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Crete for Families

Heading to Crete with your family? Crete is the cradle of European civilization, Little miss sunshine of the Mediterranean Sea, an island of olive plantations and alluring beaches. But you’re not sure your vacation will turn out great since you’re packed with children, diapers, bottles, toys, and tons of sunscreen. :) Guess what? Crete is best for families, actually, it‘s one of the most popular and safe destinations for family holidays.
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5 things to do with children in Crete:

As we said, Crete is an island made for families. And here are our tips, where to go with your little ones:

  1. Aquaworld in Hersonissos Are you raising a future Animal Ambassador? Take him to the Aquaworld. Rescued and injured reptiles have found a new home in the Aquaworld in Hersonissos. Oh, yes and the Aquarium is fantastic. 
  2. Dinosauria Park Boys have a thing for dinosaurs. We haven’t quite figured out why. So, if you have a dinosaur fan with you, like it or not, Dinosaur Park is where you’ll be. ;)
  3. Aqua Plus Us adults have forgotten the “golden rule of youth”: Do one thing every day that scares you. That’s why aquaparks are here for, and Aqua Plus is a place to be.
  4. Alli Fasi Children need their dose of play. Play has been recognized as a human right of every child. And the Alli Fasi is definitely the place that will allow your child to play, roll, and jump.
  5. Amazonas Park Is your home packed with parrots, goldfish, hamsters, and cats? Well, in this case, you need to take your little one to Amazonas Park. Maybe you’ll save some money and you won’t have to buy that extra parrot from his wish list.


Best family beaches in Crete  

Dear mom and dad, it’s beach time! For your best Crete experience, we recommend car hire at the Heraklion International Airport. All that follows is pure pleasure.

  1. Paleochora Paleochora is located on the southwest coast of Crete. Its popularity began in the 1960’s when it was discovered by Hippies. Nowadays Paleochora is a trendy destination for families since everything they need is here: restaurants, great bars, cafes, and last but not least: perfect beaches for children.
  2. Falassarna White sand, turquoise waters and olive groves on the side are just a few reasons Falassarna became the awarded beach of Crete. We recommend you go to the last bay in the north where you’ll find a safe natural swimming pool for your toddler. 
  3. Sougia Just like her cousin Paleochora, Sougia started to rise with a little help from Hippies. For relaxing times Sougia is one of Crete’s finest.
  4. Vai Vai is located 24 km east of Sitia. Despite water sports, numerous umbrellas and sunbeds, Vai still gives a wild exotic vibe with its palm forest and crystal clear water. Ideal place for children.
  5.  Myrtos Dramatic is the best adjective to describe the Myrtos beach. White sand, white pebbles, and deep blue water make Myrthos a true paradise. There’s just one thing about Myrtos beach; it is not suitable for young children since the water becomes really deep just after a few steps.


Children are here to remind us life is beautiful...and maybe, sometimes they give us an occasional break-down. But believe us, holidays in Crete will make you remember all the great things and forget all about the tantrums. ;)

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