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Cagliari - experience history

Cagliari is the capital city of Sardinia, Sardegna or Ichnussa as the Greeks called it - meaning footprint. Costa Smeralda, Stintino, and Costa Paradiso are the names that pop into our mind when mentioning Sardinia. Yes, Sardinia is most famous for its coast and beaches, but we’ll get into that next time. Every day we’re here to learn something new. Today we’ll dig into Cagliari’s past. So, If you’re up for some quick history lessons, here it is: Cagliari.
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Cagliari history tour - Top 5 Attractions

Cagliari will surprise you with its distinctive cosmopolitan vibe with all of its shops, boutiques, and bars. But that’s not all. Cagliari has a looong history. It is an ancient city that has been under the rule of many civilizations. The city that has lived through Phoenician and Roman domination. Churches, cathedrals, and museums are just a few of the greatest treasures Cagliari has to offer. And they are waiting for you.

1. Il Castello

On a limestone hill, you’ll find the city’s oldest neighborhood. Once a home of the city’s aristocrats, former place of power and prestige is now a great place to wander around.

2. Cattedrale di Santa Maria

Proud lady of the Piazza Palazzo is Cattedrale di Santa Maria - once Gothic church that is now buried beneath the Baroque decor.

3. Nostra Signora di Bonaria Basilica

This remarkable religious complex includes the Basilica, Sanctuary, and the Monastery. It is set on a Bonaria hill, southeast of the city center.

4. Roman Amphitheater

Here we are - the Roman amphitheater from 2nd century AD! Here you can live and breathe history.

5. Elephant Tower

Torre dell'Elefante is a guarding tower from the 13th century made from local limestone. View from the top is impressive.

Nuraghe - uncovering the intriguing history of Sardinia

Well, hello there explorer! We heard you are heading to Sardinia to discover and uncover its secrets, legends, and myths. You’re lucky to be here since we have something special to show you. The grandiose and mysterious Nuraghe.

Nuraghes are the Sardinian pyramids. The Enigma of Sardinia. Throughout the whole island, you'll find these ancient megalithic remains that were built by Nuragic civilization between 1900 and 730 BC. Their purpose is still a mystery. Historians and archeologists suggest they could be military strongholds, religious temples, tombs or rulers residences. And it gets even better. Rumour has it Sardinia used to be Plato's long-lost Atlantis! And nuraghi are the first proof of that theory.

These megalithic fortresses indicate that this ancient civilization used to be quite advanced. Experts believe a tidal wave swept away the Nuraghe culture and took the island back to the dark age, leaving its remains - Nuraghes here for us to uncover them.

Places to do, Nuraghe to see

Car hire in Cagliari is the way to start your Nuraghe tour:

  • In the province of Cagliari, the municipality of Vilanova Tulo you can find the Nuraghe Adoni - the imposing four side complex with a powerful central tower and four side towers.
  • The most complex nuraghe- Su Nuraxi, which was discovered in 1950 you'll find in Barumini. Su Nuraxi consists of a central tower and three superposed chambers.
  • In the South of Sardinia Lies a town called Isili, where the highest nuraghe in Sardinia - the Nuraghe Is Paras is located.
  • 170 km north of Cagliari town Chiaromonti is located. One of the main attractions of the Chiaromonti is a very well preserved example of a single tower nuraghe - the Nuraghe Ruiu.

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