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Best Christmas Markets in Paris

Christmas time is slowly, but surely approaching. The days are getting shorter, and temperatures are dropping as we speak. The best way to get into the holiday spirit is by visiting one of many Christmas markets. Why not switch it up this year and combine your passion for travel-ing and holiday spirit into one magical winter trip to the City of Lights.


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During the end of November, around 20 Christmas markets with wooden huts, where you can order a mug of hot mulled wine with cinnamon or roasted chestnuts while shopping for Christmas goodies, pop up around the beautifully light up city of Paris. We have gathered the top 5 Christmas markets in Paris, which you simply must visit once in your lifetime! 

Parisian Christmas Markets

Christmas markets or “marché de noëlas” they are called in France, have been around for centuries. They originate in the Alsace region, which in the 14th century belonged to Germany. However, it wasn’t until the end of the 20th century that they truly became popular in Paris. 

The wooden huts or cottages at Parisian Christmas markets look like the old German or Swiss chalets in the Alps and serve as the historic reminder to the first Christmas markets in Strasbourg, which was at the time a part of German Rhineland. Today, these wooden chalets are decorated with sparkling lights and filled with the most amazing French treats, souvenirs, hot beverages like mulled wine or sweet hot chocolate, which will warm your heart, gifts for all your family and more!

Christmas Market on Champs Elysées

From Arc de Triomphe down the most famous shopping avenue, Champs Elysées, surrounded by sparkling lights lies one of the biggest and most popular Christmas markets in Paris. The festive season at Tuileries Gardens will begin at the end of November, and around 200 chalets will be offering a variety of traditional French dishes, mulled wine, gifts and other Christmas delights. Walking through this Parisian Christmas wonderland is free for all.

This Christmas market offers a unique ZOO for children, where they can pet a Polar bear. Parents don’t worry, all animals are stuffed. If you haven’t seen Paris from above, now is the time! Hop on the Ferris wheel and enjoy the view of the beautifully light up streets of Paris. Since the Christ-mas market on Champ Elysées is close to two of the best macarons’ shops, we strongly (or better yet sweetly) suggest you drive your car hire in Paris to either Laduree or Pierre Hermé and try a macaron or two (or three). 

Christmas Market at Champs de Mars

The most picturesque and loved Christmas market in Paris is located right next to the Eiffel Tower on the Champs de Mars. This Christmas market takes places over the last who weeks of December and the first week of January, and it features a full ice-skating right and beautifully decorated winter village, where you can taste the local products or buy gifts for your loved ones. For those of you who are planning on visiting the Eiffel Tower, we have some good news, ice skating comes with no extra cost! So, grab your ice skates and skate under-neath the glittering Eiffel with tasty cookies in hand, and enjoy your unique Christmas holiday atmosphere. Don’t forget your camera, we are positive you will come back with some amazing photos of skating under the Eiffel Tower!

Christmas Market at La Défense

Located in the metropolitan, economic and business district close to the looming Grande Arche de La Défense, which is a contemporary homage to its original predecessor located 4 kilometers away, Arc de Triomphe. The largest Christmas market at La Défense, also known as the “Village de Noël at La Défense” is surrounded by over 300 chalets, which are selling a mind-boggling variety of products. You can purchase everything from Christmas decorations, traditional food, handmade toys to even Canadian maple syrup.

This Christmas market usually begins at the end of November and it lasts till New Year. Plan to drive your car hire in Paris to the Christmas market La Défense in the evening, you will be amazed by the beautifully lit buildings that tower over the little charming Christmas chalets. 

Christmas Market at Notre Dame Cathedral

Christmas market located on the Viviani square, near the mighty Gothic cathedral, Notre Dame, is widely dedicated to arts and French cuisine. If you are looking for a perfect Christ-mas gift this Christmas market in Paris is the place to be! Christmas market at Notre Dame (called “Marché de Noel Notre Dame” in French) brings together artists from different French regions, who are specialized in arts & crafts, clothing, hand made decorations, a variety of accessories and so on. Drive your car hire in Paris on the Left Bank across the river of Seine and get into the Christmas spirit together with Santa Claus, who also loves a good glass of hot mulled wine with cinnamon together with roasted chestnuts. 

Christmas Market at Montmartre

The Montmartre Christmas market is in the charming quaint of Parisian 18th Arrondissement, know as the Montmartre neighborhood, most famous for the Basilica Sacré-Cœur (in translation “Sacred heart”) and the Sinking House. Christmas market next to the Basilica opens its doors to the winter wonderland in the first weeks of December and it welcomes its Christmas enthusiasts till early January of next year.

Park your car hire in Paris and combine wandering on the Montmartre cobblestone streets, which are filled with interesting graffiti, with a quick stop at the Christmas market, and enjoy a sip of hot chocolate while embracing the spectacular views of Paris that lie on the palm of your hand. 


Get ready for the Christmas festivities in Paris! We guarantee you; this will be the most memorable Christmas holiday. 


Car hire in Paris

Best way to get around Christmas markets in Paris since there are so many is to car hire at Paris Airport. There are plenty of budget worthy option for you to pick from! Now book your car hire in Paris and drive towards the French holiday season experience!

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