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Cologne Christmas Markets 2019

Germany is a beautiful travel location. Munich, Berlin, Frankfurt – a few among many German cities recognized and admired around the world by tourists and travel enthusiasts. While most think of Summer as the prime time to pay a visit to the great country, travelers may be in for a treat come this winter season.
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About Cologne Christmas Markets

Cologne, Germany is home to some of the best Christmas markets in the world. Every year leading up to Christmas, Cologne opens their doors to the world for a magnificent Christmas showcase. Tons of vendors, entertainers, and booths are opened to the public for a variety of different Christmas-related experiences. Music, art, crafts, kid’s entertainment, plays, live animals, and so many other exciting events are brought to the Christmas markets to make the experience magical for every visitor at every age.

The markets are going to be open this year from November 26th to December 23rd, 2019. Here are some of the best Cologne Christmas markets to be on the lookout for this year’s celebration:

Cologne Cathedral Christmas Market

Cologne is well-known as a city with much history. The Cologne Cathedral Christmas Market is one of the most amazing German Christmas markets, which displays history in an incredible way. This Christmas market is the largest Christmas market in Cologne and hosts their event in the most popular part of the city – the Cologne Cathedral. Make sure to car hire in Cologne go get in on some of the Christmas festivities at Cathedral Christmas market.


The Cologne Cathedral was originally built by 1473 and has had multiple revisions since. All additions and restorations have honored the tradition and history of the building, making it a near “magical” experience for holiday festivities.

The market is a prime travel location for foreign and local visitors alike, with plenty of opportunities to snag hand-made German merchandise and souvenirs. Booths often sell hand-carved wooden trinkets, hand-made ceramics, kid’s toys, candles, soaps, and a variety of other locally-produced goods. But shopping isn’t where the fun ends for this unique event. This year, there are over 100 scheduled music and entertainment performances for kids and families alike. You won’t want to miss the celebration!

The Angel’s Market

This Angel’s Market is hosted in Germany’s Neumarkt Square. It’s a bit of a hike outside the city’s center, but well-worth the trip. Although all Christmas Markets are appropriate for families and children, the Angel’s Market is a prime spot for a couple’s date due to the extensive fine-wines around town. Aside from the necessary winter drinks such as Hot Chocolate and hot Apple Cider, Cologne has brought a bit of their town’s history with them to the Angel’s Market through their famous mulled wine.


If you decide to take the trip as a family, there are endless magical experiences to be had for the children. As the name suggests, the Christmas market hosts angels sporting beautiful white dresses and sparkling glitter. They are spread throughout the whole Christmas market, making it easy to catch a fun family photo. Santa Claus will also come riding into town on a horse one weekly – yet another opportunity to bring the kids in town for a fun day trip.

Harbour Christmas Market

Who loves chocolate?

Yeah, we thought it was you. If so, the Harbour Christmas Market is the perfect get-away spot. This Christmas Market is hosted in front of the famous Imhoff-Schokoladenmuseum – more commonly known as the German Chocolate Museum – and they sure do make good use of it! Chocolate dessert, chocolate drinks, chocolate bars, chocolate-covered fruit. You name it, they have it.


To add to the excitement, the Harbour Christmas Market is one of the largest Cologne Christmas Markets! There are endless performances, vendors, events, and other sightings to see!

Cologne is home to so many German Christmas Markets. If you’re not going to a new market every single day, it can be difficult to know which ones to pick! While you can’t go wrong with any of them, we highly recommend you visit the Cathedral Christmas Market for its rich history and scenery, the Angel’s Market for a beautiful couples’ date, or the Harbour Christmas Market for all those chocolate-lovers out there (we know you’re reading this.) Take the time to plan a trip to one of Cologne, Germany’s many Christmas Markets! You’ll have the time of your life!

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