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Best Events in October you simply must attend

Colourful leaves have begun to fall from the trees, officially announcing autumn has arrived! But that does not mean warm temperatures are going away. Pack your things and drive your car hire to some of the most exciting places this October, and experience what you never experienced before. 

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We have gathered top events in October just for you!

Comic and Illustration convention in Tenerife, 3.- 6. of October

Bringing together comic book lovers and illustrators from all over the world to always the warm island of Tenerife. The convention's main goal and intention are to promote and heighten comics and illustrations as cultural assets. International and local talented artists will be showing their best-illustrated work from 3rd to 6th October in La Recova Art Center in Santa Cruz. The convention has included educational and even academic activities surrounding the world of comics in the program. Park your car hire in Tenerife in the adjacent streets before entering the convection. Keep in mind, if you like to dress up, you might get in for free! But only if your cosplay is really, good. 

Festive fashion celebration in Mallorca, 4.-6. of October 

Commemorate the early transition from summer to autumn at the Alcudia's autumn festival, which takes place between October 4th and 6th on the streets that gave a name to this festival. Alcudia's autumn festival celebrates this year’s wine harvest. This year the festival will feature a new Roman market alongside ancient and traditional games that were held in Rome ages ago. Drive your car hire in Palma de Mallorca and join this family-friendly event filled with Mallorcan traditions, arts & crafts, music concerts, and performances during the October evenings. 

Wine harvest in Paris, 9.- 13. of October

Combine your love for “The City of Lights” with a good glass of French wine during the wine harvest in the Montmartre neighborhood. Not many people can say they experienced wine harvest in the cosmopolitan city of Paris, but now you can! Drive your car hire in Paris and join the locals during the three days festivities filled with fine wine, live music, and dance performances, delicious French dishes, and even fireworks, which will be held from October 9th till 13th. Cheers to that, right.

Pumpkin Nights in Los Angeles, from October 10th - 3rd of November

Autumn is special in Los Angeles and let me tell you the locals take Halloween preparations seriously. We dare you to count all the pumpkins. Drive your car hire in Los Angeles and visit Fairplex, where they will put on display more than 3,000 hand-carved orange pumpkins. Get ready for the quest and discover the Forbidden Pumpkin City, which is full of (spooky) surprises. But we can’t spill any secrets just yet! However, we can say there will be a dragon, some pirates and creatures of the sea. The spectacular Pumpkin Nights take place from Octo-ber 10th till November 3th. 

Rip Curl Pro Portugal in Peniche, 16.- 28. October

Surfs up! The ocean is calling all surfers to the annual World surfing league stop in one of the most famous European surf spots. Portuguese surf city of Peniche welcomes you to Supertubos, where the energy of the waves is building up. Catch some waves and see all your favorite surfers in action as the sandy shores of Peniche are heating up from October 16th till 28th. Who will take the win in the final heat on the stop No. 10 on the Championship Tour? 

Chocolate festival in Athens, 17.- 20. October

Greece’s largest and sweetest festival will be taking place in Athens from October 17th till 20th at Technopolis. Make sure to car hire in Athens and discover the best guilty pleasure in life. The three days chocolate-filled celebration will be showing the tastiest creations in all shapes and chocolates of well-known pastry chefs. There will also be a body shop filled with chocolate-infused body products. Of course, there will be many tasting sessions for visitors to indulge in.

El Clásico heating up Barcelona on 26th of October

Where are all our football fans? We might not know where you are all from, but we know where you must be on October 26th. Barcelona will be hosting the first El Clásico of the new season of Spanish La Liga, on you know it, the famous Camp Nou stadium. Quickly book your tickets since they are selling like hotcakes and drive your car hire at Barcelona Airport to the match. Who will win? Will it be the home team of Barça or Real Madrid? Cheer on your favorite team during this spectacle. 

Halloween in London on the 31st of October

Drive your car hire in London and experience the scarier side of London this Halloween! London organizes many, many spooky events around the 31st of October. Grab your custom and get ready to trick and treat around London. We have a couple of ideas on how to spend Halloween in London. Not for the faint-hearted, join the walk of mortals and visit London’s most famous cemeteries during the Month of the dead. Make sure you reserve your curated walk soon! Dressed up as a detective? Perfect, we got just the event for you! Crime Scene Live, lets you become a real detective for the night and solve a murder mystery in the Natural History Museum. Bring the criminal to justice and return a priceless stone together with forensic experts. Not scary enough you say? Ok, challenge accepted. Get your blood pumping during the London Halloween Run, but watch out for ... For a more chill Halloween night feast on pizza (or two) and join the screening of cult Halloween movies at Lost Boys Pizza with your friends. 

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