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Cheap family holidays: how to travel on a budget

Besides an abundance of fun and play, life with kids brings being constantly on a budget. But keeping an eye on the wallet doesn’t mean we’re not wishing the best holidays for our children and loved ones. Yes, planning cheap family holidays means to organise a search for an ideal beach for your little ones, easy access to the sea, shallow water, clear sea, lots of playgrounds and family-friendly restaurants nearby.

Table of contents

 1. Cheap family holidays in Portugal – Algarve


A perfect family holiday destination for this year is a well-known Algarve in Portugal. Here you’ll find all sorts of entertainment for your young ones. Zoomarine is definitely worth a visit, since your kids will enjoy park shows, pools, rides and slides, and even a Dolphin Interaction programme. For those more hyperactive kids in need for more adrenaline, you can take them Karting. More than four locations have karting tracks, the one in Albufeira has an indoor track – Hot wheels Raceway. Besides adrenaline rush on tracks, you can take your children in one of many Water parks – we recommend Aqualand.

Besides your kids having fun, you will enjoy your not-so-empty-wallet.

Informative prices here:

  • Family meal will cost you around 50 EUR
  • Family snack lunch: 10 EUR
  • Coffee: less than 1 EUR
  • Glass of wine: 1,30 EUR

Since Algarve is the region that contains Faro, you can explore this charming city with your family when you’re there. Hiring a car won’t cost you much since car hire prices in Faro are one of the lowest in the world. Click here if you wish to know more about amazing Portugal »

2. Cheap family holidays in Spain – Costa del Sol

Another perfect great place for cheap family holidays is Costa del Sol. It’s a region in the South of Spain and it’s just beautiful. Blue water, palms, and friendly locals are just a few of the reasons you should visit it at least once. Holidays appreciate this holiday destination also because it’s not too expensive. 

Plays, workshops and a big variety of animals in Bioparc Fuengirola Zoo is something your children will most definitely fancy. The very laid out Zoo is home of silverback gorillas, crocodiles, tigers, birds, monkeys and free lemurs that will charm the little ones. Prices in this Zoo are reasonable – around 14 € for kids and 19 € for adults.

Just a 20-minute drive away another interesting place awaits you and your family; Visit Selwo Marina to observe dolphins and a sea lion shows. Children tickets cost 13 € but the memories will last forever. In Selwo Marina your children will be able to feed the penguins, and you enjoy those 5 minutes of peace while they’re on it.

A popular place for those on family holidays in Andalusia is also Aquamijas Waterpark; They have a Jacuzzi for mummy and daddy, water slides for kids, and a mini-golf course for the whole family. However, if we can give you one advice – buy tickets online.

The prices here:

  • Family meal: 45 EUR
  • Family snack lunch: 13 EUR
  • Coffee: 1,30 EUR
  • Glass of wine: 2 EUR

3. Cheap family holidays in Mexico – Riviera Maya


Riviera Maya offers a large scale of all-inclusive resorts for your love-ones when you’re on your family holidays. The best part it’s cheap enough you don’t have to compromise your savings for the end of the year. Adolescents can spend hours in the 3D Museum of Wonders. The little ones will have a lot of fun in Croco Cun Zoo where they can pet and feed monkeys and macaws. To be fair, Croco Cun Zoo is perfect for families with children of all ages, but for toddlers from the age of 0-5 years is completely free.

If you want to spend the rest of the day by the beach you don’t have to go far. We recommend you visit Mayan Beach, which is just next to the ruins you can explore when you’ll have enough of swimming and playing in the water. If you’re on a true cheap family holidays adventure – that’s all about big experiences, not big budget – skip restaurants and enjoy a tasty, yet cheap street food – tacos.

The prices here:

  • Family meal: 20 EUR
  • Family snack lunch: 5 EUR
  • Coffee: 1 EUR
  • Domestic Beer: 1,20 EUR

4. Cheap family holidays in Slovenia – Ljubljana


Besides being cheap and friendly, Slovenia’s advantages are its short travel distances. You can see the whole country in less than a week. And there is a lot to see and do. Particularly in Ljubljana, your kids can enjoy in the water park Atlantis, while you can do some sauna. If you hire a car in Ljubljana downtown, you can reach the seaside in less than an hour. And for your toddlers, you’ll find numerous playground in and outside the capital city: Mala ulica, Arboretum, and Loliland.

The prices here:

  • Family meal: 45 EUR
  • Family snack lunch: 12 EUR
  • Coffee: 1,30 EUR
  • Glass of wine: 1,50

5. Cheap family holidays in Bulgaria – Sunny Beach

The most expensive place in Bulgaria still comes cheap. Kilometres of sandy beach has its own appeal, but there are also waterparks to keep your little ones occupied, pirate cruises with a programme full of fun games, and resort pools. And now, last but not least, there is Khan’s Tent – a restaurant where you will be able to finish your dinner in peace since the place is designed to keep your children busy and give you a little bit of peace. How do they do that? Well, the little ones are pretty much amazed by their show with gymnasts, dancers, jugglers, and clowns. While they watch, you can enjoy a nice dinner with ought chasing those bundles of energy.

The prices here:

  • Family meal: 33 EUR
  • Family snack lunch: 4 EUR
  • Coffee: 1 EUR
  • Glass of Wine: 1,50 EUR
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