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Best Halloween Destinations

As the days are getting shorter and colder, spooky mist starts crawling into towns. On the 31st of October, the doors to the underworld are opened and for one night, the dead and the living room the same world. This year, get ready for some thrilling and chilling trips to the best Halloween destinations, where vampires, witches, and zombies join the party.

Romania Meet the all-star vampire Dracula in person! Rent a car in the country's capital Bucharest and drive up to Bran Castle, famous for being the residence of Vlad the Impaler on whom the Dracula legend is based. Although it is a terrifying structure, real evidence of Vlad the Impaler living there were never found. So don't hesitate to explore further into Transylvania dark forests and visit the desolate Poenari Castle fortress that was actually built by Vlad.

For an especially creepy experience, hire a vehicle to drive to Hunyad castle, where the cruel Impaler was held prisoner and is believed to start with his insane tortures. Mexico Día de Los Muertos or the Day of the Dead is celebrated throughout Latin America but reaches the largest span in Mexico. Streets fill up with countless skeletons and well-dressed skulls, fire, flowers, and sweets. Although the whole procession might seem as a line of creatures coming straight from hell, Mexicans believe, that the dead would be offended by grieving and sadness of the living. Therefore the celebration is well-spirited, full of music, laughter, food, and drinks. It is hence best, to leave your hired car at the garage and join the colourful flow of the parade.

England If you are looking for a more cosmopolitan experience, dive into the most diverse city in Europe – London. Choose among the myriad of spooky midnight tours that will take you straight to medieval London, when the city's cobbled streets were dark, haunting and dangerous. Be sure to join the fancy dress party in one of London's prestigious clubs or local pubs. Make some time to hire a car and visit Edinburgh's secret underground tunnels »Mary King's Close« or the mysterious Hellfire Caves and Tunnels and let your imagination run wild. Ireland Ireland is the country where the Halloween celebrations began around a thousand years ago. Originally a Celtic tradition of Samhain, meaning the end of summer was spread over the world with the Irish migration and is known today as Halloween. Numerous local traditions are therefore still celebrated across the country along with the modern version of the holiday. Don't miss a visit to the St. Michan's Church with its mummified bodies or renting a car to explore Ireland's numerous haunted castles, ruins and abandoned psychiatric hospitals.

The United States As the main exporter of modern Halloween, United States is the hub of celebrations on the 31st of October. Whether you choose a spectacular party on New York's Times Square or spending the night on the graveyard in Sleepy Hollow, an unforgettable experience is guaranteed. Some of the best destinations we suggest are Salem - Massachusetts, creepy swamps New Orleans or Knott's Scary Farm in California. Rent a car and take the thrilling ride. The options are countless, the choice is yours. With so many choices, everyone can find what they want and need. Different countries offer a variety of traditions and settings, from mysterious and scary ruins to sophisticated and classy parties.

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