres to reconnect with your mind, body, and soul. Our favorite is in Sydney, the Billabong Retreat. Book one of their charming cabins, take a swim in the swimming pool, have a relaxation massage, take a mindfulness essentials workshop or rejuvenation retreat. If you want to explore more activities and SPA centres in Australia, you can book a one-day retreat, and than head to your next destination. There's another reason why you have to check out the Billabong: Food. They serve the best organic whole food meals. And there's no problem if you are on a gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free or sugar-free diet.


De-stress yourself

Happy Budha is located in the stunning Blue Mountains, only one hour drive with your hired car from Sydney. New Years hustle and bustle was tiring, that's why it's time to escape and replenish yourself. Happy Budha Workshops are designed to deepen your inquiry into mindfulness practice to learn how to deal with the demands of everyday life. Numerous activities from yoga, meditation to organic vegetarian meals will make you leave this place with the sense of lightness and serenity. 

Get fit, lose weight

If you're already in touch with your inner self, but really have to lose a pound or ten, escape to Active Escapes. Noosa Fitness Retreat in Australia is the best place to lose those extra pounds. The Noosa Active Escape includes a rooftop swimming pool, wakeboarding, fitness training, tennis courts, surfing, and a great time. 


When detox is urgent

You've probably had a glass to many on New Year's Eve, plus that roasted turkey really did get stuck in your liver, but no worries. At Kangaroo Island Health Retreat they will take care of you. This is serious business, upon arrival at the retreat they will measure your blood pressure, weight, and height. Soon after they will get to know your measures,  you'll have to take anatomy lecture. There will be not much time for food because you'll be working hard to achieve your goals: swimming, yoga, pilates, sauna, and beach walk are the courses on this menu. 


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