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Blog Top destinations Best destinations for family holidays: top travel places around the world where you and your kids will have a blast

Best destinations for family holidays: top travel places around the world where you and your kids will have a blast

Here are our top 5 destinations for your family holidays.
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Travelling with children can be tricky. It begins with the eternal question: Where to? Where should I take my family to have the best family holidays possible? Not to mention all the packing, tantrums, worries, lots of stops, diapers, health issues, questions and wondering when is the right time, and when is the worst time to travel.


So, just for those travelling with kids or teenagers, we made a list of places that will make your trip more comfortable. And save you from going insane.

Family holidays in Paris

Paris is the city everybody should visit at least once in a lifetime. Yes, even if you’re a full-time mom or dad. Surprisingly or not it is a place where your children will enjoy. Every travel with kids is complicated in some way, but trust us, you can manage this trip. Besides Disneyland, Paris offers entertainment for your kids, such as: puppet shows and pony rides at the Luxembourg gardens, cooking classes for kids, Aquarium de Paris and lots of child-friendly restaurants.

When to go there:

The most appropriate time of the year to visit Paris with children is in the springtime. Even though Paris has a mild climate, it has a lot of concrete, and that makes it very uncomfortable in summer and hot days. To avoid having troubles with the youngsters, plan your family holidays in Paris for April or May. For Easter holidays Paris could work like a charm. Beautiful trees and gardens, nice temperatures for strolling around, maybe you can sit down for a cup of café and a croissant for the children.

Where to stay with your family when in Paris:

Since Paris is enormous and in some parts of the city Metro could give an unpleasant vibe when travelling with a family, is best to hire a car and explore the city of lights. If you’re wondering where to stay, we would recommend you look for an apartment or hotel somewhere in the city centre.


While Montparnasse neighborhood near the tower, Invalides, Louvre, and Champs-Elysées could be a bit of a pricier end, there is absolutely no reason to avoid the city centre with your family. Quite the contrary. For those that are travelling with their children, the city centre is ideal. Stay near Piccadilly Circus, and you can see many attractions by foot, plus it's a nice area with ok prices. Staying near Notre Dame, Montmartre, Canal Saint-Martin, Buttes-Chaumont or Châtelet are also some great choices.

Since families often avoid hotels, renting an apartment through Airbnb website or app is a great alternative. For two adults and two children, you can find lovely accommodation for 70 – 100 EUR /night.

Family Holidays in Sicily

Sicily is the largest Mediterranean island. It is an island of contradictions, where the white salt of the saltpans and the flaming landscape of the Etna volcano coexist with green vineyards and the turquoise color of the sea. Unique cuisine and rich archaeological sites that remain as the legacy of the millennial history of many conquerors. In Sicily, you are welcomed by friendly locals and an excellent environment for family holidays with small children or teenagers. After leaving, you and your kids will want to return to this Mediterranean pearl as soon as possible.

When to visit Sicily with your family:

Best time to visit Sicily is in the springtime or autumn when the temperatures range around 20 °C throughout the day. In summer, temperatures can climb over 40°C, while winters are mild, but often rainy.

Accommodation and car hire in Sicily:

The best way to explore this gorgeous island is by car. Hire a car in Catania Airport, and you’ll have the whole island in your pocket. For accommodation, we recommend staying in one of the charming agriturismos, as they often offer beautiful gardens with citrus plantations, a swimming pool, children's playground, and homemade authentic Sicilian food. You can find a lot of choices at www.agriturismo.it.

Family Holiday in Lisbon

Lisbon is a place where all families and children of all ages can have fun. Portugal’s capital city offers lots of events and entertainment for your young-ones that they will most surely remember for a long, long time. Hippotrip, Museu da Marioneta and one of the finest aquariums in Europe are right here—in Lisbon, and they will keep your young minds occupied.


When to go there:

Best time to visit Lisbon is in autumn since temperatures are still above 25 ° C and it isn’t as crowded as it can be in springtime.

Want to know more about Lisbon?

Click here and read all about the city’s attractions, beaches, food, and road conditions. As you know, family holidays can be a great time, but you have to be prepared. However, Lisbon has your back, since it's packed with historic and cultural gems, plus, the locals are very friendly, and nature is just amazing. You and the children can draw something important end fulfilling on such a road trip as a road trip in Portugal—starting in Faro or Lisbon.

Family holidays in The Galapagos Islands

If you have a researcher at home or your apartment is packed with goldfish, dogs, parrots, ant farms, and guinea pigs, The Galapagos Islands should be on your family’s travel bucket list. But don’t wait too long. The Galapagos Islands are most suitable for children between 12-18 years of age. In Galapagos, they will be able to enjoy and explore its famous wildlife, cactus forests, and tropical beaches. The Galapagos is every kid’s dream, believe us, and it is very educational too. 

When to go there:

The best time to visit Galapagos islands is in July since then the weather is a bit drier and more pleasant. Also, there's a good chance your kids will see penguins and humpback whales at that time of the year. Now, wouldn’t that be something?


Fortunately, hotel prices here are not too steep, so you and your family can enjoy some of the best hotels with a sea-side view at a reasonable price.

Family holidays in Antalya

Besides being the largest and most beautiful city on Turkey’s western Mediterranean coastline, Antalya is a great place to visit with your kids since it is packed with activities to keep them entertained. Your kids can engage in different sorts of fun things at the Antalya Aquarium, at the Wildpark, or even the indoor snow park.


When to visit Antalya:

Best time to visit Antalya is somewhere from May to September.

How to get around and where to stay:

Antalya is a resort city so you can easily find a family-friendly hotel there, where you can relax by the pool since many of the hotels offer activities for children throughout the day. When you’ll have enough reading, enjoying the sun and catching up with your reading, you can hire a car in Antalya and take your family for a ride.

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