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Car hire tips | Hey, that’s not the car I wanted!

When you decide to hire a car, you usually have a specific model, color or even the car’s amount of horsepower in your mind.  But sometimes things don’t work out exactly as we would like them to. And the scenario goes like this: You have finally booked a car and are extremely excited. The car you’ve picked was a red Ford Ka on the photo of the agency's offer. You’ve clicked it, booked it and voila! – at your pick-up destination, you get a dull white MPV! You’re surprised, disappointed, upset, angry... And we get you. Our Post Rental Support Manager Eva Rome offered some tips and tricks on how to increase the chances of getting your desired car.
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Why didn’t I get the car I’ve booked?

You probably didn’t catch the phrase: Ford Ka »or similar«. Car rental agencies cannot know exactly which cars will be available from one day to the next, and consequently, they cannot guarantee you your exact desired vehicle. Let alone the car's color, which you should consider merely as a »serving suggestion«.


What to expect? – Which car will be waiting for me at the pick-up? 

If your desired car isn’t available, the car rental agency will offer you a vehicle from the same car group. Meaning car agency will check the ACRISS code of their car fleet. If you’d like to know more, you can get more information on ACRISS codes by reading our fleet guide.  

You can predict a bit which car you’ll get (if your chosen vehicle is not available) by filtering the cars on the booking page of a car hire agency and taking a look at the car fleet guide the agency offers. Cars appearing in the same car group as the one you’ve booked will be the first candidates to replace your red Ford Ka.

Sometimes, the agency can also run out of cars from your chosen car group. In those cases, the car hire agency will offer you a car from a higher car group, which can be a positive “upgrade” for you, as you’ll get a better and bigger car for the same amount of money.


How can I increase the chances of getting my desired car?

First of all, I suggest you hire a car in low season. During the low season, the car turnover is lower, and your chances of getting that red Ford Ka are much higher. The second advice I can give you is to book in big car rental hubs – A car hire agency with a wider car fleet is most definitely a playmaker. Airport offices are usually bigger than those in downtown locations.  Book cars that offer a “guaranteed car model” – it will cost you more, but if you are really into that Ford, it’s worth it.  In the end, it’s about the car, not the price. And there’s another option that will get you to your desired car. Book a pricy car – not a guarantee, but luxury cars are definitely not the most common choice. Hence- the chosen car will probably be waiting for you in the car rental garage.


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